Fortnite 10.40 Skin Leaks – Whole Bunch of Cosmetics Revealed!

A huge batch of leaked cosmetics has been reveal ahead of the 10.40 Fortnite patch that should be releasing this week! This is an unprecedented leak, because these generally only happen when a patch is revealed. It appears some data-miners figured out an additional way to extract cosmetics from the files which gives us a whole bounty of cosmetics to take a look at!

Credit to Shiina, Asriel_Dev, and MaxWinebach.


Back Blings



Loading Screens


Harvesting Tools



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  1. ShiinaBR on Twitter posted two new wraps and two new music tracks

    Also the Zone Wars items will be part of a new set of challenges, similar to Downtown Drop. And I believe the Zone Wars Skateboard is an edit style for the Backboard from Downtown Drop.

          1. I did see these, I was just being lazy I guess. Music packs aren’t super exciting leaks and the style is probably part of the Overtime Challenges. Thanks for letting me know, they’ve been added.