Fortnite Baller Nerf Has Been Delayed – Patch 8.30 Will Still Go Live!

If you were hoping for the Baller nerf that was announced to be coming to Fortnite then unfortunately you are out of luck for now. It looks like they are still working on the functionality, and it won't be ready for April 10th's patch according to Epic:

Hey folks,

In the v8.20 Patch Notes, we mentioned that we’d be making an adjustment that allows players to shoot through the glass of The Baller. This functionality won’t be in the v8.30 update that releases later this week We’re still polishing this change and will get it to you as soon as it’s ready!. Keep an eye on Patch Notes though, it’ll be ready in the near future.


While that won't be happening this week, it looks like we'll still be getting the new v8.30 patch that will hopefully include some new leaked cosmetics and maybe some interesting new additions to the game that have yet to be announced! We will have coverage of that tomorrow as soon as we possibly can!

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