Fortnite Baseball Skins Could Be On The Way According to Leak!

The MLB season is almost underway, and according to a leak we might be seeing some baseball skins in Fortnite! Epic has done some partnerships in the past, most notably with the NFL to bring some great skins into the game that allow you to show off your favorite team. A partnership with the MLB would make a lot of sense, and it could be a great way to kick off their season in style.

HYPEX found the following textures in the files:

This is potentially an older texture, but it clearly shows the makings of a baseball uniform. The next one is more obvious:

That's a pretty sweet looking baseball mitt, it would likely end up being a pickaxe of some sort or could end up being a glider! We don't know much else at the moment, but now would be the time to release some baseball stuff with the MLB season coming up real soon! Keep in mind that these are just leaks, there has been nothing officially announced.

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  1. First up. There was basketball skin. Second it might be a texture to the pitchers (from stw) like throwing hand. But if its ám Athena file it is a skins item