A Whole Lot of Fortnite Unreleased Skin/Cosmetic File Names Have Leaked – Splatoon, Female Galaxy & Fishstick?!

Some Fornite Leakers found a bunch of different file names of a load of cosmetics recently. These include a lot of different skins, including the possibility of a female Galaxy, Fishstick, and even a Dark Power Chord. Nothing is confirmed about these, there's a possibility that they will never be released. A large amount of these have likely been scrapped in the past for whatever reason. Credit to Hypex and S1I0x on Twitter.

Updated: There were also file names that seem like it could be related to Splatoon! The file names BID_TBD_SquidKid and CID_TBD_Athena_Commando_M_SquidKid were found.

Female Skins

  • FlowerSkeleton
  • BabaYaga
  • Celestial (Female Galaxy)
  • CubeRockerPunk (Dark Power Chord)
  • Razor
  • RaveNinja
  • ForestQueen
  • FortniteDJRemix
  • FutureBikerShorts
  • FParkourRobber
  • TeriyakiFishPrincess (Female Fishstick?)
  • LemonLime

Male Skins

  • Cattus (Monster Skin?)
  • CuddleTeamDark
  • CrescentWizard
  • DarkRaptor
  • Durr Boxer
  • Hitman
  • Lion
  • Freak
  • Bat
  • CoolDog
  • Boxer
  • DarkDino
  • EmeraldDragon
  • EscapedPuppetFuzzy
  • EscapedPuppetHat
  • EscapedPuppetSuspenders
  • Tomato Boxer
  • Wizkid
  • Wraith
  • MeteorManRemix
  • SquidKid


  • RageQuit
  • Juju
  • Bellydance
  • Carnival
  • ChairTalk
  • Davinci


Charms were originally to be earned by competitive players who participated in Arenas. This might still be the case, but we haven't heard about them in a while.

  • Virus
  • DragonIceS10
  • HeartLocket
  • DiscoBall
  • IslandMapS10
  • PartyOnFire
  • Teamwork
  • DragonFireS10
  • SeasonLevelS10
  • Llama


  • Moon
  • Acid
  • AlienRock
  • AlienSkin
  • Caution
  • DeepSea
  • FallLeaves
  • GoldFlex
  • MetalLights
  • RavenQuill
  • Taxi
  • Zebra
  • ZigZag
  • SmileMask
  • SideRainbow
  • Scribbles
  • Pumpkin
  • HeartStyle
  • EyeballOctopus
  • Emotigun2
  • DeadFish
  • Cacti
  • BubbleDots
  • ButterflyWings

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  1. They’ve already released rage quit and Davinci emotes! I think they’ve already released a lot of the items on this list actually.

  2. Will the currents skins in our locker disappear because I have ghoul trooper and codename elf along with around 70 ish other skins, and am quite concerned

    1. I would highly doubt that, there’d be no reason for Epic to do a deal like that for Splatoon. Plenty of IP has crossed over into different games from a variety of companies.