Psychopomp – New Priest Minion Revealed from the Saviors of Uldum Hearthstone Expansion!

A new Priest minion called Psychopomp has been revealed from the upcoming Saviors of Uldum Hearthstone expansion! This 4-mana cost 3/1 minion features the controversial resurrection mechanic that some Priest cards have had in the past. This style of deck has been criticized in the Wild format as one of the more un-fun decks to play against. Regardless, Blizzard has continued on with this theme. The card reads, "Battlecry: Summon a random friendly minion that died this game. Give it Reborn." Reborn is the new keyword being introduced in the expansion, and will return the card back to life at 1-health if it has been destroyed. Check out the card art below!

Learn more about the expansion here, and check out all of the currently revealed cards here.

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