Tfue Responds to FaZe Clan & Banks in Video Asking Them to Release the Contract to Public

In the ongoing saga of Tfue versus FaZe Clan, there has now been a video response from Tfue. The video is just two minutes long, and the quick summary of it is that Tfue feels the contract is unfair, and that FaZe Clan should post the contract to the internet so the people can decide whether or not it goes too far. Tfue also briefly discussed asking his lawyer not to include the mentions of underage drinking, gambling, and stunts in the lawsuit. He claimed that his lawyer will be taking it out of the lawsuit.

This video comes hot off of the much longer Banks video that went into a lot more personal details about his friendship with Tfue and how he felt betrayed. He also brought up how FaZe Clan had only "collected" $60,000 over the entire length of the contract.

Tfue encouraged fans to use the hashtag #ReleaseTheContract to spread the word about his request for FaZe to release his contract to the public. It is currently trending on Twitter.

We'll have to wait and see how FaZe Clan decides to respond, or if they'll opt to let their own lawyers do the talking.

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