The Fortnite Darkfire Bundle Has Leaked!

The Fortnite Darkfire Bundle Has Leaked and is currently looking like it will be added to the game on November 5th, 2019. We've seen these bundles in the past, ones like Frozen Legends PackLava Legends Pack, and the Shadows Rising Pack. There have been leaks of a Dark Legends Pack, which is still a possibility and could be released sometime soon.

Embrace your dark side, heat up the battle and slip into the shadows with the Fortnite Darkfire Bundle!

The Darkfire Bundle will include three remixed Legendary skins: Power Chord, Omen, & Ark with each of their back blings. You'll also be getting three Epic Wraps and three Rare Dual Wielding Pickaxes, plus a new Emote!

Included Cosmetics

  • Dark Power Chord
  • Dark Six String
  • Molten Omen
  • Molten Battle Shroud
  • Shadow Ark
  • Shadow Ark Wings
  • Three epic Wraps
  • Three rare Dual Wielding Pickaxes
  • A new Emote

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  1. Hey Evident, the bundle will be most likely on all devices even though the ‘cover’ has an Xbox, right? This probably sounds dumb but I was just wondering 🙂

    1. I think so? I can’t remember for sure if the Deep Freeze Bundle was available in the shop or not. If it was, then this will likely be available as well.

    1. Not sure on that actually, because the Darkfire Bundle is scheduled supposedly for November. It’s still possible the Dark Legends pack sees the light of day.