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The New Havoc Rifle Has Been Added to Apex Legends!

The new Havoc Energy Rifle has been dropped into Apex Legends!

If you're addicted to Apex Legends then you will no doubt be excited by the addition of a new weapon! You can now grab yourself a new energy based weapon called the Havoc Rifle! While energy weapons are powerful, they have one big knock on them and that's the fact that it's incredibly hard to find energy ammunition. With the addition of this new rifle, we're hoping that the ammo will be more readily available.

The Havoc Rifle just dropped into the arena, and it’s about to cause some – well, you can guess. This full-auto energy rifle joins the Hemlok as one of the arena’s highest damage-per-shot weapons in auto-fire mode, and is the arena’s only hitscan weapon in charge beam mode. It’s also the only weapon to date that can be equipped with two different hop-ups.


Name: Havoc Rifle

Type: Energy Weapon

Mode: Full-Auto/Hitscan beam


  • Turbocharger: Eliminates autofire spin-up time.
  • Selectfire Receiver: Enables charge beam alt-fire mode.

Get your hands on this one before the other guy does – or remember to zig-zag.


It appears that the Havoc Rifle will share the same hop-up with the Devotion that eliminates the spin-up time and turns the thing into a super fast firing monster. The big different with this rifle though is that it gets the option of using the Selectfire Receiver. This has generally only been for the Prowler, but instead of swapping from burst to auto, it swaps from auto to a charged beam! This weapon should be pretty interesting, and I'll be curious how good it will be once we get a chance to use it!

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