ARK Thylacoleo – Taming, Feeding, and Breeding Guide

When playing ARK: Survival Evolved, you’ll come across a large, tiger-like creature known as a Thylacoleo. They are primarily found in the Redwood Forest biome and have proven themselves to be very strong mounts. The Thylacoleo is incredibly aggressive and will attack anything in its sight. They also have the ability to climb up 90-degree […]

How to Activate Team Takeover in NBA 2K23

NBA 2K23 offers players an impressive 25 unique Takeover options to choose from. These options have been divided into eight main groups, each of which features three subcategories to explore. Takeovers are special abilities that gamers can equip their MyPlayer characters with, and they can be activated once the takeover meter is full. While the […]

Will Starfield run better than 30 FPS? Answered

Starfield is an upcoming, and highly-anticipated, game from Bethesda that will launch players beyond the atmosphere and into the deep trenches of space. The game is set to be an Xbox Series X|S and PC exclusive as well as the first new IP from Bethesda in many years. However, some gamers are wondering about the […]

How to play all Dead Space games in order

With the Dead Space remake heralding a revival of the series, there are many looking to experience the survival horror series either again or for the first time. That being said, players might be surprised to find there were more games than the original trilogy. Here’s a rundown of the titles and the various orders […]