Pokecord Guide – Tips, Beginners, Credits, Catching More Pokemon!

If you are just getting into Pokecord or are wanting to know more about it. I’ve compiled a bunch of information for beginners, about credits, and learning how-to catch more Pokemon! What is Pokecord? It’s a Discord bot that allows you to collect, duel, trade, and purchase Pokemon! Your collection follows you to any server […]

Game Releases for September 2018 Guide – Games Coming Out for All Platforms (PC, XBox, PS4, Switch)

Our game releases for September 2018 guide features all of the games coming out on all of the platforms in September! We’ve got some great releases coming out this September! If you are hankering for the open world beat ’em up style of game then Spider-Man could be the game for you. Dark Souls fans […]

Fortnite Season 5 Week 6 Challenges List, Locations & Solutions

It’s time for week 6 of challenges in Season 5 of the battle pass and we’ve got a full guide with solutions and locations for you! This week we’re dealing headshot damage, harvesting resources, finding where the Stone Heads are looking, opening chests in Lonely Lodge, completing timed trials, using a minigun or light machine […]

Fortnite Heavy Sniper – Damage, Stats, Guide

Our guide to the Heavy Sniper will walk you through its stats, damage, where and how to find it, plus feature some tips to utilize to its fullest extent in Fortnite! We got a pretty powerful weapon last update with the Double Barreled Shotgun, and now we’re getting a strong new Sniper Rifle! This one […]

Fortnite Season 5 Week 5 Challenges List, Locations & Solutions

It’s time for week 5 of the Season 5 battle pass! This week we will searching for chests in Junk Junction, using Rift Portals, eliminating three opponents in a single match, dealing damage to players with clinger, stink bombs, or grenades, hitting a golf ball from a tee to a green, following a treasure map […]