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Persona 5 Tactica – Stealing Classified Info walkthrough

One turn...?

Fans of the Persona series of anime-inspired RPGs are in for some new challenges in Persona 5 Tactica, as you’ll need to take advantage of new skills to succeed. Completing Stealing Classified Info (quest 2) is a great example. 

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This is the second named quest in the Persona 5 Tactica and sets you up with an interesting challenge. You need to get a long way across the map but only have one turn, so how can you complete it? 

Stealing Classified Info quest 2 walkthrough - Persona 5 Tactica

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When you attempt this quest you will be forced to take Joker and Erina, plus one other. The quest takes brain not brawn to complete, so you don’t need to wait to be a certain level. It is well worth completing as early as you can, as it gives Joker 20GP and Erina 10GP as a reward. The third team member you take will not get any GP.

Set up

Both Joker and the other hero you chose to take on the quest will need a Persona skill that does damage without moving a target. The amount of damage or area isn’t important. Beyond that, you can set the team up however you please. This is a precision mission where taking out enemies isn’t important, as they will not get a turn. If you do not complete it in your first turn, you will fail

The only person who can complete the mission objective (i.e. reach the target in one turn) is Erina. She will need to move right down the center of the map, as your two allies on the flanks are trapped in their areas. As far as I’m aware, this is the only possible way to complete the challenge. Each step needs to be carried out precisely, otherwise, you will not get the One More Attack ticks you need to succeed. 

Move 1 - Erina vs the first Guard

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Move Erina within gun range of the Guard just in front of her to the left. The Guard isn’t in cover, and so has no Resistance. Just use your gun and you’ll see Get em!! highlighted on them. This is what you need to see on every attack by Erina throughout your run. Shoot the Guard, they’ll be downed, and you’ll extend your movement range. Move forward and down the steps to the lower level and stand in front of the boxes.

Move 2 - Joker’s melee attack vs two Guards 

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Switch to Joker and move them right next to the two Guards in the right wall, so you get the Attack option. His attack will knock both Guards off the wall and down onto the floor next to Erina. Joker will also get One more Action but switch back to Erina for now. 

Move 3 - Erina shoots her second Guard

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Switch back to Erina and choose Gun once more. It is important to make sure you target the Guard marked Get em!!, not the one who is down. If you get this wrong, you won’t get One more Action and you’ll need to restart. Once you’ve targeted the correct guard, shoot them to down them and get another One more Action. You can now move forward further, so head over to the right a little and position yourself near the crates there, which have a guard hiding on the other side of them. 

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Move 4 - Joker uses a Persona skill on the covered Guard

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Get Joker in range of the Guard just below them which is surrounded by a wall of boxes. Choose Persona, target them with a skill, and do them damage. It shouldn’t matter which skill you use, as it will ignore the cover and remove the Guard’s Resistance. Joker’s work is done.

Move 5 - Erina uses Arts on the hidden Guard

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As long as Joker damaged the Guard on the other side of the box wall, Erina can now target them with Arts and they won’t be protected. I just used Partisan as it is low SP and you don’t need to kill the Guard. You’ll down them though, giving yourself another One More Action. 

Move 6 - Erina attacks the Guard on the tower

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Sticking with Erina, move across to the other side of the passage until you’re in Arts range of the Guard on the tower. Again, I just used Partisan as all you need to do is damage them (this Guard is still not in cover, and so is not Protected). Hit them with Partisan, they’ll be Downed, and you’ll get your next One More Action. 

Move 7 - Your third hero uses their Persona on the final Guard

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Whichever character you choose to bring along, move them up onto the tower, past the now downed Guard, and down the ladder on the other side. Move them into Persona attack range of the final Guard hiding behind the crate and attack them. Use a damage Persona skill on this final Guard (I used Zio) enough to wound them and not move them. As with Joker earlier, they’ll lose their Protected status

Move 8 - Erina attacks the final Guard

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Move Erina along the wall from the tower so that she is in range of the final Guard. Use Arts to attack (I used Partisan once more), they’ll be downed, and you have the final One More Action you need to get into the target zone. Congratulations, you’ve completed the quest!

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Persona 5 Tactica – Stealing Classified Info walkthrough

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