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The Empress Arcana is one of the trickier ones to max out in Persona 4 Golden. She’ll ask you to fuse Personas with specific skills, and the game really doesn’t tell you what Persona the monsters fuse into. Most of the time, the fused Persona won’t even have the skill she’s looking for. To save you time, here are all the combinations you need to know to fuse the Persona Margaret wants in Persona 4 Golden.

All Empress Arcana fusions in Persona 4 Golden

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To fuse the Personas Margaret is asking for, you can either do two things: recruit or randomly fuse the Persona she’s looking for and teach the skill with a card or fuse the correct Personas. The latter is arguably the easier option, as skill cards (especially the ones you need) are hard to come by.

Some notes before we start:

  • It’s easier to fuse stronger Personas than search for them in dungeons.
  • Fuse any low-level Personas you obtain.
  • If fusing Persona results in one that you don’t have yet, fuse it.
  • Higher-level dungeons have better chances of giving you higher-level Personas during Shuffle Time and vice versa. So, if you’re looking for something as weak as Ghoul, you’ll have a better chance of finding it in Yukiko’s Castle.
  • All Personas can be fused.

If you want to fuse the Personas you need instead of looking for them, you can use Aqui384’s fusion list on Github. Simply click on the Persona you want to fuse and it’ll show you all the fusions you can do to make it.

Just remember that fusions can sometimes cause “surprises,” which means you could end up with a totally different Persona than the one you were aiming for. But don't worry, the game isn't mean enough to ruin any of your final Margaret fusions!

Empress Rank 2 - Ippon-datara with Sukukaja

Best fusion:

  • Sylph (with Sukukaja) + Any of the following: Cu Sith, Archangel, or Lilim
  • Angel (with Sukukaja) + Sarasvati
PersonaWhere to find
SylphSteamy Bathhouse
Cu SithYukiko's Castle, Steamy Bathhouse
ArchangelSteamy Bathhouse
LilimYukiko's Castle, Steamy Bathhouse
AngelYukiko's Castle
SarasvatiSteamy Bathhouse, Marukyu Striptease

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Empress Rank 3 - Matador with Mahama

Possible fusions:

  • Level 19+ Anzu (with Mahama) + Berith
  • Level 21+ Principality (with Mahama) + Saki Mitama + Oberon
PersonaWhere to find
AnzuSteamy Bathhouse
BerithMarukyu Striptease
PrincipalitySteamy Bathhouse, Marukyu Striptease
Saki MitamaSteamy Bathhouse
OberonSteamy Bathhouse, Marukyu Striptease

Empress Rank 4 - Gdon with Rampage

Possible fusions:

  • Level 27+ Matador (with Rampage) + Ippon-datara
  • Level 28+ Ares (with Rampage) + Legion
  • Level 28+ Ares (with Rampage) + Shiisaa
PersonaWhere to find
MatadorYour Rank 3 Persona is a Matador.

However, it can also be found in Marukyu Striptease and Void Quest
Ippon-dataraMarukyu Striptease
AresMarukyu Striptease
LegionMarukyu Striptease
ShiisaaMarukyu Striptease

Empress Rank 5 - Neko Shogun with Bufula

From this point on, you’re going to need Cross Fusion. Margaret will introduce you to it on July 20.

How to fuse:

  1. King Frost (with Bufula) + Huo Po to get Kusi Mitama (with Bufula)
  2. Kusi Mitama (with Bufula) + Ara Mitama + Kusi Mitama + Saki Mitama
PersonaWhere to find
King FrostMarukyu Striptease
Hua PoMarukyu Striptease
Ara MitamaSteamy Bathhouse, Marukyu Striptease
Nigi MitamaMarukyu Striptease
Saki MiatamaSteamy Bathhouse

Empress Rank 6 - Black Frost with Auto-Sukukaja

How to fuse:

  1. Level 20+ Anzu (with Sukukaja) + Apsaras to get Jack Frost (with Auto-Sukukaja)
  2. Jack Frost (with Auto-Sukukaja) + Pyro Jack + King Frost + Pixie + Ghoul
PersonaWhere to find
AnzuSteamy Bathhouse
ApsarasYukiko's Castle
Pyro JackVoid Quest
King FrostMarukyu Striptease
PixieYukiko's Castle
GhoulYukiko's Castle, Steamy Bathhouse

Empress Rank 7 - Yatagarasu with Megido

How to fuse:

  1. Taotie (with Megido) + Cu Sith to get Ares (with Megido)
  2. Ares (with Megido) + Dis + Pyro Jack
PersonaWhere to find
TaotieTower Personas can only be fused.

What you'll need:
- Unicorn (Marukyu Striptease, Void Quest)
- Oni (Void Quest)
- Apsaras (Yukiko's Castle)
Cu SithYukiko's Castle, Steamy Bathhouse
DisSecret Laboratory
Pyro JackVoid Quest

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Empress Rank 8 - Yatsufusa with Mediarama

Best fusion:

  • Level 47+ Thoth (Mediarama) + Mothman + Orthus + Makami + Narasimha
PersonaWhere to find
ThothMarukyu Striptease, Secret Laboratory
MothmanVoid Quest
OrthusSecret Laboratory
MakamiMarukyu Striptease
NarasimhaSecret Laboratory

Empress Rank 9 - Ganesha with Tetrakarn

Best fusion:

  • Decarabia (with Tetrakarn) + Mithra + Yatsufusa
PersonaWhere to find
DecarabiaSecret Laboratory
MithraVoid Quest
YatsufusaA special Persona that can only be yielded with the following:
- Makami (Marukyu Striptease)
- Thoth (Marukyu Striptease, Secret Laboratory)
- Mothman (Void Quest)
- Orthus (Secret Laboratory)
- Narasimha (Secret Laboratory)

There are a ton of other fusions that can create Ganesha here—just be sure to choose the ones with Decarabia since it has Tetrakarn by default. However, they all involve Towers, which need fusions to create, so Decarabia + Mithra + Yatsufusa is arguably your best option.

Empress Rank Max - Trumpeter with Mind Charge

Best fusion:

  • Level 38+ Taotie (with Mind Charge) + Matador + Taowu + Pabilsag + Daisoujou + White Rider
PersonaWhere to find
TaotieTower Personas can only be fused.

What you'll need:
- Unicorn (Marukyu Striptease, Void Quest)
- Oni (Void Quest)
- Apsaras (Yukiko's Castle)
MatadorMarukyu Striptease, Void Quest
White RiderHeaven
DaisoujouMagatsu Mandala in Magatsu Inaba

Daisoujou can also be fused using the combinations on this list. It can be harder or easier to do this. It really depends on whether or not you already have the Personas listed. That's why it's good practice to fuse any extra Personas you have.

It’s a lot of hard work, but it’ll definitely be worth it in the end. At Rank Max, Margaret will give you a Spiral Brooch. This item will allow you to fuse Isis, the best healer in Persona 4 Golden. It's a Bufu or Ice-equipped Persona.

For more help with Persona, take a look at What is the best version of Persona 3 – FES or Portable? and How to unlock all outfits in Persona 5 Royal here at Pro Game Guides.

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