All Halloween Candy and Jack-o-Lanterns on Ridgeview Court in Phasmophobia

Ridgeview Court in Phasmophobia is the largest street house map of the game, with a basement and two floors to explore. Players looking to complete the Halloween challenge will be looking through sixteen rooms between three floors for candy and Jack-o-Lanterns. Weather won’t affect lighting the pumpkins as there are none that spawn outside that […]

All Halloween Candy and Jack-o-Lanterns on Grafton Farmhouse in Phasmophobia

Grafton Farmhouse in Phasmophobia is a relatively big map, making finding all the Halloween candy and Jack-o-Lanterns harder than other locations. Each item is spread among the house’s two floors, some even outside, adding to the difficulty of finding them all. Collecting everything can be difficult depending on the Ghost, but because candy restores Sanity, […]

All Halloween Candy and Jack-o-Lanterns on Camp Woodwind in Phasmophobia

The Halloween Event for Phasmophobia includes challenges for seven maps. Completing every challenge will give players a trophy in their lobby and players can complete these challenges together. Camp Woodwind is the smallest map in the game, making this an easy one to check off for players wanting to complete the challenge. This is how […]