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Realm Royale Battle Pass Skins & Cosmetics – Primal Awakening

Realm Royale's Battle Pass for Season One is called Primal Awakening! It includes a tons of new cosmetics and skins that you can earn.

We've got all of the Realm Royale Battle Pass skins and cosmetics from the first season. This new season is called: Primal Awakening! It mostly revolves around prehistoric themes and dinosaurs. You can get new avatars, chickens, emotes, loading screens, mounts, outfits, skydives, and sprays by playing the game and leveling up your battle pass!

Realm Royale Battle Pass Information

  • Release Date: July 13th, 2018.

Battle Pass Skins/Cosmetics

There are two versions of the Battle Pass in Realm Royale: Silver and Gold. Silver is free, but you can't get nearly the amount of cosmetics or skins. Gold is the paid version, you get a ton of skins, plus all of the Silver ones.




Loading Screens



There's two class skins in this battle pass, one for Warrior and one for Assassin. Each skin is upgraded as you level through your battle pass.

Warrior Skin: Primal Champion

Assassin Skin: Sly Scoundrel



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