Adopt Me: How to get Halloween Candy!

Adopt Me's Halloween event is finally available, and with it comes some brand new pets you can obtain. Cerberus, the three headed-dog, is only available via Robux, but the Skele-Rex, Ghost Bunny, and Bat Box are all available via the new candy currency that can be obtained during the event! The candy is a bit hard to come by, but hopefully if you login every day you will get enough to purchase one of those sweet new pets!

Update: More Candy Rewarded Soon!

According to the Adopt Me! Twitter, it looks like they will be increasing the candy rewards for participating in minigames in the next few days:

We hear you that the minigames don't give as much Candy as you'd hope, and we're looking into tweaking the values - the rewards will change slightly over the next few days 🍬

How-to Get Candy

To get candy in Adopt Me's Halloween event, you will need to participate in minigames and talk to the Headless Horseman everyday. You can also purchase them with Robux, if you just want the candy as soon as possible. The Headless Horseman will give you 200 candy each day, so you can collect 2,800 candy by talking to him all 14 days of the event.

Headless Horseman

As mentioned before, you can talk to the Headless Horseman everyday and collect 200 candy each day. If you do this for all 14 days of the event, you will get 2,800 candy for free. Make sure to do this each day to get all the possible free candy available to you.

Adopt Me Headless Horseman NPC


There are two minigames that you can play that will earn you candy if you play them. It seems like each one starts every 30 minutes, but you can go back and forth between the two to continue collecting candy.

Spirit Showdown

This event can be found right outside of where you can purchase the pets and talk to the Headless Horseman. You will see a glowing purple circle that you can stand in to join the event. Once the timer ends, you will join up with your fellow Adopt Me players to catch ghosts! You have a ghost pack available that you can use, so just run around and click on the ghosts that spawn in the Halloween area. You will gain points the longer you are connected to a ghost. After enough ghosts have been caught, the boss ghost will spawn! You will need to click on the big ghost and try to catch it! Try to avoid getting hit by its attacks, or you will get scared and unable to move for a short period of time. After the boss ghost has been caught, the minigame will be over and you will earn some candy!

Pumpkin Smash

The Pumpkin Smash event can be joined right outside of the spooky Witch Hut that is nearby the Spirit Showdown event. This is a much easier event, because you just need to run around and smash pumpkins. To smash them, you just need to run through them! The faster you smash pumpkins, the more of a speed boost you will get, so you want to continue collecting them as you run to gain more speed. Pumpkins will respawn a bit after you collect them, so head back to places where you smashed them previously if you can't find anymore. Keep doing this until the time runs out, and you will not only be rewarded with candy but also a temporary Pumpkin pet!

Purchase Candy With Robux

As usual, you can always purchase the currency for Robux. This can be done within the shop with the Headless Horseman. You can teleport there via the Halloween button on the side of the screen.

Here's a breakdown of what it will cost to purchase candy during the event:

  • 200 Candy - 20 Robux
  • 800 Candy - 80 Robux
  • 3,000 Candy - 300 Robux
  • 7,500 Candy - 600 Robux
  • 16,000 Candy - 1,200 Robux
  • 50,000 Candy - 3,500 Robux
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  1. Thanks for the awsome help. You really helped me get all the details about the Adopt Me! Halloween update. It was so AMAZING to read this and learn about all the opperrunitys you have in the Adopt Me! Halloween update. I also didn’t know that the Cerberus costed Robux, so that helped alot. Happily, I bought the Cerberus pet, and more Candy 🍬, like you said, to buy pets. I have all of the Halloween pets and I owe it all to you, you have great web pages describing about Adopt Me! Stuff. Thanks so much for the help, and continue doing this and helping me understand and describing all about Adopt Me!.

  2. What will happen to our candy when the update leaves the game?

    1. I’m guessing it just disappears, but I haven’t been able to confirm that.

  3. Hi, what time will the Halloween event end on nov 11? Do we get any notice before it ends so we can used up all the candies? Thanks

    1. I’m sure they’ll give you some kind of notice, I’m not sure how candies will work when it expires.

      1. If you have purchased candies with robux, surely they should remain?

        1. You are probably right, hopefully the get transferred into money.

  4. hi uh the update is nice !

  5. trading neon buffalo for ghost bunny,skele rex,albino bat or cerberus

    1. I will take it I will trade you a dodo a good unicorn and a mega neon unicorn

  6. I agree especially if the person playing doesn’t have robux to get candy real fast

  7. Can you please do a page on how the mega neon snow cat looks pls and why the neon crow looks like and umbrella cockatoo . Also this was a very good report well done

    1. Sorry, you’d have to rely on YouTube for that.

  8. Hey! That Message You Gave Was Really Helpful! Thank You For The Tips!

  9. i love the new update but just not linking the games when you have to wait a long time can you try and change it I am kind of not like to play adopt me because of that

  10. thanks you for this guide on how to get candy fast.

  11. Hi Evident, I have 2 questions
    1. Do you know when the event ends?
    2. Is the pumpkin tradeable?

    1. 1. November 11th
      2. Nope

  12. This is my first adopt me Halloween event, and I already know how to get candy’s but I wish that there are more ways than not just waiting in the circle for half an hour or 25 minutes or 15 minutes I want to collect candy’s around the map like last year I heard but I love the new Halloween pets and I already got the uncommon regular bat and it is super cute!

  13. adopt me has way more less pets than last year. last year there was like a haunted house and u can collect candy from houses. this are just mini games. but i love the new pets.

  14. Sigh… In this year’s Halloween event, we can’t collect candy on the streets and main map, we can only get candy from the headless horseman or minigames, so it’s gonna take a long time so save up for a Skele-Rex……..

    1. you can buy candy it pretty cheep

  15. This advice are so helpful.
    Thank you for kindly posted some tips of how to get candies in Adopt Me!

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  17. I dont really get it but i think i picked up a thing or two

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    many thanks!

    1. sad,this is delays in November

    2. You can get the Pumpkin pet by playing the Pumpkin Smash minigame!

  21. Thank you, this was very helpful in the new Adopt me Event.

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