How to Get Free Pets in Adopt Me (2020)

If you love yourself some pets, then you're no doubt going to want to know about obtaining them in Adopt Me. You can get pets in many different ways, but if you're a free-to-play type player then it can be a bit difficult to collect them! We're taking a look at all the ways you can get pets for free in Adopt Me in this post. You should hopefully learn some ways to get some new friends to bond with on your way to building up your own little zoo.

Free Pets in Adopt Me

To get free pets in Adopt Me, you can either obtain them via events, star rewards, or gaining bucks and purchasing eggs! We're going to go in detail on how to use this variety of methods below.

Starter Egg

When you first start out in the game, you can go talk to Sir Woofington at the Nursery and he will give you a Starter Egg. You need to go complete objectives to hatch it, but once you do you will get the choice of Dog or Cat! Choose wisely because you only get one chance and the pet you get from it is untradeable.

Star Rewards

Star Rewards are a great way to obtain free pets! All you really need to do is login every single day to gain stars. The more you login the more stars you will accumulate. Not only that, you will gain bucks each day that you jump into the game. Every five days you will get a gift, and a bonus amount of stars. On your 30th day, you will receive a Cracked Egg that you can hatch for a pet!

Once you've collected 210 stars, you can purchase yourself a Ginger Cat. If you save up 400 stars, you can get a Toucan. 550 stars will get you a Starfish, and if you can get all the way up to 660 stars you can get a Golden Egg that will give you either a Golden Unicorn, Golden Dragon, or Golden Griffin once you hatch it!

Earning Bucks and Purchasing Eggs

The final way and most typical option for obtaining pets without spending any real money or Robux is to earn money in game and purchase eggs! There's a variety of ways to earn money: paychecks, login bonus, objectives, money trees, and more.

Paychecks are given periodically while you are playing the game. You get $20 bucks every 10 - 15 minutes you are actively logged into the game. So, if you want to just earn money throughout the day, try and keep the game open in the background and check back once in a while to collect your check!

You should be logging in everyday for the star rewards, but you also get a fair amount of bucks for each day you jump into the game in a row. Make sure to open up the game at least once per day to continue the streak and get more and more money!

You get 6-7 bucks per blue objective you complete. These are things like showering, feeding, and giving your pet something to drink. Orange objectives get you $12 bucks, so make sure to do them when they are available! They usually require you to head to specific locations like the campsite, pool, or school and hang out there for a brief period.

Money trees are an item you can place in your home that will periodically grow bucks on it. Once it does you can harvest it and get 8 dollars each time. You can have multiple of these, but you can only collect a maximum of $100 bucks per day so you don't need too many.

For detailed strategies on making bucks in the game, check out our How to Get Money Guide!

Once you've got a fair bit of cash you can purchase an egg from the Nursery. There's multiple different eggs that can be purchased at different prices. If the egg is higher price, that usually means you get a higher chance at getting a more valuable pet.

  • $350 Bucks: Cracked Egg
  • $600 Bucks: Pet Egg
  • $1,450 Bucks: Royal Egg

There are also special event eggs that you can purchase! At the time of this writing, you can get yourself an Aussie Egg that will cost you $750 bucks. These special eggs generally will only have a particular set of themed pets, so make sure they are something you want before purchasing!

Hacks & Codes

There's currently a lot of talk about hacks that you can use to get pets in Adopt Me. These don't work and are likely just some kind of malware/virus that someone is trying to get you to install on your computer or mobile device. Never trust these methods, because even if one of them happened to work you are likely to get your account banned!

I've also seen a lot of people talking about codes in Adopt Me. There are currently NO codes available in the game right now. I believe they existed at one point, but they sure don't any longer. There's no location even to enter a code in the game at the moment, so don't believe anyone saying there's codes until it is announced via Adopt Me on social media or in the game!

YouTube "Free" Pets

You will see a lot of YouTube videos saying you can get a "free" pet in the title. This almost always means they are giving away a pet, and you have to comment or join the contest somehow. If the YouTuber is more reputable and well-known, then there's likely a chance you could win the pet but it's a very small chance of you actually getting it. So, if it's just commenting on a video, feel free to enter them for a chance but don't get your hopes up! If they are asking you to signup somewhere or do something other than just comment, you should be careful because that sort of thing could be a scam.

No Longer Available

Here's an area where I'm keeping information on pets that were previously free but aren't available anymore.

Easter 2020: Free Chick Pet

During the Roblox Easter Egg Hunt for 2020 you can get a free Chick pet in Adopt Me! All you need to do is hop into a game and press the Easter button that appears on the side of your screen. This will get you a free Easter 2020 Egg that you can unlock. Go ahead and hatch the egg as you would normally and you will earn yourself the Chick pet! This pet cannot be traded, but it's possible that this becomes an option in the future.

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