How to get the Sword of Agility in RoBeats!

The RB Battles hype is heating up, because now you can enter certain games in Roblox and hopefully figure out a way to nab a sword! One of these is the Sword of Agility, which can be found in the game RoBeats! which is similar to things like Guitar Hero and Dance, Dance, Revolution. It's a rhythm game, that has you attempting to hit the right keys along with the beat of the song you've chosen. It can be a pretty intense game, so if you're looking for something a bit more difficult, then this might be a good one to try.

While the game itself is pretty fun, you can also get a sword in the game! The first step to obtaining it is going to the DANCE R-VOLUTION shop with the Dance Machine and entering the following keys:

  • Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A

Hit that on your keyboard while you are inside of the Dance Shop and you will receive the Godlike [RBBattles Exclusive] dance. Once you've done this part, now you are onto the harder part if you don't have VIP. You will need to play three different songs in the game. Unfortunately, if you've never played the game before, you won't have access to them. However, you can hope someone will host a match that has the song you need, and you can join their game to play it. If you have VIP in the game, you will have all the available songs. Here's a look at the four songs you will need to play:

  • Roblox Anthem ("Here We Go")
  • Crab Rave
  • Wither
  • Monday Night Monsters (Hard) (HAS TO BE THE LEVEL 14 OPTION!)

Hit the big Play button at the top right of the screen, and then go to the Now Playing option. Add the word "Roblox" to the Name filter on the left side, and hope that someone else is playing it. If not, you will just have to wait until someone does. You can ask for someone to do it in chat, but I have found that it is pretty rare. Keep hitting the back button and then the play button to refresh the list.

Another option is that the song you need might come up as a radio song! These are playing at the bottom right of your screen. If the one you need comes up, go to Play and then Now Playing to play it! Thanks to Kinilaw_Repalda in the comments for mentioning it!

Once you get into a game, you can either attempt to play it or just AFK until the song is over. Once you finish the first song, you will get the following message in chat:

"You feel as if a hidden sequence of events has been set in motion..."

That means you've completed the first song, and you can move onto the next one. Now you'll need to find a game with the song Crab Rave. Do the same thing as before and hope to find someone hosting a game with it. Join the game and play through the song and you will receive this message:

"You feel as if you are getting closer to your destination..."

Now find a game with someone playing the Wither song, and get through that to receive this message:

"You feel as you are right on the cusp of a great discovery..."

Find a game with Monday Night Monsters, just make sure it's the level 14 option. Once the song is over, you'll get this message:

"You feel as if a great secret has been revealed. But where? Look around! But you'll need to EQUIP something!"

Once you receive that message, you will now need to go to the Gear Shop. You will have to purchase the Oni Sword, which is 200 coins. You can earn these coins by playing the game, so you might need to grind them up a bit. Grab that sword and then make sure to equip it!

Once you have the sword equipped, head over to the big blue Compete building and look for the elevator in the middle. You should see a RB Battles icon that you can click on. If you don't see the icon, you will have to play the last song again. It is apparently pretty bugged, so you might need to do it multiple times! Once you click on that icon, you will be taken up into the elevator where you can get the sword!

This is kind of complicated, so check out DeeterPlays' video on how to get it if you get confused!

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Shaun aka Evident is a lifelong gamer and creator of websites. He mostly focuses on shooters, but has been known to dabble in the occasional card game as well. You can find him binge watching TV shows in his downtime.

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  7. can someone please help me with this? I just started playing robeats and it’s hard to afford the sons

  8. Hello guys, can anyone please help me get Dj’s sword of agility. Im having a really hard time on trying to get it. And it is the last sword i need to complete the three. Thankyou for your help in advance

    1. you have sabrina’s sword??!!

  9. do you need roblox anthem?

  10. I have finished wither, it gave me the message, so I moved on to Monday night but it is not working. I have tried 4 times and still have not received the message or can go up the elevator. I have the Oni sword equipped and I am doing lvl 14. Can someone help?

    1. You only equip the sword after you get the midnight monsters message

  11. can u guys help me get it my name is MasterPr0p_2007 PLSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

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  13. hey the oni sword costs 150 coins not 200 coins.

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  14. hey evident i think you just have ti do roblox anthem now because it said i have to equip something after i did it

    1. idk how to get tho

      1. shauwn got it wrong u have to equip the sword before u play the songs

  15. What do I do? it says it says “You got something right here, why not try equipping it?”

    1. oni sword

      1. Can u get it on mobile I tried and it doesn’t work if u can help my user is YEETERSON0909

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  17. I don’t have vip, what should i do now?

    1. You should read the guide that already explains what to do.

      1. you can just buy from shop

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  22. Thanks for telling us how to do it on mobile, really helpful.
    I hope you know I’m lying.
    I would expect YIU to give all the ROBLOX players the info but you decides to do it only for pc, that’s cold as fuxk.

  23. It’s nice to know that there are keys you can press on mobile, oh wait there aren’t. How are we supposed to do this on mobile if there aren’t any keys like that to press…

    1. open keyboard on mobile

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        roblox anthem
        crab rave
        monday night monsters,only diffulicty 14

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    1. dance is before at song

  29. the quest to get the sword is updated:
    1. obtain the dance
    2. play the roblox anthem
    3. WEAR the Oni sword (they made you equip the sword on this part so it doesnt glitch) the anthem again
    5. play crab rave
    6. play wither
    7. play monday night monsters (Hard)
    8. go to the building and click the rb battles icon (it doesnt glitch because you equipped the sword before you play the last song)
    9. yay sword

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