New Roblox White Cat Wizard to be available for free soon!

Get a sweet new cat wizard hat in Roblox via a code in the near future!

If you're a fan of getting free things in Roblox, which appears to be just about everyone, then you have some exciting news coming your way! It looks like another new avatar shop item has been added to the game that is going to be available via a code. This is the White Cat Wizard, and it is a hat accessory for your avatar that you can wear on your noggin.

The Roblox White Cat Wizard can pretty much used as your entire head if you want. It's similar to the eggs from Easter Egg Hunt event which you can use without additional accessories on your face. Here's a look at the model that you will eventually get:

Roblox white cat wizard hat

We don't know when this will be available yet, but we will be updating our Roblox Promo Codes post as soon as you can get it! These usually come out a day or two after they have been revealed, so you shouldn't have to wait too long. Roblox has been recently been giving away quite a few items. There was the The Birthday Cape, Crystalline Companion, Fully Loaded Backpack, and Kinetic Staff all given away in code or game form recently. This just adds an additional cosmetic for you to collect, so make sure to grab it because it's likely only going to be around for a limited time!

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  1. Lol I always go here to see if the Wizard cat is available XD

  2. sick item we need it

  3. i think the White wizard Cat will be in Halloween, but im not so sure.

  4. This halloween event like 2019(halloween sale) hope this one is free(or promocode)

  5. Sharkblox made a video that some promocodes may be hidden in public catalogs(not roblox catalog to those who didn’t understood by what i said, but stuff you see in the mail) at the end of the page, which means the White Cat Wizard’s Promocode will be hidden in one soon.

  6. when will this be free? when roblox get 2 million followers?

    1. That already happened, we don’t know when it’s coming out.

  7. I cnt wait for the realese🤯

    1. me either

  8. i know dis item i am so ready to get it considering i am getting all promo codes for a vid

  9. i loved this item

  10. Thx for da codes my kids love roblox so im gonna tell them all the codes

  11. Omg Can’t wait for it to be released! 🤯


  13. that’s so cute im not gonna lie

  14. I like this site because I can see the code and then redeem it.

  15. btw thx for these codes god bless u :3

  16. the cat looks cool cant wait!

  17. Im so excited

  18. Here are the newest codes released today:
    Fiery Fox Shoulder pal: TARGETFOX2020
    Topaz hummingbird wings: ARGOSWINGS2020
    Feel free to take these codes for Good Luck!

  19. How about angel wings? Many people like angels and would inspire many more people to play considering they have something that angel wings for free with a code and would be helpful to many players. Would “oct 17th 202” be a good day for it?

    1. This isn’t a site created by Roblox. If you have a suggestion for an item, suggest it to Roblox on their social media or something.

  20. i cant wait to get the codes they look rly good! this cat wizard looks like something i will wear on halloween. plz make the promocode come out soon!

    1. This isn’t a site created by Roblox.

  21. Hey, I Can’t see the code. Is it like an amazon code, or something? Just curious.

    1. It’s not available, please read the post next time.

  22. How did u know? In twitter i cant find it in roblox twitter

    1. RAF If u have twitter try search RBXnews

    2. It hasn’t been posted on Roblox Twitter. It was added to the Roblox Avatar Shop.

  23. looking forward to see any matching shirts and pants

  24. This is very cute hat, but I wish that Roblox will already release this. Also this is very useful thank you PRO GAME GUIDES this helped alot, now I can keep track of promo codes and other free stuff.

    1. i think its cute

    2. What’s bad about it?

      1. I got the topaz humming bird wings and fiery fox shoulder pal

  25. I wonder what the code is

  26. Evident, I think *guess* that this hat will come out near Halloween, because cats and witches are very halloweeny stuff..

    *hoping for October 1…

    1. Its October first when’s it gonna come out? I’ll check if they found the code yet

      1. We don’t know when it’s going to come out!

  27. I just can’t wait for the kitty cat hat code ^ . ^ mewow lol btw follow me @Dragonballerxv111 #roblox

  28. its been a while since this was teased, do you have any idea when it will be available??

    1. No, if I did I would update the post!

      1. they will release the wizard cat when Roblox has 2 million followers of twitter peace

        1. Really dude????

        2. Show me proof of that and I’ll believe you. People are just making up random things.

  29. Check ROBLOX’s inventory. He has the white cat wizard hat :O