Roblox Ninja Legends Codes List (April 2020)

Our Roblox Ninja Legends Codes has the most up-to-date list of codes that you can redeem for coins, chi, and ninjitsu. This is a quick and easy way to gain up some currency which will have you leveling up faster and earning additional upgrades for your character.

How-to Redeem Codes in Ninja Legends

It's a very simple process to redeem your codes in Ninja Legends. Looks to the side of your screen and find the big blue CODES button. Click on that and you will open up the following screen:

Click on the area that says "Type Code Here" and enter the code. Once you've got it typed in correctly, you'll just need to hit the Enter button and the code will redeem! You can find some active codes via the list below.

Ninja Legends Codes List

Here's a look at all of the currently available codes, as well as some you might have missed out on. Make sure to check back often because we'll be updating this post whenever there's more codes!

Live Codes

You will get more Chi based on your current multiplier, so it will unlikely be exactly the amount displayed below.

Auto Train

  • 15 Minutes of Auto-Training: epictrain15
  • 15 Minutes of Auto-Training: roboninja15

Gem Codes

  • 500 Gems: christmasninja500

Chi Codes

  • NEW - Chi: silentshadows1000
  • Chi: omegasecrets5000
  • Chi: ultrasecrets10k
  • 750 Chi: elementmaster750
  • 1,000 Chi: secretcrystal1000
  • 750 Chi: skymaster750
  • ??? Chi: legends700m
  • 500 Chi: dojomasters500
  • 750 Chi: dragonlegend750
  • 500 Chi: zenmaster500
  • 500 Chi: epicelements500
  • 500 Chi: goldninja500
  • 500 Chi: goldupdate500
  • 500 Chi: legends500m
  • 500 Chi: senseisanta500
  • 500 Chi: blizzardninja500
  • 500 Chi: mythicalninja500
  • 500 Chi: legendaryninja500
  • 500 Chi: shadowninja500
  • ??? Chi: legends200M
  • 500 Chi: epicflyingninja500
  • 500 Chi: flyingninja500
  • 500 Chi: dragonwarrior500
  • 300 Chi: swiftblade300
  • 250 Chi: DesertNinja250
  • 100 Chi: fastninja100
  • 250 Chi: epicninja250
  • 750 Chi: masterninja750

Soul Codes

  • 20 Souls: sparkninja20
  • 5 Souls: soulhunter5

Expired Codes

These are codes that were previously available but have expired!

  • 15 Minutes of Auto-Training: autotrain15
  • 500 Chi: epicsensei500
  • 100 Coins: launch100

What Can I Purchase With Chi?

You can use your Chi to purchase pets! These pets will increase the multipliers of how much chi and coins you will earn when you collect them around the map and when you sell your ninjitsu. The faster you can earn these currencies the quicker you can level up and gain additional ability to jump higher and reach the highest islands!

What Can I Purchase With Coins?

Coins purchase a ton of stuff including sword, belts, and character upgrades. It's a pretty important resource, so you'll want to make sure to collect a ton of it.

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    1. They will put new codes when the game puts new codes. If not, when the game publishes the code (or a few days after the code is published) (I’m pretty sure)

  1. pro tip everyone if you want good stuff like gems you keep jumping island to island you will get them eventually its funny how all the good things are really high

    1. an update is coming on a higher island and its a zen sensei asking for your gems and giving you something n return

  2. U know I’m really greatful for u making this list ninja legends propose for looking at their Twitter is now gone I mean we got a list thx so much for it Ik some ppl don’t have Twitter and I’m one of those ppl so thanks for including all codes (lady’s and gentle men this is how there Twitter slowly dies)

  3. From Sandstorm up, if you look under the islands, there will be a code. The code is the best code, if you are on a really good island, enter the code autotrain15 for 15 min of autotrain. So yes, look under the islands and there will be a code, from sandstorm and up.

      1. no you get karma by getting higher up and than a chest will give you bad karma or the other one will give you good karma it’s on a really high island

  4. thanks for this code because i got a lot of chi and gems thanks everyone hopefully there is still code coming and let you know thank you

    1. There is a countdown clock and then a box will pop up. It is about a duel. If you survive then you get 100 gems. If first place then I think 2k gems and then so on. If you kill more than one player your gems increase