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Pixel Piece Best Fruits Tier List – Roblox

Check out all the devil fruits in Pixel Piece ranked from best to worst in our tier list!

Pixel Piece on Roblox is a pirate adventure inspired by the anime One Piece but with a unique twist: it's a pixelated world. Like other One Piece games, you collect devil fruit to acquire various abilities used in battle; fruits can give a random ability of different rarities and include several different attacks and powers. We put together our own list ranking the fruits in tiers depending on how useful and rare they are; take a look below to determine which fruits you should be focusing on.

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Pixel Piece Fruits Tier List - Best Fruits in Pixel Piece

Our fruits tier list ranges from S-tier to C-tier, representing what we think are the most valuable and powerful fruits to the least helpful fruits, respectively. Beneficial fruits are valued based on how many abilities they offer, how much damage they inflict, and how hard it is to acquire them.

SHie-Hie, Mera-Mera
AMoku-Moku, Paw-Paw, Bomu-Bomu
BSpin-Spin, Cry-Cry
CKilo-Kilo, Smooth-Smooth

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All Pixel Piece Fruits, Ranked

S Tier

Hie-Hie Fruit

Hie-Hie is at the top of our list of fruits, not only because it's one of the hardest ones to obtain in Pixel Piece, but because its mythical abilities speak for themselves. With a mixture of different skills that deal major damage and stun enemies, it has everything offensive and defensive you need to come out on top during your battles. You can even summon some ice skates to get around the map faster.

Mera-Mera Fruit

Mera-Mera is still an S-tier fruit for us, but perhaps one step down from the Hie-Hie fruit, if only because it doesn't offer defense like Hie-Hie does. This fiery fruit is all offense, allowing you to send out waves of flames and mold a giant ball of fire, all dealing major damage to multiple enemies at once. You can also summon a flame to fly on.

A Tier

Moku - Moku

The biggest plus point of Moku - Moku is its range capabilities, as the kit abilities support both mid and long-range fights. The fruit also provides mobility-based skills like Smoke Flight that help you dodge and reposition during critical attacks. The only downside is the attacks are a bit slow compared to S-tier fruit.

Bomu-Bomu Fruit

Bomb-Bomb is an A-tier fruit, one step below the Mythicals because it lacks the array of abilities that you get from those. However, it beats out Kilo-Kilo due to the increased damage of its attacks. Its abilities can wipe out your enemies with its explosions, but you'll have to be careful because this type of power comes with consequences, meaning you can also harm yourself with the bombs.

Paw- Paw

Paw-Paw is one of the balanced and beginner-friendly fruits in the game. It has an equal mix of offensive and defensive abilities, catering to the needs of any amateur player. Go for this fruit if you are new to Pixel Piece and want to have a decent fruit to help you as you learn every aspect of combat.

B Tier

Spin-Spin Fruit

Spin-Spin only has a few attacks, but they can deliver blows to multiple enemies at once, which is why it earns its spot at the top of the B-tier. You can turn into a tornado and roll through your enemies, and deliver fast attacks with your spin powers. This speedy fruit also allows you to use your Stamina to travel around more quickly.

Cry-Cry Fruit

Cry-Cry earns its spot at the bottom of the B-tier simply because it has more abilities than the bottom two, but it also happens to be all defense. While it's great if you are working in a squad since its abilities allow you to heal your party members and activate stun shields, if you are a solo player, it is almost useless. It has one ability that allows you to heal yourself, but other than that, you are going to have to rely on your basic attack skills.

C Tier

Kilo-Kilo Fruit

Kilo-Kilo is a balanced fruit, which is why it sits toward the middle of our tiers. It has an ability that allows you to buff your regular attacks, as well as several stomping attacks that can deal damage to your enemies. However, it is a step below Bomb-Bomb because it lacks the DPS the explosions deliver. You can fly around on a cool umbrella, though.

Smooth-Smooth Fruit

Smooth-Smooth is one of the most basic of devil fruits, which is why it is at the bottom of the tier list. It has one ability capable of dealing damage to your enemies, but you will notice it is significantly less powerful than other fruits. Its only other ability allows you to skate around, moving more quickly but is not that helpful during battle.

D Tier

Suke-Suke Fruit

Suke-Suke is at the very bottom of our list because it has no useful abilities for fighting enemies, only avoiding them. You can turn your allies and yourself invisible for a short time, which can be useful for sneaking around and protecting yourself, but other than that, it won't really be much help in taking down your enemies.

This tier list is based on our own opinion, but the fruits can be valued differently depending on each player's different opinions or experiences. This list may change in the future if more fruits are added to the game, so keep checking back for further updates, and let us know your favorite fruits in the comments.

What is the best fruit in Pixel Piece?

The best fruit in Pixel Piece currently is the Hie-Hie fruitThis is a Mythical Rarity devil fruit with seven different abilities under it: Ice Hawk, Ice Spears, Ice Hammer, Ice Stomp, Frozen Time, Ultimate Stomp, and Ice Ice. It is considered one of the best because of its vast list of abilities and the range of different attacks and damage it can inflict. You can freeze enemies in their tracks or skate around the map in quick strides. These abilities are useful for almost any encounter, which is why it's the most expensive fruit in the game.

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Pixel Piece Best Fruits Tier List – Roblox

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