Roblox Price Guide: How much do Robux cost?

Your one-stop Robux price guide for cool upgrades and cosmetics!

Robux are an in-game currency that are used to purchase upgrades and character cosmetics. With so many Roblox games to play, players can spend their Robux on endless possibilities and customization! Robux does cost real money to purchase, but this might just be the perfect gift for your favorite Roblox gamer!

While you can’t get Robux for free, there are plenty of options to purchase Robux legally. The pricing guide below will break down all of the legit ways you can safely purchase Robux for your account.

Roblox: How much do Robux cost?

Robux can be purchased directly through Roblox in a couple of ways. This direct option works on the PC/MacOS Roblox browsers, along with the Roblox mobile apps for iOS and Android. For a one-time purchasing fee, these prices are available:

  • $0.99 = 80 Robux
  • $4.99 = 400 Robux
  • $9.99 = 800 Robux

Not enough Robux? On the PC/MacOS Roblox browsers, additional Value Packs are available for:

  • $49.99 = 4,500 Robux
  • $99.99 = 10,000 Robux

If you want to know the worth of your Robux in US dollars, you can use a Robux to USD Calculator as a tool to help. This is most useful if you want to know the dollar worth of Robux, rather than the other way around. If you are trying to figure out the USD amount in Robux, you can either use the article here or use the above calculator by placing amounts of Robux until it shows the dollar amount you were searching for.

When you go to purchase Robux, you can also support your favorite creator at no extra cost, using Star Codes. Check out our article on Star Codes to see a list of creators featured and find out how to use them.

Roblox Premium Subscription

Robux are also available through the Roblox Premium monthly subscription service. This subscription costs $4.99 / mo. but you receive more than just Robux. The perks are as follows:

  • 450 Robux / mo.
  • Exclusive items and discounts. Receive access to Premium-only items and special discounts in the Avatar shop.
  • Premium benefits within games. Get access to Premium-only levels, items, boosters, and more!
  • Receive 10% more when you buy Robux
  • Unlock the ability to Trade items

So, the Roblox Premium Subscription is always another alternative purchasing option if you or someone you know is a regular Roblox player.

Retailers: How much do Robux cost?

Robux are also available as Gift Cards, which are sold through major retailers such as Best Buy, Amazon, Walmart, and more. You can choose this option by ordering a Digital Gift Card online or by purchasing a physical gift card in stores. There are set amounts, but some retailers also allow custom prices. The pricing is as follows:

  • $10.00 = 800 Robux
  • $15.00 = 1200 Robux*
  • $20.00 = 1600 Robux*
  • $25.00 = 2,000 Robux
  • $30.00 = 2,400 Robux*
  • $40.00 = 3,200 Robux*
  • $50.00 = 4,500 Robux
  • $75.00 = 6,000 Robux*
  • $100.00 = 10,000 Robux + Exclusive Virtual Item [Amazon]
  • $150.00 = 12,000 Robux*
  • $200.00 = 16,000 Robux*

*These prices as marked by the asterisk are part of custom gift card pricing. We have reported them based on their USD to Robux conversion rate and off of current reports. These values may be subject to change at the discretion of the retailer.

So there you have it: these are the 3 best ways to purchase Robux. No matter the option you go with, they all help to enhance your Roblox gaming experience. What will you be spending your Robux on?

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    1. We have updated the article to reflect this!

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    1. You might get around 5900 robux for 150$.

  19. how much robux can you get for 10 dollars in germany, or does it stay the same.

    1. The currency for the article is US Dollars. In Euros, players get the same Robux (800) for €9.99. The price for Robux in Euros is nearly the same, with some minor adjustments on some tiers.

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    1. Yes you can buy robux with 1$, robux for 1$ is 80.

    2. so what you do is you find a robux gift card. I found it at Costco Or Home Depot. And you transfer the money into the card(ask ur parents how to do that). And then click ‘buy robux’ on ur phone or whatever device u have. Then you use that gift card for the money. Also 1$=80 robux. Anyway hoped that helped

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