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All Skills and Perks in RoboCop Rogue City, explained

So many skills!

There are several Skills and Perks to choose from when playing RoboCop Rogue City. However, I learned quickly it's unclear what skills or perks you should choose. Here's everything you need to know about skills and perks in RoboCop Rogue City.

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Best Perks and Skills in RoboCop Rogue City

In total, there are over eight skills players can choose from that feature various bonuses and perks. Each of the eight skills offers up to three perks that unlock unique abilities, such as stunning nearby enemies for a short time or increasing XP gain or Public Trust points when choosing specific dialogue options.

All perks and skills in RoboCop Rogue City are listed and explained below.

Combat Skill and Perks Explained in RoboCop Rogue City

Combat increases weapon damage, making your weapons more deadly. The more points you put in combat will also increase the weapon damage by five percent.

ShockwaveThe Shockwave perk gives RoboCop the ability to stun enemies close by for a short amount of time.
Reloading StrikeIf the player punches enemies, it will reload all of their equipped weapons.
Enhanced ShockwaveThis is a more powerful/upgrade to the Shockwave ability. It makes the Shockwave ability kill enemies instead of stunning them. 
Best Combat PerkOverall, we recommend picking Shockwave and its upgrade, as the perk provides a way to take out large groups of enemies quickly.

Armor Skill and Perks Explained in RoboCop Rogue City

The Armor skill is pretty straightforward as it provides more armor with the more points you put into it.

ShieldThe Shield perk reduces all incoming damage by 80 percent for a short period.
High Damage ReductionThe High Damage Reduction perk makes it so explosive, and high-caliber weapons deal 25 percent less damage to the player.
DeflectThe Deflect perk makes it so small caliber rounds ricochet off your armor and hit nearby enemies.
Best Armor PerkWe recommend choosing Deflect or Shield, as both provide the most bang for your buck. Deflect will make fights easier due to the chance for enemies to get hit with their bullets. Shield also provides a decent damage reduction to all weapons.

Psychology Skill and Perks Explained in RoboCop Rogue City

The Psychology skill in RoboCop lowers the requirements for choosing dialogue options.

Enhanced Public TrustThe Enhanced Public Trust perk increases the amount of Public Trust points earned when choosing specific dialogue options.
Empathetic ProcessingEmpathetic Processing highlights the dialogue options with the best favorable outcome. 
ImpactThe Impact perk lowers the outcome threshold for the main characters.
Best Psychology PerkWe recommend choosing Empathetic Processing and Impact to make selecting the right dialogue options easier.

Deduction Skill and Perks Explained in RoboCop Rogue City

This skill increases the amount of XP players earn from picking up notes in-game.

Enhanced ScanningEnhanced Scanning makes it so when players scan, they can sometimes find useful information. Some information players can find includes safe combinations or even more hidden objects in rooms.
Enhanced MapEnhanced Map marks locations of valuable items on your map.
Enhanced LearningEnhanced Learning increases your experience gain by 30 percent.
Best Deduction PerkThe best perks for the Deduction are Enhanced Scanning and Enhanced Map. Both provide the most utility and can help you find hidden objects and complete side objectives.

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Scanning Skill and Perks Explained in RoboCop Rogue City

The Scanning skill increases the range you can scan objectives or investigation range. The skill also boosts scanning range with the more points you put in it.

RicochetRicochet allows RoboCop to fire and hit enemies behind cover by bouncing bullets off objects or specific spots. Players must activate RoboCop vision to use the ability. You activate RoboCop vision by aiming your weapon. 
Instant ScannerInstant Scanner makes it so RoboCop vision marks all enemies in sight instantly.
Ricochet SplitRicocheting bullets will split and hit even more enemies with this perk.
Best Scanning PerkWe recommend choosing both Ricochet perks, which can help you win more fights by hitting more enemies. It's also not hard to see enemies, making Instant Scanner less viable. 

Focus Skill and Perks Explained in RoboCop Rogue City

The Focus skill increases slow motion (e.g. when breaching rooms). Skill increases slow motion boost with the more points placed in the skill.

Slow MotionMakes it so RoboCop can see their environment in slow motion for a short time. In short, you can activate slow motion outside of breaching rooms with this perk. 
Enhanced Critical DamageThe Enhanced Critical Damage does what you think it would and increases your critical damage. 
Enhanced Slow MotionEnhanced Slow Motion makes it so killing enemies will increase the slow motion duration. You must be in slow motion to get the boost to slow motion duration. 
Best Focus PerkWe recommend choosing both slow-motion perks as they can give you enough time to save hostages or survive sticky situations.

Engineering Skill and Perks Explained in RoboCop Rogue City

The Engineering skill increases chip modificatior bonus with more points placed in the skill.

DashThe Dash perk allows players to perform a dash to escape enemies and danger.
CrackingThe Cracking perk makes it so players can open any safe without knowing the combination. Players can also reprogram turrets to make them friendly and attack enemies.
Enhanced DashReduces the Cooldown for the dash ability.
Best Engineering PerkThe best perk for Engineering has to be Cracking, as it allows players to open safes and gain valuables more easily. The ability to reprogram turrets can also help out in tough fights. 

Vitality Skill and Perks Explained in RoboCop Rogue City

Increases total player health with the more points placed in the Vitality Skill.

Fuse Boxes RecoveryFuse Boxes heal up to 50 percent of player health. This perk also increases your max OCP Recovery charge to four.
Enhanced Fuse Boxes recoveryEnhanced Fuse Boxes recovery makes it so Fuse Boxes heal max player health. The perk also increases your max OCP Recovery charge to five.
Auto RegenerationAuto Regeneration slowly heals the player's health up to 75 percent of max health.
Best Vitality PerkWe recommend choosing both Fuse Boxes Recovery perks as they provide more healing. The increase in OCP Recover charges is a helpful bonus that heals players faster as well. 

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All Skills and Perks in RoboCop Rogue City, explained

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