All Scar locations in Rogue Legacy 2

Rogue Legacy 2 is filled with things to do. This includes platforming challenges, puzzles, boss fights, and Scars. Scars are optional challenges that can be extremely difficult. Completing these will earn you trophies, but you must first unlock Scars and the ability to take them on. How to unlock Scars in Rogue Legacy 2 To […]

How to beat Estuary Naamah in Rogue Legacy 2

There are many challenges to overcome in Rogue Legacy 2. This includes not only traps, puzzles, and enemies, but also bosses. The first area, Kerguelen Plateau, is controlled by Estuary Naamah. We have compiled a guide to defeating Estuary Naamah, which you can find below. How to defeat Estuary Naamah in Rogue Legacy 2 Estuary Naamah […]