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Find some of the sickest Rust skins available!

Skins may not be useful in every player's game, but for a game like Rust that is an MMORPG, looks can mean a lot. Whether the player is in a heavy role-playing server or not, they can find tons of cheap skins in the game to enhance their style. To show off some of the best skins, we'll create some crazy sets from what's available in the game store.

The Childish Imagination Set

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Roleplaying is the easiest thing to do as a child, and getting back into that headspace can be difficult for some. This pixelated weapons set and cardboard armor set can bring players back to a childlike mindset. Play as a character who has forgotten their age, or as a child that has been transported to this world as an adult. Get creative with this set.

  • Cardboard Helmet - A cardboard coffee can helmet. ($1.53)
  • Cardboard Kilt - A cardboard road sign kilt. ($2.27)
  • Cardboard Vest - A cardboard road sign jacket. ($1.29)
  • Kid's Stone Hatchet - A pixelated wooden hatchet. ($2.22)
  • Kid's Stone Pick Axe - A pixelated wooden pick axe. ($2.91)
  • Pixel Rocket Launcher - A green pixelate rocket launcher. ($1.85)
  • Toy Blaster - A plastic double barrel shotgun. ($3.11)

The Gingerbread Guardian Set

Image by Pro Game Guides

They always say that the candy man can, and this candy man has it all; gingerbread, candy canes, chocolate, ice cream, and much more. Players can use this set to play someone who had a background in baking, or someone who truly believes they were once a gingerbread man. There are tons of delicious scenarios that could play out from this set.

  • Candy Launcher - A candy cane rocket launcher. ($1.91)
  • Choco-Revolver - A chocolate and cream revolver. ($2.00)
  • Chocolate Hunter Thompson - A chocolate themed thompson rifle. ($1.35)
  • Egg Hunter AR - An easter chocolate themed assault rifle. ($1.10)
  • Giant Candy Decor - Giant candy canes and lollipops. ($3.99)
  • Gingerbread AK - A gingerbread themed AK 47. ($8.14)
  • Gingerbread SAR - A gingerbread themed semi-automatic rifle. ($1.72)
  • Ice Cream Club - An ice cream and wafflecone bone club. ($1.12)
  • Mr. Gingerbread Kilt - A gingerbread and candy cane kilt. ($2.24)
  • Mr. Gingerbread Vest - A gingerbread and candy cane road sign jacket. ($1.03)
  • Sweet Gift LR - A wafflecone themed light rifle. ($1.81)
  • Sweet Satchel - A Rustee's chocolate rabbit themed satchel charge. ($1.05)
  • Xmas Candy Crossbow - A gingerbread themed crossbow. ($1.11)

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The Vegan Avenger Set

Image by Pro Game Guides

Players who love or hate the meat industry can cosplay as the one vegan who should never be crossed. Wield vegetables as weapons and wear armor to become one with the vegetation. This is a sillier set but could be implemented with a lot of creativity.

  • Broccoli Club - A broccoli themed bone club. ($1.15)
  • Carrot Launcher - A carrot themed rocket launcher. ($1.30)
  • Carrot Knife - A carrot themed bone knife. ($1.88)
  • Eco Door - An eco-friendly door skin. ($0.80)
  • Forsaken Era Chest Plate - A metal chest plate with ivy and butterflies. ($0.96)
  • Forsaken Era Mask - A metal facemask with ivy and butterflies. ($1.04)
  • Garden SAP - A flower themed semi-automatic pistol. ($1.15)
  • Organic Berry Box - A wooden storage box for berries. ($2.25)
  • Spring Hatchet - A hatchet covered in flowers. ($1.85)

The Meat Love Menace Set

Image by Pro Game Guides

Can't do a vegan-based set without a meat lover's one. This set is meant to take a bit of a darker twist, with overly grotesque weapons and armor. Players can decide for themselves in their roleplay what kind of meat this is.

  • Apocalypse Kilt - A bone themed road sign kilt. ($2.70)
  • Apocalypse Vest - A bone themed road sign vest. ($1.34)
  • Bone Collector Door - An ornate bone themed door. ($1.11)
  • Carved Club - A bloody bone club. ($1.76)
  • Eater Hatchet - A fleshy spined hatchet. ($1.29)
  • Flesh Knife - A obscenely organic and fleshy bone knife. ($5.25)
  • Oink SAP - A pig themed semi-automatic rifle. ($1.28)
  • Raven - A bloody raven themed salvaged ice pick. ($19.80)
  • Sesquisha's Hot Dog Eoka - A hot dog eoka.

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The Heartbreaker Set

Image by Pro Game Guides

This set is for players who want to play out a lovestruck maniac. Wearing hearts and breaking them along a starcrossed playthrough. Cosplay as a devil in disguise.

  • Box of Hearts - A large heart themed wooden box. ($1.95)
  • Cupidon - A cupid themed semi-automatic rifle. ($1.29)
  • Guardians of the Heart - A cupid themed door. ($1.04)
  • Heart of the Creator - A heart themed hammer. ($2.25)
  • Heart Strings Bow - A heart themed hunting bow. ($1.11)
  • Heartbreaker AR - A heart themed assault rifle. ($1.03)
  • Hearts Furnace - A heart themed furnace. ($1.84)
  • Love Injector - A love themed jackhammer. ($1.16)
  • Love Sack - A heart themed sleeping bag. ($1.11)
  • Lovely SMG - A heart themed submachine gun. ($1.42)
  • Lovers Sheet Metal Door - A neon heart sheet metal door. ($1.06)
  • Pink Death LR300 - A pink heart themed light rifle. ($3.53)
  • Road Romeo Gloves - A heart themed pair of leather gloves. ($1.22)
  • Road Romeo Jacket - A heart themed hoodie. ($0.93)
  • Road Romeo Pants - A heart themed pair of biker pants. ($1.06)
  • Sweet Shot - A heart and lip themed pump shotgun. ($1.49)
  • Valentine MP5 - A heart themed rifle. ($11.08)

The Dynasty Oxen Set

Image by Pro Game Guides

Lastly, players who want to roleplay as something more fantastical can go as one of the Chinese lunar year animals. Specifically, the dragon, the rat, and the ox are available. The Dragon was for 2019m the Rat was for 2020 and the Ox was for 2021. There are some intricate and beautiful pieces for all of them, but the Ox mask is incredible.

  • Dynasty Python - A gold red and green dragon themed python revolver. ($1.70)
  • Firecracker Eoka - A eoka pistol disguised as a firecracker. ($1.43)
  • Lunar Armor Pants - A red and gold embellished road sign kilt. ($2.43)
  • Lunar Armor Vest - A red and golden embellished road sign jacket. ($1.99)
  • Lunar Ox Crossbow - A blue and gold ox themed crossbow. ($1.20)
  • Lunar Ox Door - A red, green, and gold ox themed sheet metal door. ($0.89)
  • New Year Ox Furnace - A paper lantern and ox themed furnace. ($2.02)
  • Ox AR - An ox themed assault rifle. ($0.98)
  • Ox Box - An ox themed wooden storage box. ($1.79)
  • Ox Mask - A heavy metal ox shaped mask. ($2.00)
  • Phantom Pants - red, gold, and dark brown pants. ($13.63)
  • Phantom SMG - A gold and black submachine gun. ($4.68)

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