How to beat the Act 5 Boss in Scorn

The boss in the fifth Act of Scorn doesn’t go down by just pumping ammunition into it. Players that encounter the boss will have to be ready to attack it when it reveals an opening. The fight requires baiting out attacks, as well as waiting for the boss to reload. The attacks can take out […]

How to solve the Act 3 light puzzle in Scorn

The light puzzle of Act 3 in Scorn can be immensely frustrating, but it is one of only two puzzles in the area. Players can get their hands on a new weapon as well, making it easier to take care of the combat focused parts of the level. Players will have to descend to further […]

Are there multiple endings to Scorn? Ending Explained

Scorn is a horror game with no dialogue or text, making players come to their own conclusions about the story and what it means. The game relies on environmental storytelling and grotesque imagery that paints a bleak picture. The game’s achievements give a little bit of insight, as well as the artbook, but much of […]

Should you choose the scoop or the saw in Scorn?

The organic world of Scorn is unforgiving. Not only is the environment filled with gruesome scenes of body horror and structures covered in disgusting material, but Scorn also features complicated puzzles that induce a different type of horror. During the first Act I puzzle, you must make a choice that some may miss. Do you choose […]