Skyrim Item Codes List

We're taking a look at a whole bunch of Skyrim Item Codes that will let you spawn things into the game via the console! These codes can be used in combination with the player.AddItem command to create items out of thin air. This can save you a lot of time if you've accidentally forgot something, or you don't quite have enough of a material to finish crafting a recipe. You can also just give yourself a bunch of gold if you want! The choice is yours.

How-to Use Skyrim Item Codes

You'll need to be on a PC version of Skyrim to use these! Once you're inside the game, hit the ~ key (usually below the Esc key). This will open up the console, then you can type in the following command:

player.AddItem [Item ID] [Amount]

You can use one of the codes from the list below to fill out the Item ID, then add the amount of that item you want and hit enter! That's all you need to do, the item should end up in your inventory if you've done everything correctly. If you want to try out some other commands, check out our long list of them right here.

Alchemy Ingredients

Abecean Longfin00106E1B
Ancestor Moth WingXX0059BA
Ash Creep ClusterXX01CD74
Ash Hopper JellyXX01CD71
Ashen Grass PodXX016E26
Bear Claws0006BC02
Beehive Husk000A9191
Berit's Ashes000705B7
Bleeding Crown 0004DA20
Blue Butterfly Wing000727DE
Blue Dartwing000E4F0C
Blue Mountain Flower00077E1C
Boar TuskXX01CD6F
Bone Meal00034CDD
Briar Heart0003AD61
Burnt Spriggan WoodXX01CD6E
Butterfly Wing000727E0
Canis Root0006ABCB
Charred Skeever Hide00052695
Chaurus Eggs0003AD56
Chaurus Hunter AntennaeXX0183B7
Chicken's Egg00023D77
Creep Cluster000B2183
Crimson Nirnroot000B701A
Cyrodilic Spadetail00106E19
Daedra Heart0003AD5B
Dragons Tongue000889A2
Dwarven Oil000F11C0
Elves Ear00034D31
Emperor Parasol MossXX01FF75
Eye of Sabre Cat0006BC07
Falmer Ear0003AD5D
Felsaad Tern FeathersXX03CD8E
Fire Salts0003AD5E
Fly Amanita0004DA00
Frost Mirriam00034D32
Frost Salts0003AD5F
Giant Lichen0007E8C1
Giant's Toe0003AD64
Glow Dust0003AD73
Glowing Mushroom0007EE01
Grass Pod00083E64
Hagraven Claw0006B689
Hagraven Feathers0003AD66
Hanging Moss00057F91
Hawk Beak000E7EBC
Hawk Feathers000E7ED0
Hawk's EggXX00F1CC
Human Flesh001016B3
Human Heart000B18CD
Ice Wraith Teeth0003AD6A
Imp Stool0004DA23
Jarrin Root0001BCBC
Jazbay Grapes0006AC4A
Juniper Berries0005076E
Large Antlers0006BC0A
Luna Moth Wing000727DF
Moon Sugar000D8E3F
Mora Tapinella000EC870
Mudcrab Chitin0006BC00
Namira's Rot0004DA24
Netch JellyXX01CD72
Nordic Barnacle0007EDF5
Orange Dartwing000BB956
Pine Thrush Egg00023D6F
Powdered Mammoth Tusk0006BC10
Purple Mountain Flower00077E1E
Red Mountain Flower00077E1D
River Betty00106E1A
Rock Warbler Egg0007E8C8
Sabre Cat Tooth0006BC04
Salmon RoeXX003545
Salt Pile00034CDF
Scaly Pholiota0006F950
Silverside Perch00106E1C
Skeever Tail0003AD6F
Slaughterfish Egg0007E8C5
Slaughterfish Scales0003AD70
Small Antlers0006BC0B
Small Pearl00085500
Spawn AshXX01CD6D
Spider Egg0009151B
Spriggan Sap00063B5F
Swamp Fungal Pod0007E8B7
Thistle Branch000134AA
Torchbug Thorax0004DA73
Trama RootXX017008
Troll Fat0003AD72
Tundra Cotton0003F7F8
Vampire Dust0003AD76
Void Salts0003AD60
White Cap0004DA22
Wisp Wrappings0006BC0E
Yellow Mountain FlowerXX002A78


Apple Cabbage Stew000EBA01
Apple DumplingXX003533
Ash Hopper LegXX03D125
Ash Hopper MeatXX03D125
Ash YamXX0206E7
Baked Potatoes00064B3A
Beef Stew000F4314
Boar MeatXX03BD14
Boiled Creme Treat00064B30
Braided BreadXX0009DB
Cabbage Potato Soup000F431B
Cabbage Soup000EBA02
Chicken Breast000F2011
Chicken DumplingXX0117FF
Charred Skeever Meat000E8448
Clam ChowderXX00353E
Clam Meat000EBA03
Cooked Beef000721E8
Cooked Boar MeatXX03CF72
Dog Meat000EDB2E
Eidar Cheese Wedge00064B32
Eidar Cheese Wheel00064B34
Elsweyr Fondue000F4320
Fresh Meat0010211A
Garlic BreadXX0009DC
Goat Cheese Wedge00064B31
Goat Cheese Wheel00064B33
Green Apple00064B2F
Grilled Chicken Breast000E8947
Grilled Leeks00064B3E
Homecooked Meal000CD614
Honey Nut Treat00064B38
Horker and Ash Yam StewXX03CD5B
Horker Loaf0007224E
Horker Meat00065C9B
Horker Stew000F4315
Horse Meat00065C9C
Horse Haunch000722B0
Jazbay CrostataXX00353A
Jug of MilkXX003534
Juniper Berry CrostataXX003539
Lavender DumplingXX011801
Leg of Goat00065C9A
Leg of Goat Roast0007224C
Long Taffy Treat00064B39
Mammoth Cheese Bowl000669A3
Mammoth Snout000669A4
Mammoth Steak000722BB
Mudcrab LegsXX003540
Potato BreadXX003537
Potato SoupXX00353D
Rabbit Haunch000722C2
Raw Beef00065C99
Raw Rabbit Leg00065C9E
Red Apple00064B2E
Sack of FlourXX003538
Salmon Meat00065C9F
Salmon Steak00064B3B
Seared Slaughterfish00064B3C
Sliced Eidar Cheese00064B36
Sliced Goat Cheese00064B35
Snowberry CrostataXX00353B
Soul HuskXX014DC4
Spiced Beef000CADFB
Steamed Mudcrab LegsXX00353F
Sweet Roll00064B3D
Tomato Soup000F431C
Vegetable Soup000F431E
Venison Chop000722BD
Venison Stew000F431D


Flawless Amethyst0006851E
Flawless Diamond0006851F
Flawless Emerald00068520
Flawless Garnet00068521
Flawless Ruby00068522
Flawless Sapphire00068523
Stone of Barenziah0009DFBB


Bear Pelt0003AD52
Cave Bear Pelt0003AD53
Chaurus Chitin0003AD57
Cow Hide0003AD8F
Deer Hide000D284D
Elk Hide0003AD90
Fox Pelt000D4B35
Goat Hide0003AD8E
Horse Hide0003AD93
Ice Wolf Pelt0003AD75
Leather Strips000800E3
Sabre Cat Pelt0003AD6D
Sabre Cat Snow Pelt0003AD6E
Snow Bear Pelt0003AD54
Snow Fox Pelt000D4BE7
Wolf Pelt0003AD74

Restoration Potions

Potion of Cure Disease000AE723
Potion of Cure Poison00065A64
Potion of Minor Healing0003EADD
Potion of Healing0003EADE
Potion of Plentiful Healing0003EADF
Potion of Vigorous Healing0003EAE3
Potion of Extreme Healing00039BE4
Potion of Ultimate Healing00039BE5

Smithing Ingredients

Dragon Bone0003ADA4
Dragon Scales0003ADA3
Corundum Ingot0005AD93
Dwarven Metal Ingot000DB8A2
Ebony Ingot0005AD9D
Gold Ingot0005AD9E
Iron Ingot0005ACE4
Orichalcum Ingot0005AD99
Quicksilver Ingot0005ADA0
Refined Malachite0005ADA1
Refined Moonstone0005AD9F
Silver Ingot0005ACE3
Steel Ingot0005ACE5
Corundum Ore0005ACDB
Ebony Ore0005ACDC
Gold Ore0005ACDE
Iron Ore00071CF3
Malachite Ore0005ACE1
Moonstone Ore0005ACE0
Orichalcum Ore0005ACDD
Quicksilver Ore0005ACE2
Silver Ore0005ACDF

Soul Gems

Petty Soul Gem (Empty)0002E4E2
Lesser Soul Gem (Empty)0002E4E4
Common Soul Gem (Empty)0002E4E6
Greater Soul Gem (Empty)0002E4F4
Grand Soul Gem (Empty)0002E4FC
Black Soul Gem (Empty)0002E500
Wylandriah's Soul Gem (Empty)00043E26
Azura's Star (Empty)00063B27
The Black Star (Empty)00063B29
Treated Soul Gem (Empty)00094E40
Petty Soul Gem (Full)0002E4E3
Lesser Soul Gem (Full)0002E4E5
Common Soul Gem (Full)0002E4F3
Greater Soul Gem (Full)0002E4FB
Grand Soul Gem (Full)0002E4FF
Black Soul Gem (Full)0002E504
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