Who is Sage in Sonic Frontiers?

Like many other Sonic games, the Blue Blur’s newest adventure introduces a new all-powerful enemy to the canon. Sonic has faced water monsters, giant aliens, and godlike canines, but the newest game puts him up against an artificial intelligence with questionable motivation. Just what is Sage, and what does she want? Sage in Sonic Frontiers, […]

What is the Egg Memo used for in Sonic Frontiers

In Sonic Frontiers, players explore an open world, unveiling all the mysteries with the popular speedster hedgehog. You’ll come across various types of collectibles, and Egg Memos is one of them. These are a collection of audio recordings left behind by Dr. Eggman. These Voice Memos are an account of the Cyber Space as described […]

How to fish in Sonic Frontiers

In Sonic Frontiers, players explore the open world, combating various Guardians, and using different Portals to visit the Cyber Space. While exploring the map, you’ll also come across multiple Fishing Spots where you can catch fish. The map is massive, and players will unlock areas as they progress. Here’s how to fish in Sonic Frontiers. […]

Best Combat Upgrades in Sonic Frontiers

Sonic Frontiers adds a ton of well-known game mechanics to the Sonic format, most notably a totally revamped combat system. In old Sonic games, the Blue Blur would find upgrades in the form of items, but he finally has a full skill tree. You’ll have a limited number of skill points to spend, and some […]