How to fix spell effects not showing up in Soulstone Survivors

Soulstone Survivors is an anti-bullet hell that features a wide range of characters and skills, allowing you to create various builds and unleash destruction. A lot is going on in-game, including various spell effects and enemies, but some players find their spell effects are not appearing. This may leave you wondering how to fix spell […]

Can you respec in Soulstone Survivors?

Soulstone Survivors combines bullet hell and RPG mechanics to create a thrilling experience. Defeat swarms of enemies and the Void Lords as you become more powerful. You can use the experience you gain to level up and learn new skills. This may leave you wondering if you can respec in Soulstone Survivors. The answer is […]

Does progress from the Soulstone Survivors demo carry over?

Become the bullet hell in Soulstone Survivors, a roguelike bullet hell experience. It offers a variety of characters to choose from as you defeat wave after wave of enemies. With Soulstone Survivors receiving a demo during the Steam Next Fest, you may wonder if your progress will carry over to Soulstone Survivors’ release. Will the save […]