EVE Echoes Gets a New Race, PvE Dungeons, and a Host of Events for its Second Anniversary

First on the agenda is a Second Anniversary Voyage Ceremony.

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Believe it or not, EVE Echoes is two years old.

To mark the second anniversary of the game’s arrival on mobile, developer NetEase is celebrating with a slew of events and a massive content update. And it all kicks off on August 3rd. 

First on the agenda is a 2nd Anniversary Voyage Ceremony. You’ll be able to join this extravaganza during a special live event. 

In case the existence of a full-on space parade hasn’t made this clear, NetEase is going all out with these anniversary celebrations. 

For instance, the studio is also planning to pile on the drama with a sinister and mysterious maintenance crash. 

During the outage you’ll be able to hunt for clues and Easter Eggs, in and out of the game. There will be prizes on offer too. 

The excess doesn’t stop there. NetEase has even commissioned a brand new, slickly produced anniversary track called Beyond the Sky. You can find it on Spotify, YouTube, and a ton of other streaming platforms. 

All of this and more will be explored during a live stream on Facebook, during which you’ll also be able to share stories with other players, post screenshots of your greatest accomplishments, and so on.

Those are the events. Now let’s turn to the new content. 

The big new addition is the Sleepers, an ancient race of enemy creatures that have been lying dormant - presumed extinct - since time immemorial. 

Then there are the Centrals, a species of creatures with limited intelligence that exist to service the Sleepers in their dormant state. They live, inevitably, in the Dormant Realm, and one day they decide to unleash hell by waking the Sleepers up. 

NetEase has clearly invested a huge amount of time and effort in the new Sleepers content, creating a rich sci-fi civilization complete with its own sophisticated lore. There’s even poetry. 

Next up, there’s the brand new dungeon mode called Dormant Realm which lets you take on hellacious bosses after joining a likely fleet. It’s set where the Sleepers used to conduct Capsuleer-relative experiments. So loads of scientific equipment is still left there, waiting to be found.

The beauty of dungeon mode is that it gives you the chance to work on your PvE skills while also earning resources to spend on your fleet.

Lastly, there’s a new Implant system, which comes with weapon enhancements and 12 new unlockable abilities. 

You can take part in the 2nd Anniversary celebrations and check all the new stuff out by downloading EVE Echoes for free on Google Play or the App Store.

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