Prime Video’s ‘Citadel: Spy Challenge’ crowns BazzaGazza and Nalopia as top spy duo

Chaotic gaming duo BazzaGazza and Nalopia win Prime Video’s ‘Citadel: Spy Challenge’.

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Prime Video launched its latest spy thriller Citadel, starring Richard Madden and Priyanka Chopra Jonas, at the end of April and issued a challenge to four teams of streamers to recreate moments from the series within Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0. Called the "Citadel: Spy Challenge," these streams were held over the last two weeks and saw teams of male and female streamers battle for dominance as the best spy team. While you can watch VODs of the streams to relive all of the action, we've compiled the results for those that might not have the time available.

Held between April 28 and May 7, streamer duos Crayator and Berticuss, BazzaGazza and Nalopia, Drewd0g and Kultzy, and Joel Bergs and Taylor Morgan attempted to recreate moments from the first two episodes of Citadel while playing in Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0's DMZ mode. A game type focused on finishing missions and escaping alive, the duos were ranked on whether or not they completed the mission, how many enemy kills they achieved, and whether or not they could exfiltrate successfully. Different missions had different score opportunities, so there was a chance for teams to make up for a defeat by performing other tasks.

At the end of round one, the scoreboard looked like this:

1Nalopia and BazzaGazza245
2Taylor Morgan and Joel Bergs200
3Berticuss and Crayator180
4Kultzy and Drewd0g155
Nalopia and BazzaGazza

Kultzy and Drewd0g were the first team to attempt the challenge and had no point of comparison. They were the testing grounds for the other streamers to follow, and as such, that contributed a bit to their fourth-place finish. Kultzy was also only familiar with Call of Duty Mobile, so she wasn't able to perform at the same level as her partner. This created a moment of amusement when she unknowingly pulled the pin on a grenade in the escape vehicle and killed herself.

Nalopia and BazzaGazza topped the chart by repeating an easy 50-point goal multiple times. Taking learnings from their first stream, they knew when and where to strike to maximize their time together. Their high energy also contributed to a hilarious stream for viewers. The remaining two teams fell a bit short due to either completing the wrong missions or failing specific goals.

At the end of round two, favors turned around for Kultzy and Drewd0g:

1Nalopia and BazzaGazza825
2Kultzy and Drewd0g560
3Taylor Morgan and Joel Bergs555
4Berticuss and Crayator460

While Kultzy and Drewd0g were not able to take the win, they worked together much better after their defeat in the first round. Kultzy upgraded her PC with an RTX 4060 to improve performance while Drewd0g went on a tear and killed 16 enemy operators (real players) in one round! The duo also had a bounty placed on them but survived it and successfully napped another 50 points.

Taylor Morgan and Joel Bergs had a solid gameplan going into the final round, but their willingness to trust strangers ultimately cost them. During their escape, Taylor let another team onto the exfiltration chopper with them, which wound up biting her (and Joel) in the butt. Thankfully, the duo's chat was very helpful and guided them on the best ways to play DMZ. This kept the duo from falling too far behind.

Berticuss and Crayator, on the other hand, simply couldn't make much headway on the scoreboard. The duo had a humorous back-and-forth banter where they reprimanded each other (comically, of course), but their emphasis on comedy resulted in a loss. The duo constantly failed objectives and managed to kill numerous hostages during their attempt. During the stream, however, BazzaGazza and Nalopia chimed in and taunted the duo to do better.

Berticuss and Crayator

All in all, it was a fun event that pushed all four teams to their limits. Nalopia and BazzaGazza pulled on their competitiveness to help them steal victory with ease, while the remaining three teams focused on fun despite their relatively suboptimal strategies. This light atmosphere paid off, too, as Oasis (of TOS Girls fame), amongst a multitude of fans, stated during a stream that she would be tuning into Citadel because of the competition.

Chiefs Esports Club to take on the 'Citadel: Spy Challenge'

Now that the four duos have finished their streams, premier esports team The Chiefs Esports Club have taken up the Citadel: Spy Challenge. In a tweet posted soon after winning the LCO Championship at DreamHack Melbourne, the Chiefs indicated they'd like to "make a late run up this scoreboard."

It is now confirmed that COD specialists under the Chief's banners - Vauxie and Zepa - will take on the Citadel: Spy challenge to beat Nalopia and BazzaGazza's top score tonight at 10PM AEST on Vauxie's Twitch and Facebook. Keep an eye out on the Chiefs' Twitter page on Friday, May 12, for highlights, coinciding with the release of the fourth episode of Citadel.

If you'd like to check out Citadel, you can stream the first three episodes on Prime Video right now. New episodes release each Friday, with the first season having six in total.

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