Relive the highlights of Garnier’s ‘Clean up your Skin Game’ Challenge

This article is sponsored by Garnier.

Garnier teamed up with some of ANZ’s biggest streamers last month to promote its latest “Clean up your Skin Game” campaign, an opportunity for game enthusiasts to win their favorite in-game skins by placing their entries to Garnier’s dedicated site and staying tuned to streamers Taylor Morgan, JackBuzza, Fasffy, and Phos, who entertained audiences by showing off some of their favorite in-game drips.

To quickly recap, the overall most popular skin was the Miles Morales skin from Fortnite. Likely due to Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse being in theaters right now, Miles is on everyone’s mind. Following Spidey, the “Tracer Pack: Elementals Thunderfront” bundle from Modern Warfare 2 pulled up in second place in terms of popularity. Both Taylor Morgan and Phos played Valorant while JackBuzza and Fasffy indulged in some Fortnite.

In a nice show of collaboration, JackBuzza appeared during both of Phos’ streams, and the duo gave skins away together. Throughout the initiative, 40 different winners were announced and given a skin of their choosing. While these winners are still being processed, everyone will be getting their skins in short order.

Lastly, all of the talent was impressed with Garnier’s AHA+BHA Anti-Blemish Serum and how effectively it worked. Designed for people with oily, acne-prone skin, this serum visibly reduces blemishes and helps improve the appearance of skin by diminishing skin marks, giving you the confidence to level up your skin game IRL! It’s almost like a cheat code for getting clearer skin.

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