How many chapters are in Stray? Chapter List

There are twelve chapters in total in Stray, including the Slums which is split into two parts. Many chapters feature various collectibles, items, and quests that you must complete to progress in the story as well as 100 percent the game. Some chapters are brief and do not have any notable collectibles. Here is how […]

All Door and Safe Codes in Stray

As you explore the various locations in Stray, you will come across safes and doors that require a code or key to open. Clues for each safe and digicode are typically scattered around it, but it can be difficult to solve these puzzles and get the codes. Here is where to find all safes and […]

25 Easter Eggs you can find in Stray

Stray, the long-awaited video game from Annapurna Interactive, is equal parts puzzle and adventure. That doesn’t mean that it isn’t also chock-full of Easter Eggs that players can discover as they navigate a forgotten cyber city. Below are some of our favorites that we’ve noticed so far. Game Easter Eggs in Stray Skyrim: Sojiro, a […]

Best mods for Stray

Stray is the breakout hit game that puts you behind the paws of a cat in a dystopian cyberpunk world. On July 19, the game was released and quickly gained a lot of acclaim. But even with the huge popularity, many wanted to expand Stray’s gameplay using mods. Dozens of fans have added their own […]