How to long jump in Super Mario 64

Super Mario 64 is a great playground to practice fun tricks and gimmicks. One of the biggest techniques to learn is the long jump, which, believe it or not, is helpful in any run of Super Mario 64. In fact, speedrunners rely on the long jump a lot (especially the illustrious backwards long jump), but […]

Super Mario World Cheat Codes

One of the most popular video games that brought most of the 90s kids, including myself, into the gaming world was Super Mario World. Even today, the game continues to be a regular affair for several retro gamers all around the globe due to its challenging platform/ enemy designs and vibrant game art style of […]

How to beat Bowser in Super Mario 64

Bowser is an iconic villain that has faced Super Mario through multiple games. In Super Mario 64, King Koopa faced another enemy—analog stick technology! This was the first game where you needed to use the analog stick on the N64 controller to throw the enemy in this 3D arcade. So prepare your thumbs to beat […]