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Run away! may seem to be a simple mobile zombie game, but it can take time to master. You'll never attack enemies directly, instead relying on Weapon and Supply Skills. When combined, the subsequent EVO skills they create should always be in the back of your mind when choosing skills at a level. Here's our tier list for the best EVO skills in

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Best EVO Skills in - Skill Tier List

TierEVO Skill
SDestroyer, Divine Destroyer, Inferno Bomb, Quantum Ball, Supercell
ADefender, Fuel Barrel, One Ton Iron, Sharkmaw Gun, Thunderbolt Bomb, Whistling Arrow
BCaltrops, Death Ray, Moonbow Slash
CForce Barrier, Magnetic Rebounder

All EVO Skills in, Ranked

Not all skills in are created equal. EVO skills are the highest level of skill you can obtain. You do so by combining Weapon skills with Supplies. We've ranked all of the EVO skills into four tiers, so you know what to look for when choosing between three at a rank up.

S Tier Skills

Destroyer (and Divine Destroyer)

The Destroyer is obtained from a Five-Star Type-B-Drone combined with a Five-Star Type-A-Drone. It's a crazy effective turret that will work well on both bosses and mobs. Combine the Destroyer with a Medi-Drone to obtain the ultimate offensive and defensive powerhouse, the Divine Destroyer.

Inferno Bomb

Who doesn't love a good trap? An Inferno Bomb is obtained by combing a Five-Star Modular Mine and a Five-Star Molotov. Like the Fuel Barrel, this EVO Skill can strike powerful and wide AOE attacks that leave lingering fires to annihilate enemies and provide some coverage for your survivor.

Quantum Ball

This EVO Skill is obtained by combining a Five-Star Soccer Ball with a Sports Shoes Supply Skill. It's a pretty potent offensive weapon that is even handier because of the increase in movement speed from the Supply Skill. Handy when you need to dodge quickly.


Obtained from a Five-Star Lightning Emitter Weapon Skill and the Energy Cube Supply Skill. This EVO skill is proof Thor would survive the apocalypse. It's effective against both mobs and bosses and works in a wider range than most EVO skills.

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A Tier Skills


Combine a Five-Star Guardian Weapon Skill with an EX-Bracer Supply Skill to obtain this EVO skill. It's definitely not the most offensive option, but it is critical for putting some space between you and the mobs. This is a top-tier defensive choice when you need it.

Fuel Barrel

A Five-Star Molotov Weapon Skill and an Oil Bond Supply Skill combine to make the Fuel Barrel. Like the Inferno Bomb, it will leave fires on the ground that you can trap enemies into. What's holding it back is the lackluster Supply Skill needed to obtain it.

One Ton Iron

Simple, but effective. The One Ton Iron EVO skill can be obtained by combining the Five-Star Brick Weapon Skill with the Fitness Guide Supply Skill. It packs a punch, but it also has that little bit of a defensive edge from the HP Boost given by Supply Skill, which comes in handy at higher levels.

Sharkmaw Gun

This EVO Skill comes from the Five-Star RPG Weapon Skill combined with the HE Fuel Supply Skill. It's an effective projectile, but just not as much as the Supercell. The HE Fuel Supply Skill's Ammo and Weapon Range Bonus still make this EVO skill nothing to snuff at.

Thunderbolt Bomb

Combine a Five-Star Modular Mine with a Five-Star Lightning Emitter. Lightning only strikes once, which is why this EVO skill ranks lower than the Inferno Bomb. It's powerful but not as handy as a trap that leaves lingering fires to burn enemies to a crisp.

Whistling Arrow

A Five-Star Drill Shot Weapon Skill combined with an Ammo Thruster Supply Skill make this EVO skill. You'll feel like Yondu, directly pegging enemies and bosses from a distance to keep them at bay.

B Tier Skills


It's a Five-Star Durian combined with the HE Fuel Supply Skill. Effective, but the Sharkmaw Gun will do a better job for you. If you can't seem to get the RPG card to pop up, this can be an ok substitute.

Death Ray

To obtain this EVO skill combine a Five-Star Laser Launcher Weapon Skill with the Energy Cube Supply Skill. The cooldown bonus with this supply skill is very handy, but it's better used for the Supercell. No question.

Moonbow Slash

Combine a Five-Star Moonshade Slash Weapon Skill with the Ronin Oyoroi Supply Skill. This EVO can be effective, but really only when combined with the Katana or Light Chaser Weapons. Otherwise it doesn't stand out very well on it's own.

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C Tier Skills

Force Barrier

A Five-Star Forcefield Device Weapon Skill combined with an Energy Drink Supply Skill It's far too defensive to be handy. The healing from the Supply Skill isn't all that useful when you're in a real pickle. If you want to survive the apocalypse, you need to fight it.

Magnetic Rebounder

This EVO skill is obtained by combining the Five-Star Boomerang Skill with the Hi-Power Magnet Supply Skill. The draw distance the Supply Skill gives you isn't very good since you'll presumably be moving all around the field. It doesn't do nearly enough damage, either.

How do Skills work in

You'll start each level with no skills, but you'll obtain a new one each time you level up. To level up, collect the colored diamonds scattered on the ground from defeating enemies. The skills you can obtain each time will be randomly selected. You can choose between three different Weapon and Supply skills. Skills you have already obtained can also be randomly leveled up with each boss you defeat.

You can use up to six Weapon Skills and six Supply Skills at a time. A weapon can be leveled past level five into an EVO skill if you possess the right combination of Weapon Skill and Supply Skill. Usually this is a super souped-up weapon. Unless you choose to aim for a Force Barrier or Magnetic Rebounder, which we don't highly recommend that you do.

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