Teamfight Tactics Best TFT Imperial (Draven Carry) Team Comp Guide (Patch 9.15)

We're taking a look at the best build and team comp for Imperials in TFT!

Our TFT Best Imperial Team Comp provides the top build for this class/origin! Draven hard carries us to victory by slinging multiple blades at our opponent's units and utilizes some powerful items to dish out damage while gaining some survivability.

It feels like Draven has been carrying teams for a long time now and that trend continues in Patch 9.15. While he isn't the absolute terror he once was, he's able to continue his tradition of mopping up teams seemingly by himself with his multiple blades of terror.

Best Imperial Team Comp Build

  • Darius (Imperial/Knight)
    • Darius swings his axe, damaging nearby enemies and healing himself based off enemies hit.
  • Braum (Glacial/Guardian)
    • Braum gains a barrier that reduces incoming damage.
  • Katarina (Imperial/Assassin)
    • Katarina channels and fires daggers at a number of nearby enemies, dealing damage and reducing healing.
  • Draven (Imperial/Blademaster)
    • Draven gains bonus on-hit damage and Attack Speed. Stacks up to two times.
  • Leona (Noble/Guardian)
    • Leona calls down a solar ray that damages and slows enemies inside it. The enemy in the center is stunned.
  • Sejuani (Glacial/Knight)
    • Sejuani creates a large glacial storm, stunning enemies within it after a short delay.
  • Swain (Demon/Imperial)
    • Swain transforms, draining health from all nearby enemies. At the end of his transformation, Swain sends out a burst of energy dealing damage to nearby enemies.

Team Synergies

Here's a look at what synergies you'll be able to take advantage of when you complete your entire team.


Imperials deal Double Damage.

4: All Imperials


Attacks from Glacials have a chance to stun for 2s.

2: 20% Chance to Stun


2: At the start of combat, all adjacent allies receive +50 armor per stack. Guardians don't buff themselves.


All allies ignore damage.

2: 15 Damage Ignored


This build is all about protecting Draven as much as possible. So sandwich him in the back corner and place your more tanky (Guardians/Glacials) in the front.

Imperial/Guardian Build Guide

We're looking to get some powerful items onto our Draven, so we're looking for Bloodthirster which will help keep him alive. This item alone can basically help him solo a team because of all the health he'll regenerate with his big attacks. For that item, we'll need to look for B.F. Sword and Negatron Cloak. Another powerful item for Draven is the Rapid Firecannon, which not only gives him additional attack speed, but it also makes his attacks unavoidable plus doubles his attack range! That item is crazy good for him, so look for two Recurve Bows to create that. The final item we're looking for is an additional defensive item that will protect him from big critical hits. We've got two options, and what you decide on depends on which items you get and what teams you are facing. If you're going against magic damage based teams, then you'll want the Dragon's Claw (2x Negatron Cloaks). If they are physical based damage, then Phantom Dancer (Chain Vest + Recurve Bow) is the right choice.

Early game we just want to get some Knight synergy on the board. So grab Darius and Garen to match them together for some melee action. You can pair them with pretty much anybody you can 2-star early, you can't match up synergies very well in the early game. You can run some early Wild units like Warwick and Nidalee, you can also throw in some Brawlers.

You'll want to make sure as you level up and gain units that you only have 2 or 4 Imperial on the board. You are hoping that Draven gets targeted by the random Imperial buff, and if you have a third Imperial on the board, you have less of a chance for that to happen. So, hold off on putting the Katarina on the board until you find the late game Swain.

Late game we're looking to finish up the build. Swain is an important final piece of the build and gives us that last piece of Imperial we want. So, once you find him, whether it's on the carousel or in the shop, we can then swap out Garen and add Katarina.

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  1. This same build works great if you stack katarina. She will wipe out the entire team herself if you give her any combination of 3-4 tears and AP items.

      1. oh but never ever go with so much mana that kat starts the match full mana because for some reason they broke her this patch to where she doesnt jump while ulting or before ulting. Round starts, she ults standing in the middle of nowhere then walks to her death 🙁