Teamfight Tactics Best TFT Imperial (Draven Carry) Team Comp Guide (Patch 9.20)

We're taking a look at the best build and team comp for Imperials in TFT!

Our TFT Best Imperial Team Comp provides the top build for this class/origin! Draven hard carries us to victory by slinging multiple blades at our opponent's units and utilizes some powerful items to dish out damage while gaining some survivability.

Best Imperial Team Comp Build

Carries ~ Draven > Swain/Katarina

  • Draven ~ Guinsoo’s Rageblade / Bloodthrister / Runaan’s Hurricane. Draven can use a variety of items. You can also use various Attack Speed items on Draven in place of Runaan’s Hurricane or Guinsoo’s Rageblade. You can also use Last Whisper (BF sword + Recurve Bow) or Hand of Justice (Sparring Gloves + Tear of the Goddess) as alternatives. Deathblade (BF Sword + BF Sword) can also be used as a replacement damage item.
  • Swain ~ Morellonomicon / Guardian Angel / Dragon’s Claw. You can replace Dragon’s Claw with Warmog’s Armor / Thornmail depending on who you are fighting.
  • Katarina ~ Darkin or any mana item to enable her to get the ultimate off quickly. Jeweled Gauntlet / Morellonomicon or any Ability power works well for increasing her damage. You can also go defensive with Hextech Gunblade / Dragon’s Claw / Phantom Dancer on her.

Team Breakdown

  • Knights ~ Mordekaiser / Darius / Garen / Poppy / Sejuani / Kayle
  • Imperial ~ Darius / Katarina / Draven / Swain (Run 2 or 4 Imperials only!)

Until you find Swain you have two choices, either run 3 Blademaster + 4 Knights for Draven or go for 6 Knights (Spatula or Kayle) + Draven. Late game you can run 4 Knights, 3 Blademasters, and 2-4 Imperial.


Standard / Blademaster

Early Game 1-4

Collect any Knights you can find, an early Poppy or Spatula (Knight’s Vow) to run 4 Knights can be incredibly strong. If not, running 2 Knights + an Attack Damage Carry (Lucian / Tristana recommended) to hold Draven items. Any carry + 2 Knights works well.

Mid Game 5-6

Finding an early Draven can really set you up well for the mid game! Econ up and push for L7/8 to get the comp online. Collect Poppy & other knights. If you have found a lot of Darius / Garens / Mordekasiers it can be worth keeping them to try and 3*.

Late game 7-9

Finding Swain is the goal at this point! You can also get Kayle for 6 Knights / 3 Blademasters (requires Spatula). It can be worth picking up Swain from the carousel if you have every other component. You want to try and get Draven 2* at this point or your comp can struggle for damage. Swain 2* is when he really comes alive and can carry.

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  1. This same build works great if you stack katarina. She will wipe out the entire team herself if you give her any combination of 3-4 tears and AP items.

      1. oh but never ever go with so much mana that kat starts the match full mana because for some reason they broke her this patch to where she doesnt jump while ulting or before ulting. Round starts, she ults standing in the middle of nowhere then walks to her death 🙁