Teamfight Tactics Best TFT Ranger Team Comp Guide (Patch 9.17)

We're taking a look at the best Ranger team composition build that TFT has to offer!

Our Teamfight Tactics Best Ranger Team Comp goes over the top build for this class in TFT! Rangers get a chance to double their attack speed for three second with every attack they make. If you get all four Rangers on your board at once, you get a 65% chance on every hit!

This build seeks to combine the powerful Statikk Shiv with Ashe who can attack a whole lot and trigger the 100 splash damage that comes with the item. Getting that trigger not only deals extra damage, but also gives additional chances to freeze your opponent's units when you are running Glacials.

Best Rangers Team Comp

Carries ~ Ashe / Sejuani > Varus / Aatrox

  • Ashe ~ Statikk Shiv is still the first choice for Ashe. Ideally you want to run at least 1 Statikk Shiv after Guinsoo’s Rageblade / Rapid Firecannon / Spear of Shojin or picking up some more defense with Bloodthrister / Guardian Angel / Red Buff. With the increase to the attack speed cap, Guinsoo’s Rageblade is now more desirable on Ashe. The Ruunan’s Hurricane & Guinsoo’s Rageblade combo is incredibly effective on Ashe and allows her to really ramp up the damage!
  • Sejuani ~ Guardian Angel & Morellonomicon is what you are after. Guardian Angel means Sejuani is guaranteed to get off one Ult. After those 2 items you can give Sejuani more survivability with Warmog’s Armor / Thornmail or potentially any tear item so she can get the Ult off quicker.
  • Aatrox ~ Hextech Gunblade & Guardian Angel are the 2 staple items on Aatrox. Hextech Gunblade allows him to heal a great deal with every Ult, and Guardian Angel makes sure he gets off 1-2 Ults every round. You can also give him more survivability / ability power / mana. Dragon’s Claw can be effective if there is a lot of magic damage.
  • Varus ~ Ionic Spark is recommended, any AP items work well on Varus. Rabadon’s Deathcap / Morellonomicon can be quite effective. You can even go for additional mana with Spear of Shojin or Seraph’s Embrace to allow even more Ults.

Team Breakdown

  • Rangers ~ Ashe / Kindred / Vayne / Varus
  • Guardians ~ Braum / Leona / Pantheon
  • Others ~ Aatrox / Sejuani

The build has some flexibility in it. You can run 4 Rangers + 2 Guardians + Sejuani or just go for the classic Aatrox + Sejuani & 4 Rangers till you find yourself a Pantheon.


  • Corner Stack ~ Ashe/Vayne/Varus can all change position based on your threats. If there is no Blitzcrank, Ashe takes Vayne's spot. You can also move Aatrox around depending where the enemy team comps are. This is most effective against Assassin heavy teams.
  • Standard
  • Reversed

The idea is that you want to align Sejuani where she will deal the biggest stun hitting the enemy team’s carry + as many other units. Vayne is used to bait hooks & Guardians are used to provide as much value as they can. You can still spread them out if you need to.

Leveling Guide

Your looking for Knights/Nobles + ADC (All Damage Carry) opening. Mordekaiser / Garen / Darius + Tristana / Vayne / Lucian / Varus. If you manage to get an early 2* Varus it can be worth adding an additional Demon so he can get mana quickly. You ideally want to hit 2-4 Knights + 1-2 ADC’s or if you get Nobles then going 3 Nobles can work.

Mid Game 4-6

This is where you want to be collecting all the Rangers you can get. When they hit 2* you can include them into your comp. If you find a Leona you can run Guardians with her + Braum. This can give you a lot of mid game power if you have 2 Rangers + 2 Guardians.

Late Game 7-9

Continue to include units as you 2* them. If you have the majority of your comp at 2* you can then push for L8 to find Pantheon easier, you can then add Aatrox or potentially another T5 unit such as Swain.

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