Teamfight Tactics Best TFT Ranger Team Comp Guide (Patch 9.15b)

We're taking a look at the best Ranger team composition build that TFT has to offer!

Our Teamfight Tactics Best Ranger Team Comp goes over the top build for this class in TFT! Rangers get a chance to double their attack speed for three second with every attack they make. If you get all four Rangers on your board at once, you get a 65% chance on every hit!

This build seeks to combine the powerful Statikk Shiv with Ashe who can attack a whole lot and trigger the 100 splash damage that comes with the item. Getting that trigger not only deals extra damage, but also gives additional chances to freeze your opponent's units when you are running Glacials. Rangers have a lot of different comps, but this is one of the solid ones in the 9.15b patch.

Best Rangers Team Comp

  • Mordekaiser (Phantom/Knight)
    • Mordekaiser slams his mace in front him, dealing damage to two enemies in a line.
  • Vayne (Noble/Ranger)
    • Vayne deals bonus true damage every third attack based on the enemy's maximum health.
  • Braum (Glacial/Guardian)
    • Braum gains a barrier that reduces incoming damage.
  • Varus (Demon/Ranger)
    • Varus charges and fires an arrow, dealing damage to all enemies in a line.
  • Ashe (Glacial/Ranger)
    • Ashe fires an arrow that stuns and damages the farthest enemy. The stun is longer the farther the enemy.
  • Kindred (Phantom/Ranger)
    • Kindred creates a zone around herself that prevents allies from dying.
  • Leona (Noble/Guardian)
    • Leona calls down a solar ray that damages and slows enemies inside it. The enemy in the center is stunned.

Optional 8th Champion

  • Karthus (Phantom/Sorcerer)
    • Karthus deals damage to a number of random enemies after a long channel.
  • Kayle (Noble/Knight)
    • Kayle shields the weakest ally, making them immune to damage.

Team Synergies

Here's a look at what synergies you'll be able to take advantage of when you complete your entire team.

Phantom (2)

2: Curse a random enemy at the start of combat, setting their HP to 100

Glacial (2)

Attacks from Glacials have a chance to stun for 2s.

4: 20% Chance to Stun

Guardian (2)

2: At the start of combat, all adjacent allies receive +50 armor per stack. Guardians don't buff themselves.

Ranger (4)

Rangers have a chance to double their attack speed for the next 3s.

4: 65% Chance to Double Attack Speed


Mostly standard positioning, keep your Knights up front and your Rangers behind them. You can run a Zeke's Herald on Varus, so if you do that you'll need to lineup the units you want to receive the buff (Rangers).

Ranger/Glacial Build Guide

Early Game

We're mainly looking to get a couple of Statikk Shivs, so be on the look out for Recurve Bow and Tear of the Goddess. After that, it depends on what you are facing off against. If you are facing builds that do big critical hits, then you'll want to look for Chain Vest and Recurve Bow for the Phantom Dancer. If you are going against a lot of magic damage, keep an eye out for double Negatron Cloak to create Dragon's Claw.

Varus is generally your second item stack target, and he does well with on-hit items that can spread out the debuffs. So, you'll kind of want to play him like Tristana in Gunslinger builds. You can run Red Buff, Hush, or Sword Breaker. Rapid Firecannon is solid if you've got a lot of extra Recurve Bows. Zeke's Herald is another option, and will allow you to give additional attack speed to your Rangers.

In the early game, you can run a three Noble team with Garen, Fiora, and Vayne. You can also run some early Knights if you get a quick 2-star Mordekaiser. If you're running the Nobles, you can place your items on Fiora because we'll be getting rid of her pretty quickly.


In the mid-game, we should be working our way towards our Rangers, Knights, and Glacial buffs. Try to stack those early units as fast as possible, because we'll need to level up a bit to give us a chance to find the Kindred and Leona we're looking to obtain. If we can find a relatively early Kindred (maybe on the carousel), we can get the four stack Ranger buff.

Late Game

We're strongly looking to complete the build at this point, and we're looking for our potential eight unit. You can choose your eighth champion based on what's available and what you are going against. If you think you need more protection, then go with Kayle. If you want more damage, then go with Karthus. Try to 2-star our Kindred and Leona at this point, but don't bother looking for 3-star unless they are ridiculously available.

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