Teamfight Tactics (TFT) Best Brawler Team Comp Guide (Patch 9.20)

We're taking a look at the top team comp build for Brawlers in TFT!

Our TFT Best Brawler Team Comp goes over the top build for this Class in TFT! This comp has been updated for the 9.20 patch!

Best Brawler Team Comp

Carries ~ Jinx / Blitzcrank

  • Jinx ~ Last Whisper (Giant Slayer) / Guinsoo’s Rageblade / Hextech Gunblade. You can also run Runaan's Hurricane in place of Hextech Gunblade.
  • Blitzcrank ~ Ionic Spark. Create as many as you can to place on Blitzcrank, aiming for at least two.
  • Cho’Gath / Vi ~ Remaining items on either of these two. Morellonomicon works well on either of them. You can also put Frozen Hearts on VI and position her to use her ability on the enemy backline.

Team Breakdown

  • Brawlers ~ Rek’Sai / Cho'Gath / Blitzcrank / Warwick / Vi / Voli
  • Hextech ~ VI / Jinx / Jayce / Camile
  • Gunslingers ~ Tristana / Graves / Lucian / Gangplank / Jinx / Miss Fortune

The idea of this comp is to use Ionic Sparks to kill your opponent while your team stays alive for as long as possible! Jinx is there to provide additional damage with Gunslinger cleave & Last Whisper (Giant Slayer). 2 Iconic Sparks is really required for this comp to excel.


4 by 2 / Double Line

Early Game 1-4

Keep any Brawlers you find. You can also pick up Tristana & Lucian for your Gunslingers. Tristana makes a perfect item holder. For Jinx & Lucian, you can give them any on-hit items you happen to find. You can start this comp very early. If you have trouble finding some Brawlers use some Knights until you find them. You can potentially use Rek’Sai as Ionic Spark holder until you get Blitzcrank.

Mid Game 5-6

Keep collecting Brawlers & run Brawlers + 2 Gunslingers at this point. If you have Vi you can run another Hextech unit to give you the bonus. It can be worth swapping in Jinx 1* depending on how your comp is setup.

Late Game 7-9

Keep an eye on positioning and try to make sure your Vi can get to the enemy backline, and that you are not losing Jinx to Assassins too quickly. You can also replace Lucian with Miss Fortune at this point, try to 2* her before including her in. If you have a lot of issues with Assassins, consider putting more Brawlers on your backline to soak up damage.

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  1. This build is exceptional.
    The comp is great and flexible.
    Sometimes you can even fit in a Jinx for carry and Hextech buff.