Teamfight Tactics (TFT) Best Elementalist Team Comp Guide

We're taking a look at the currently most powerful team comp with Elementalists in TFT!

Our Teamfight Tactics Best Elementalist Team Comp goes over the top build for this class in TFT! Elementalists can be paired with many other synergies to create very powerful squads. If you've got three Elementalists on your team, you'll get a huge Golem that has a ton of HP and can act as a big tank while the rest of your units dish out the damage!

You only need three Elementalists to get yourself a Golem that has a lot of health and will tank some damage for the rest of your team. This means, however, that Elementalist needs to be paired with additional team synergy. The Elementalist buff is so good, that you can pair it with multiple different types of classes and origins.

Best Elementalist Team Comp

  • Vayne
  • Varus
  • Lissandra
  • Ashe
  • Kindred
  • Sejuani
  • Brand
  • Anivia

If you put together this whole team, you'll get 65% Chance to Double Attack Speed, a Summoned Golem, 30% Chance to Stun, and 40% Chance to Mana Burn!


Early on you will be running more of a Noble based comp, so just stick your Garen and Fiora in the front to protect Vayne. Later in the game, you are going to be lacking tanks, but Sejuani and your Golem should make up for that once you can complete your Elementalist synergy.

Elementalist/Glacial/Rangers Team Comp Guide

Early Game

We're looking for main B.F. Swords and Tear of the Goddess for this build, because we want Spear of Sho'jin for our Ashe and Brand. Alternatively, we can look for Needlessly Large Rod and Recurve Bow for Guinsoo's Rageblade that will go on our Brand, and if you get a couple of spears on Ashe, we can add a Rapid Firecannon to her which will set you back a couple of recurves. If you have some extra rods, you can combine those for a Rabadon's Deahtcap that fits nicely on Brand.

As I mentioned above, Ashe and Brand are our item carries, but we won't get them until later in the game. For now, we can look to run an early Noble comp with Garen, Fiora, and Vayne. You can stack those early items on your Fiora, because she's effective with Spear of Sho'jin and we'll be selling her later.

Be on the look out for Varus and Lissandra in the early stages, we are likely to see them come up once in a while.


Once we're getting into the middle of the game, you'll want to start looking hard for Ashe. If we're lucky, we'll find ourselves a Kennen, and if we're even more lucky then we'll find an early Brand. If we can get the Lissandra, Kennen, and Brand combo on the board, then we can get our Golem pretty early which should help carry us into the later rounds.

Late Game

We should be well on our way to some 2-star higher tier units at this point, and hopefully we've been able to 3-star some of the early game ones. Now we're looking for Anivia, as well as 2-Star Sejuani and Brand. It's usually very unlikely that you'll be able to 3-star anything above 4-cost unless the game goes on forever. If you have the room on your bench and no one else is using your build then some of them might be worth saving. Once you find that Anivia, get rid of the Kennen. You'll also likely find the Kindred during this time which will finish up the final buff for your Ranger synergy.

Alternative Builds

Elementalist is a relatively small class, so you're going to need to combine it with other synergies. These are some of the other builds you can head towards if the one above isn't looking open to you.


  • Lissandra
  • Zed
  • Shen
  • Kennen
  • Katarina
  • Draven
  • Akali
  • Anivia

With the Elementalist and Ninja build, you can run Assassins early on to lead into the mid-game (Khazix, Pyke, and Zed). Into the mid-game, you should be able to host four Ninjas and three Elementalists on the board to get the main build going. Brand functions as your third Elementalist to temporarily get you to the late game Anivia. Both Draven and Akali act as your main item carries.

Item wise, you'll want to focus on finding Recurve Bows to create a Guinsoo's Rageblade and a Rapid Firecannon. B.F. Sword is also a good pick, if you find a couple of those you can put together an Infinity Edge.

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