Teamfight Tactics (TFT) Best Glacial Team Comp Guide

We're taking a look at the best Glacial team comp in TFT!

Our Teamfight Tactics Best Glacial Team Comp goes over the top build for this Origin in TFT! If you want to lockdown your opponent's board, then Glacial teams are going to be one of the best options for that.

Glacial is an interesting Origin because when paired with some of the units, it can very easily stun and keep at bay some of those high damage team comps. Not only do you have the Glacial buff itself that has a possibility of stun, you also have Ashe and Sejuani who have active abilities that can keep your opponent locked down as well. Ashe can be your carry, and if you manage to get two Spears of Sho'jin onto her, then she will start firing off her ability quite quickly!

Best Glacial Team Comp

  • Mordekaiser
  • Vayne
  • Varus
  • Ashe
  • Volibear
  • Kindred
  • Sejuani
  • Aniva

You'll be running an early Noble build to get yourself out of the early game. Vayne and Ashe are going to be your carry units. If you think it's going to be a struggle to get a 3-star Ashe (other players are looking to build the same comp), then start to stack your items on Vayne who is far easier to 3-star. Ashe is the most ideal, because if you are able to stack the double Spear of Sho'jin on her, you will continually be able to freeze enemy minions with her ultimate.


This is a rather simple build to position, keep your high health units like Volibear and Sejuani in the front, and keep your high damage characters in the back. The general left side corner positioning works best, so you can surround you damage dealers and keep them away from Assassins.

Glacial/Rangers Team Comp Guide

Early Game

This build starts to take shape in the mid to late game, so until then we're just looking to manage and not lose too badly. We can go for an early three Nobles that should carry us well into the late game. Both Garen and Fiora work well for this early composition. Item wise, we're going to be building Spear of Sho'jins, so we'll want to look for B.F. Swords. We're also targeting Recurve Bows to combine together to create a Rapid Firecannon. You can place your items on either Garen or Fiora early on, because we'll be selling them off as we start to shape our build.

Keep an eye out for Mordekaisers in the early game. We might not want to use him because he won't work to give us the Noble buff we're looking to maintain in some of the early levels, but we'll need him later. If you find a Varus early on and have the Vayne, then you might find it worthwhile to level up to 4 early on to get the Ranger buff.

The items you find throughout the game will largely determine which unit you decide to stack. If you get a lot of Recurve Bows and Needlessly Large Rods, then you should stack on Vayne. If you find more B.F. Swords, then Ashe is the better option because of the Spear of Sho'jins.


As we head into the mid-game, we start to look for Ashe who will likely be our main damage dealer and target for the item stack. We'll also want to start looking to upgrade our Vayne and Varus, and keep an eye out for any Volibear. You can start to make the transition over to the more full build once you have the units for the Glacial buff. It's even better if you can land an early Sejuani because you'll be able to take advantage of the Knight buff with Mordekaiser.

Only level up if you have a slot you can fill that will give you a synergy, or you've 3-starred your low level units. Once you start leveling up, you'll more rarely see any of the 1-star units, which will make it harder to upgrade them in the late game. However, leveling up increases your chances of finding a Sejuani, Kindred, and Anivia early on.

Late Game

You'll want to really start rolling to upgrade your units now. If you've got your Sejuani and Kindred to 2-star, then you are likely not going to get much further with these. Look for that Anivia who will complete the four unit requirement to upgrade to the tier 2 Glacial buff. If you end up getting an additional level, feel free to throw out a Cho'gath on the board who is a great last option for its AOE.

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