Teamfight Tactics Best TFT Gunslinger Team Comp Guide (Patch 9.16b)

We're taking a look at the top build for Gunslingers in TFT!

Our Teamfight Tactics Best Gunslinger Team Comp goes over the top build for this class in TFT! Builds that prioritize this class are still going strong in the 9.15 patch, and just require a bit of help from Blademasters to get some extra DPS in.

Gunslingers have been hanging around the meta for a while now in TFT. They've been nerfed a few times, but continue to be a worthwhile team to build towards. The current best build focuses on combining synergies with Blademasters! There are a lot of variants of this build, so read the guide carefully.

Best Gunslinger Team Comp

Carries ~ Jinx / Draven > Aatrox / Gangplank / Yasuo / Swain / Miss Fortune

  • Jinx ~ Hextech Gunblade (good when she hits 2 kills) or Bloodthirster (good to ramp up to 2 kills) Rapid Firecannon / Runaan’s Hurricane / Guinsoo’s Rageblade / Infinity Edge. You can potentially give Jinx Red Buff / Hush / Cursed Blade to spread status effects. Pro tip: put Jinx inline with your high dps melee Blademaster so they both attack at the same target enabling a quick kill. Aatrox+Jinx is my favorite combo for this!
  • Draven ~ Bloodthirster / Guinsoo’s Rageblade / Rapid Firecannon / Runaan’s Hurricane / Infinity Edge. Hurricane bolts can proc Blademaster so it makes it a very effective item choice on Draven with 3 Blademasters. You can also run Phantom Dancer / Dragon’s Claw for some defensive-ness but these builds are more about blowing everyone up then longevity.
  • Gangplank ~ Guardian Angels & Red Buff/Morellonomicon (only 1) as now they deal the same amount of damage. The idea is pretty simple, GP gets insane barrels off and carries your team with Red Buff or Morellonomicon spread (these do not stack). Any other on-hit items work well and potentially turning him into a Sorcerer. Hush/Cursed Blade etc.
  • Miss Fortune ~ Generally, she is your backup on-hit applier and if your just running 2 Gunslingers give her the on-hits. Morellonomicon can be very effective with her ult. Knights ruin Miss Fortune’s day so be weary.

The basic concept of the build is run 2-4 Gunslingers and 3-6 Blademasters. You ideally want to Blademaster a Gunslinger with Jinx being the primary Blademaster recipient.

Team Breakdown

  • Gunslingers ~ Tristana / Graves / Lucian / Gangplank / Jinx / Miss Fortune
  • Blademaster ~ Fiora / Camile / Shen / Aatrox / Gangplank / Draven / Yasuo
  • Imperial ~ Darius / Katarina / Draven / Swain (Pick 1+ Draven or all 4 never 3)

As you can see some of these builds are very easy to hit. After that point you can switch up to have better units or you can add some additional frontline (Brawlers / Knights / CC units).
The main goal of nearly all of these builds is to enable Jinx/Draven. After that it’s about putting out so much DPS nobody is left standing for very long. It’s one of the reasons Hextech is very important, because it can disable items while the rest of your team is destroying the enemy.


  • 2 Gunslingers - 6 Blademasters - 2 Hextech/2 Imperials or Shen + Miss Fortune & No Imperials
  • 4 Gunslingers - 3 Blademasters - 2 Hextech
  • 6 Gunslingers - 2 Hextech

Align Jinx + a heavy hitter to enable 1 quick kill. I personally like Jinx + Aatrox.

Outside of that put your least valuable DPS on the outskirts to protect your main carry units (Jinx/Draven). Then frontline whoever can take a hit! Most important thing is to spread out items so they don't all get hexteched! Can be worth putting 1 dummy item on someone for Hextech bait.

Leveling Guide

You are looking for Gunslingers + a frontline. Unless you can Spatula a Blademaster I would not recommend early Blademasters unless high rolled, because they tend to be squishy.
Graves with a Rapid Firecannon is very effective as a early-to-mid game carry. Try to pair him up with an additional Gunslinger and a frontline. Frontline Brawlers or Knights work well. Picking up a Darius for Draven is recommended. Shen can be useful for an early tank-Blademaster.

Mid game 5-6

At this point you should have fleshed out your comp a bit and roughly have an idea of how many Gunslingers & Blademasters you want to run. If you have Gangplank as a major source of damage, placing Guardian Angel on him can really help him excell at this point. Aatrox is also a very good mid-game carry because of the AOE damage you can also provide him with a Demon bonus in the short term. If you find an early Yasuo it is recommended to place him in at 1*, because at the very least he is a very tanky L1 unit. Graves starts falling off here unless you have invested heavily into him so look to replace him with a better Gunslinger.

Late game 7-9

You should be looking to 2* your carry at this point if you haven’t already. Keep an eye on your synergies and make sure your hitting the correct breakpoints 2-4 Gunslingers, 3-6 Blademasters, 2-4 Imperials and adjust accordingly. After hitting 2* on the majority of your champions go up to L8 to find Yasuo/Swain/Miss Fortune 2*. Keep an eye on positioning of the enemy CC to deny them big value ults on your primary carry.

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  1. Honestly I took this strategy and instead of Cho and Sejuani I went with Leona and Braum for a killer Guardian buff over my units. Also, if you get extra recurve/negatron put it on Lucian for added debuffs. Its OP.