Teamfight Tactics (TFT) Best Nobles Team Comp Guide (9.16b)

We're taking a look at the top team comp for Nobles in TFT!

Our Teamfight Tactics Best Nobles Team Comp goes over the top build for this Origin in TFT! If you'd like to run a more defensive build that can take a beating, then Nobles will help protect your champions with additional armor from their buff.

Noble team builds can vary quite a bit currently, so be sure to read the full guide for all of your options.

Best Nobles Team Comp

Carries ~ Jinx / Draven > Gangplank / Swain / Kayle.

  • Jinx/Draven ~ Both want to boost their already impressive dps! Looking for Attack Speed & Damage items. Guinsoo / Spatula Blademaster (for Jinx) / Rapid Firecannon / Runaan’s Hurricane / Bloodthirster or Hextech Gunblade (for Jinx) for extra survivability / Infinity Edge any Attack Speed or Damage item works! Nobles provide them with a defensive buff so generally stacking damage works well. A lifesteal item works well if your frontline is not very tanky.
  • Gangplank ~ Guardian Angels & Red Buff or Morellonomicon (only 1) as now they deal the same amount of damage. The idea is pretty simple, GP gets insane barrels off and carries your team with Red Buff or Morellonomicon spread. Any other on-hit items work well and potentially turning him into a Sorcerer (Hush/Cursed Blade etc.). With the Nobles buff, GP doesn't require Guardian Angel as much but it still can make sure he is able to Ult at least once.
  • Swain ~ Guardian Angel + Morellonomicon, after that you can place any Ability Power / Mana / Attack Speed / Health item you want on him. Generally, i keep it just to Guardian Angels + Morellonomicon. Guardian Angel lets him revive & now cleanses bad stuff which will make sure he gets an Ult off. Ideally you want 2* Swain before you tag him in.
  • Kayle ~ Spear of Shojin + survivability or attack speed. The idea is to get as many ults off as possible. Kayle really only gets stack-able levels at 2* when she can ult 2 targets.
  • Vayne ~ While it’s not listed above it can work quite well, specifically vs. other Noble comps. The idea is Runaan’s Hurricane + Red Buff with true damage, this has enabled me to beat other Noble comps that were better developed than mine! 3rd item can be any Attack Speed item or another Hurricane. Guinsoo / Rapid Firecannon is my choice.

Team Breakdown

  • Noble ~ Garen / Fiora / Vayne / Lucian / Leona / Kayle
  • Carries ~ Gangplank / Jinx / Draven / Swain

Other carry units are available but i believe 2 of the above 4 give you the best chance of winning. You can include Yasuo and potentially replace Gangplank later on just make sure Yasuo is 2*.

How Do I Nobles 6?

The hardest part of this build is arguably finding a Kayle, so how do we Nobles!? Well, that is simple! You don't plan to Nobles every game but what you do is collect the T1 Nobles as you go. It means your potentially losing 9g, but it enables you to be ready to roll with them.

So what I do is as the game progresses I just keep the Noble units I find and this enables me to switch when I find Kayle with 2-3* star T1/2 Nobles!


  • 2 by 4/Draven Version ~ My standard Noble positioning it avoids Hextech and everything is nicely spread out.
  • 5 Backline ~ I use this if my Swain isn't ready for the big leagues and frontline protection.

With Nobles you want to use Garen & Fiora as the sideline tanks & Vayne/Lucian as the Hook/Assassin bait. With your carry units in the center with Leona up front. Leona goes in the center-frontline as she is the tankiest and will keep your carries alive the longest.

Leveling Guide

Ideally you are looking for Nobles early. Even if you don’t use them early game make sure to collect and leave them on your bench. Outside of Fiora/Vayne/Garen/Lucian openers you’ll be looking for any Knights & Attack Damage Carry. Red Buff / Morellonomicon and Luden’s Echo are all very effective early game and fit in nicely to endgame Nobles. Red Buff/Luden’s Lucian is very strong.

Mid Game 5-6

You want to still be collecting Noble units. If you can find a Leona at this stage pick up a Braum to enable Guardians in the short term to give you some survivability increases. If you happen to RNG find a Kayle at L6 it can be worth waiting till you are L7 before putting in Nobles as they can struggle at L6 without a primary carry. If, however, the majority of your Nobles are 2* then it can be worth doing. You will want to decide who your primary carry is at this point. Collecting Jinx/Draven/Gangplank and deciding when you 2* one is an effective choice.

Late Game 7-9

Hopefully you have found your Kayle by L7 if not going to L8 increases your chance to find one pretty dramatically. At this point you should have your carry leveled to 2* and then be looking for the T5 units. 2* Kayle is very strong with Yasuo/Swain potentially to be added. Make sure you keep an eye on positioning as heavy CC teams will be looking to crowd control your carry.

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