Teamfight Tactics (TFT) Best Team Comps & Builds (9.20)

We're taking a look at the best team comps for Teamfight Tactics!

Our TFT Best Team Comps Guide will walk you through some of the current best meta builds in the game! This post takes a look at some of the top performing comps that have been successful in the current patch for Teamfight Tactics. It goes over the specific units you will need, as well as some key items that will help make the build perform its best!

Update: The 9.20 patch is now available!

Best TFT Team Comps & Builds

While we try to bring you the best team comps, these aren't always guaranteed to win you the game. You won't always be able to upgrade your champions quickly enough, and some builds require specific items to thrive.

Builds were written by Veshzan. Check out his stream here!

9.20 Builds

Brawler/Gunslinger/Hextech (Anti-Meta)

Carries ~ Jinx / Blitzcrank

  • Jinx ~ Last Whisper (Giant Slayer) / Guinsoo’s Rageblade / Hextech Gunblade. You can also run Runaan's Hurricane in place of Hextech Gunblade.
  • Blitzcrank ~ Ionic Spark. Create as many as you can to place on Blitzcrank, aiming for at least two.
  • Cho’Gath / Vi ~ Remaining items on either of these two. Morellonomicon works well on either of them. You can also put Frozen Hearts on VI and position her to use her ability on the enemy backline.

Team Breakdown

  • Brawlers ~ Rek’Sai / Cho'Gath / Blitzcrank / Warwick / Vi / Voli
  • Hextech ~ VI / Jinx / Jayce / Camile
  • Gunslingers ~ Tristana / Graves / Lucian / Gangplank / Jinx / Miss Fortune

The idea of this comp is to use Ionic Sparks to kill your opponent while your team stays alive for as long as possible! Jinx is there to provide additional damage with Gunslinger cleave & Last Whisper (Giant Slayer). 2 Iconic Sparks is really required for this comp to excel.


4 by 2 / Double Line

For more details on leveling this build, check out our full Brawler guide here.

Ninja/Elementalist/Assassin or Ninja/Assassin


Carries ~ Akali > Kennen

  • Akali ~ You have a choice between more offensive or defensive power Akali. The offensive choice is Infinity Edge + Hextech Gunblade + Guinsoo Rageblade or Seraph’s Embrace this will give her 50% crit (with Assassin 3) making her ability and auto-attacks crit every other hit! The defensive option is Dragon’s Claw + Phantom Dancer + Seraph’s Embrace, this will allow your Akali to stay alive longer. You can potentially run Quicksilver (Sparring Glove + Negatron Cloak) to provide CC prevention but this would be vs high CC teams.
  • Kennen ~ Morellonomicon & Guardian Angel. Outside of that the 3rd item has flexibility. If you are going for Assassin 6 then Ghostblade (Spatula+BF Sword) will take the last spot.
  • Zed ~ Any additional items can be given to Zed, you're looking for any item with Attack damage or Attack speed.

Assassin 6 vs. Elementalist 3

Start with going towards Ninja 4/Assassin 3/Elementalist 3. If you get a Spatula early-to-mid game, you can build towards Assassin 6. This is when you want to switch up from there. Be advised with the recent changes to Rapidfire Cannon you may run into Phantom Dancers a lot more and it can be worth going Elementalists as a result.


  • Ninja ~ Zed / Shen / Kennen / Akali (1 or 4 Ninja only)
  • Elementalist ~ Liss / Kennen / Brand (Replace one with Anivia when you get her)
  • Assassin ~ Zed / Akali & Pick 1 Between: Kai’sa/Eve/Rengar/Pyke (Pyke recommended)

Pyke gives you some CC which can greatly benefit your team! At L8 you can add Sejuani / Gnar / Cho’Gath for some more CC or an additional Assassin for more damage.



  • Assassin ~ Zed / Akali & then Pick 3-4 others: Eve / Rengar / Kha / Pyke / Kat / Kennen (Spatula) / Kai’sa.
  • Ninja ~ Zed / Shen / Kennen / Akali (1 or 4 Ninja only)

With a Spatula (Ghostblade) for Kennen you can do this build at L7, if not it will require L8 for the 6 Assassins.


You can adjust the positioning of Shen to try maximize movement of the enemy team. You will also want to check Assassin positioning and adjust them accordingly after they leap. Make sure there is no body blocking from your own team and they're all going where they should be!

For more details on leveling this build, check out our full Assassin guide here.

Wild/Brawler/Assassin/Void (High Roll Comp)

Carries ~ Kai’Sa > Cho’gath

  • Kai’Sa ~ Last Whisper / Guinsoo’s Rageblade / Runaan's Hurricane / Infinity Edge are all good choices for damage. If you want more survivability then Phantom Dancer / Dragon’s Claw are very effective on her! You can also go with a Guardian Angel.
  • Cho’Gath ~ Morellonomicon / Guardian Angel / Ionic Sparks are all good choices for Cho’Gath. You can potentially go for tanky Cho with Warmog’s Armor / Thornmail but those items can be more useful on other champions (Gnar or Rengar).

Team Breakdown

  • Brawlers ~ Reksai / Cho'Gath / Blitzcrank / Warwick / Voli / Vi
  • Wild ~ Warick / Nidalee / Ahri / Rengar / Gnar
  • Void ~ Rek’sai / Cho'Gath / Kha.
  • Assassin ~ Kha’zix / Pyke / Zed / Rengar / Evelyn / Akali / Katarina

This comp really comes alive after you 2* Kai’Sa. You can potentially add an additional Ranger for the bonus for Kai’Sa or a Brawler at L9 or if you get a Force of Nature.


Standard Backline

Early Game 1-4

Pick up any Brawlers as you find them and use them. Pick up Nidalee to enable the Wild bonus with Warwick. You can also pick up any Attack Damage Carry and use them as your item holder until you get Kai’Sa. You can potentially run 2 Rangers + 4 Brawlers instead of Wild.

Mid Game 5-6

Try to econ up so you can push to L8 to find Kai’Sa easier. If you find Gnar early you can potentially run 4 Wilds and put some items on Rengar and use him until you find Kai’Sa. Be sure to have a spare Rengar for when you will need to sell him to retrieve your items. If you keep Kassadin you can potentially run 4 Voids at this point.

Late game 7-9

Push to L8 to find Kai’Sa, it can be worth picking her up on a carousel. Try to 2* her as soon as you can as she is very effective at 2*. Collect Cho’Gaths and Gnars to get them to 2* to enable them as well. Keep an eye on where your Assassins are jumping and move accordingly.


Carries ~ Draven > Swain/Katarina

  • Draven ~ Guinsoo’s Rageblade / Bloodthrister / Runaan’s Hurricane. Draven can use a variety of items. You can also use various Attack Speed items on Draven in place of Runaan’s Hurricane or Guinsoo’s Rageblade. You can also use Last Whisper (BF sword + Recurve Bow) or Hand of Justice (Sparring Gloves + Tear of the Goddess) as alternatives. Deathblade (BF Sword + BF Sword) can also be used as a replacement damage item.
  • Swain ~ Morellonomicon / Guardian Angel / Dragon’s Claw. You can replace Dragon’s Claw with Warmog’s Armor / Thornmail depending on who you are fighting.
  • Katarina ~ Darkin or any mana item to enable her to get the ultimate off quickly. Jeweled Gauntlet / Morellonomicon or any Ability power works well for increasing her damage. You can also go defensive with Hextech Gunblade / Dragon’s Claw / Phantom Dancer on her.

Team Breakdown

  • Knights ~ Mordekaiser / Darius / Garen / Poppy / Sejuani / Kayle
  • Imperial ~ Darius / Katarina / Draven / Swain (Run 2 or 4 Imperials only!)

Until you find Swain you have two choices, either run 3 Blademaster + 4 Knights for Draven or go for 6 Knights (Spatula or Kayle) + Draven. Late game you can run 4 Knights, 3 Blademasters, and 2-4 Imperial.


Standard / Blademaster

For more details on leveling this build, check out our full Imperials guide here.


Carries ~ Aurelion Sol > Pantheon

  • Aurelion Sol ~ Rabadon’s Deathcap / Rapidfire Cannon / Spear of Shojin / Jeweled Gauntlet / Morellonomicon / Guinsoo’s Rageblade. There are a lot of choices for Aurelion Sol. If there are a lot of Phantom Dancers avoid Jeweled Gauntlets. If you find your opponents are Dragon heavy, then Guinsoo and Morellonomicon are very effective.
  • Pantheon ~ Yummi (Spatula) after that you can either go for support Pantheon with Redemption & Guardian Angel / Frozen Heart or you can go for tanky Pantheon with Warmog’s Armor & Thornmail which is very effective against heavy physical teams.
  • Karthus ~ Any remaining Ability Power / Mana / Attack speed items can go on Karthus.

Team Breakdown

  • Dragons ~ Pantheon / Aurelion Sol / Shyvana
  • Knights ~ Mordekaiser / Darius / Garen / Poppy / Sejuani / Kayle
  • Sorcerer ~ Ahri / Kassadin / Twisted Fate / Lulu / Morgana / Veigar / Aurelion Sol / Karthus
  • Guardians ~ Pantheon / Leona / Braum
  • Phantom ~ Mordekaiser / Kindred / Karthus


Pyramid / Anti-Assassin (RFC required)

Early Game 1-4

Pick up Knights as you go and any damage you can 2* early on. If you find Twisted Fate, Ahri, or Lulu and manage to 2* them you can use Sorc + Knights early on. If you find yourself with an early Yuumi (Spatula) make Varus a Sorc and use him as an item holder until you find someone better.

Mid Game 5-6

Econ up and try to push for L8 as soon as possible. If you find an early Leona it can be worth including Guardians for the additional armor unless your vs a lot of magical damage teams. If you find a Kindred it can be worth using her if you have a free spot to enable Phantom with Mordekasier.

Late game 7-9

Push to L8 and start looking for your 5* units. Ideally you want to 2* them before including them in your comp but it can be worth adding as a 1*. Try to position Aurelion Sol where it will do the most impactful Ults. It can be worth picking up Pantheon/Karthus/kayle from the carousel if you need them!


Carries ~ Aurelion Sol / Aatrox

  • Aurelion Sol ~ Rabadon’s Deathcap / Rapidfire Cannon / Spear of Shojin / Jeweled Gauntlet / Morellonomicon / Guinsoo’s Rageblade / Darkin (Spatula). There are a lot of choices for Aurelion Sol. If there are a lot of Phantom Dancers avoid Jeweled Gauntlets. If you find your opponents are Dragon heavy, then Guinsoo and Morellonomicon are very effective.
  • Aatrox ~ Guardian Angel / Dragon’s Claw / Hextech Gunblade. You can potentially run Yuumi’s (Spatula) if you want to get the build online at L7 and Aatrox benefits from the extra mana.

Team Breakdown

  • Sorcerer ~ Ahri / Kassadin / Twisted Fate / Lulu / Morgana / Veigar / Aurelion Sol / Karthus
  • Demons ~ Elise / Varus / Evelyn / Aatrox / Morgana / Brand / Swain
  • Guardian ~ Braum / Leona / Pantheon
  • Dragon ~ Pantheon / Aurelion Sol / Shyvana


For more details on leveling this build, check out our full Demons guide here.

General/Older Builds

These might still work, but haven't been fully tested in the 9.20 meta.

Knights (Hyper Roll)

Carries ~ Vayne > Sejuani / Poppy / Kindred

  • Vayne ~ Guinsoo’s Rageblade / Ruunan’s Hurricane / Last Whisper (Giant Slayer). These are the best 3 items for Vayne, and they allow her to put out a ridiculous amount of true damage with her passive + Last Whisper (Giant Slayer).
  • Sejuani ~ Morellonomicon / Guardian Angel. This is to guarantee that Sejuani gets her ability off.
  • Kindred ~ Knight’s Vow / Hush / Red Buff. Any status effect item works very well with Kindred. You can give her some additional mana if you find her ability is not being very effective.

Team Breakdown

  • Knights ~ Darius / Garen / Mordekaiser / Poppy / Sejuani / Kayle / Kindred (Spatula)
  • Rangers ~ Kindred / Vayne

The goal of this is to roll for 3* T1 units and to hit several of them to give you a big power spike then push to find Kindred and get 6 Knights + 2 Rangers + Phantom. To hit 6 Knights without going to L8 you will need to find a Spatula to make a Knight’s Vow for Kindred.

The basic strategy of this build is to save gold until your about to hit L5 (around krugs 3-1 or 3-2), so L4 and 2xp short of leveling. Rolling on L4 gives you the best chance at getting T1 units so that is the goal!


Spread Out / Double Line

Early Game 1-4

Pick up any Knights you can, and do not buy experience!!! Also, grab all the Vaynes that you can. You can find additional Noble and run Knights-Noble for a very effective early game.
If you find you do not have at least 2 2* units at Krug, I recommend that you roll a couple of times and get at least two 2* units to be able to kill Krugs. Make sure you stack on the single Krug!

Mid Game 5-6

At this point you will want to keep rolling to find Vayne 3* and at least two of the T1 Knights to 3*. You can save up your gold and roll just before L6 or you can just roll it away as you go (depending on how much you need the power). After that push to L7, if you find an early Kindred buy her and place her on your team to give you Phantom.

Late Game 7-9

You will want to be looking out for Sejuani / Poppy / Kindred and finishing up any T1’s to 3*. You can potentially add Kayle to your comp, but ideally want to get her to 2* before doing so.


Carries ~ Akali > Rengar/Pyke/Gnar

  • Akali ~ Seraph’s Embrace / Hextech Gunblade / Infinite Edge or Hextech Gunblade / Infinite Edge / Phantom Dancer or Dragon’s Claw are the two choices for Akali. One is more based around her ability the other with auto-attacks. Both deal incredible amounts of damage! Phantom Dancer can lose some of its effectiveness with all the Wild 4 comps running about.
  • Rengar ~ Bloodthrister / Infinity Edge / Guardian Angel are now the standard go to items on Rengar.
  • Gnar ~ Survivability / Attack Speed items is what Gnar is after. Anything left over can go on him: Warmog’s Armor / Guinsoo’s Rageblade / Statikk Shiv are all solid choices. You can potentially give him Titanic Hydra for when he transforms!
  • Pyke ~ Frozen Heart / Morellonomicon. You can potentially give him Spear of Shojin but there are better uses for the B.F. Swords in this team comp.

Team Breakdown

  • Wild ~ Warwick / Nidalee / Ahri / Rengar / Gnar
  • Assassin ~ Kha’zix / Pyke / Zed / Rengar / Evelyn / Akali / Katarina
  • Shapeshifters ~ Elise / Nidalee / Jayce / Shyvana / Gnar / Swain
  • Hextech ~ Jayce / VI / Jinx / Camile

This build uses Akali / Rengar / Pyke primarily for Assassin 3. Warwick / Nidalee / Rengar / Gnar for Wild 4 and Jayce / Nidalee / Gnar for Shapeshifter 3 and adding Vi at L8 for Hextech. There is a lot of flexibility here, and you can use Ahri to replace Warwick or Gnar to enable Wild 4. You can switch Jayce with other Shapeshifters like Swain or Shyvana, and then either adding Pantheon/Aurelion Sol for Dragon with Shyvana or Draven/Katarina for Imperial for Swain.


Early Game 1-4

Shapeshifters / Wild is what you are looking for early game with the potential to go Assassin 3 if you find them instead. Nidalee / Warwick / Jayce will be what you want to pick up for your build and you can throw in Elise to get 3 Shapeshifters. You can also use Zed early and have him be your item holder until you get Rengar or Akali 2*. If you happen to find a lot of Zeds, you can use him in place of Akali.

Mid Game 5-6

Try to hit Assassin 3 or Shapeshifters 3 at this point and then build up from there aiming for 2* on those units. You can potentially go for Vi + Warwick as your Brawler frontline if your having trouble finding the other pieces of the comp.

Late Game 7-9

Ideally you want to push on to L8 to include Vi for Hextech. Rolling at L7 to find Akali and getting most of your build 2* then pushing for L8 is recommended. If you find Swain 2* you can replace him with Jayce in this build (Guardian Angel + Morellonomicon ) for Swain’s best item choices + add an Imperial of your choice. Make sure your positioning at this point is ideal with your non-Assassin units being the furthest away from the enemy & make sure your Assassin doesn’t clump up and deny them all from attacking.

3 Shapeshifters, 3 Sorcerers, 2 Guardians

Carries ~ Shyvana / Aurelion Sol / Gnar / Swain

  • Shyvana ~ Two build paths for Shyvana with Warmog’s Armor / Hextech Gunblade / Thornmail or Warmog’s Armor / Guardian Angel / Guinsoo’s Rageblade. Both builds have their merits, Hextech Gunblade can suffer vs healing reduction effects but is very effective against physical because of Thornmail. Guinsoo’s Rageblade can put out a lot more dps but it is more fragile without as much self-healing via Hextech Gunblade.
  • Gnar ~ Guardian Angel / Dragon’s Claw after that Mana / Attack Speed items also works fairly well on Gnar with the recent change to the cost of ultimate (100 mana) it is now easier for Gnar to be able to get he’s ultimate off. Titanic Hydra Gnar has becoming popular due to the huge amount of health 2* Gnar gets!
  • Aurelion Sol ~ Morellonomicon / Mana / Attack Speed / Ability Power items. Our dragon friend just wants to be able to get the ultimates off so anything that can help him do that is great. So any item that can give Mana/Attack Speed/Ability Power works amazingly well on him!
  • Swain ~ Morellonomicon / Guardian Angel. After that the 3rd slot has some flexibility, you can use Redemption to heal him when he revives from Guardian Angel or Rabadon’s Deathcap for more damage. You can also give him more survivability with Thornmail / Dragon’s Claw. Dragonclaw is very FOTM atm and works incredibly well.

Team Breakdown

  • Shapeshifters ~ Elise / Nidalee / Jayce / Shyvana / Gnar / Swain
  • Dragon ~ Shyvana / Aurelion Sol / Pantheon (Shyvana+1)
  • Sorcerer ~ Ahri / Kassadin / Twisted Fate /Lulu / Morgana / Veigar / Vi (Spatula) / Aurelion Sol / Karthus
  • Guardians ~ Braum / Leona / Pantheon

The goal of the build is to hit 3 Shapeshifters & 3 Sorcerers then add Guardians after that, preferably Pantheon & Leona. The Shapeshifters of choice are Shyvana / Gnar and then between Swain & Nidalee. Nidalee provides Wild with Gnar but you can run Ahri to enable that instead. For Sorcerer, the choices are Aurelion Sol + 2 others. Veigar can be a good choice in the mid-game, and picking up Karthus to replace him late game is a good idea. Kassadin is run for the potential of mana burning high-value targets, so be sure to line him up!


Leveling Guide

Knights and any damage champions can work well early game. You are looking for Kassadin & Nidalee so you can run Warwick + Nidalee or even Ahri early, or similarly you can also pick up Rek’Sai & Kha’Zix and do Void early game. Keep an eye out for Lulu and Ahri for Sorcerers early. If you find a Jayce 2*, you can use him, Nidalee, and 1 other Shapeshifter early.

Mid Game 5-6

Your looking to complete 3 Sorcerers or 3 Shapeshifters at this point + whatever other 2* units you have collected along the way. Keep any Aurelion Sols, Gnars, or Leona you find. If you happen to find an early Leona it can be worth using for Guardians. Gnar can be worth adding to your comp even at 1* for some additional CC, but he cannot frontline tank for you. You want to be hitting your mid-game units here with Shyvana and potentially using filler Sorcerers with Veigar / Morgana.

Late Game 7-9

You want to be looking to hit 2* on your T4 units at this point and then pushing for L8-9 to find the T5 units and ideally 2* them. Carousels can be a good place to pick up a T5. When you hit L8 you will want to add in your Guardians with Pantheon and Leona, if you have not found Pantheon you can use Braum temporarily. If you go to L9 you have a choice between adding an additional T5 unit like Swain / Yasuo or potentially adding Sejuani for the CC.

Evelynn Comp - 2 Guardians / 2 Demons / 2 Knights

Carries ~ Evelynn > Brand / Sejuani

  • Evelynn ~ Hextech Gunblade / Dragon’s Claw are the core 2 items on Evelyn after which the 3rd slot has some flexibility with Guardian Angel / Warmog’s Armor / Phantom Dancer / Redemption / Red Buff / Morellonomicon can all work as replacement items.
  • Brand ~ Spear of Shojin / Morellonomicon / Guinsoo’s Rageblade / Rapid Firecannon / Statikk Shiv / Archangels. Brand can benefit with any item that enables him to ultimate more often.
  • Sejuani ~ Morellonomicon & Guardian Angel is mostly what Sejuani wants. After that she can benefit from any mana or survivability items, so anything that gives her health / mana / armor / magic resistance can work on her. Redemption + Guardian Angel is a really nice combo.

Team Breakdown

  • Recommended Setup ~ Evelyn / Brand + Pantheon / Leona + Poppy / Sejuani
  • Demons ~ Evelynn / Brand / Varus / Morgana / Elise / Swain
  • Guardians ~ Braum / Leona / Pantheon
  • Knights ~ Garen / Mordekaiser / Darius / Poppy / Sejuani / Kayle
  • Glacial ~ Lissandre / Anivia / Ashe / Volibear / Sejuani / Braum
  • Sorcerer ~ Kassadin / Ahri / Lulu / Twisted Fate / Morgana / Veigar / Aurelion Sol / Karthus


The build opens up at L7 with a spatula or at L8 and enables you to go for several options 4 Knights / 4Demons / 4 Glacial / 3 Sorc. If you are going for Sorc you can switch Brand out for Morgana to enable this.

  • Glacial L7 - Brand with Frozen Mallet
  • L6 Version - Standard
  • Demon L7 - Sejuani with Darkin
  • Sorcerer L7 - Switch Brand for Morgana

For more details on leveling this build, check out our full Evelynn guide here.

Shapeshifters (6)

Carries ~ Shyvana > Gnar / Swain

  • Shyvana ~ Hextech Gunblade / Warmog’s Armor / Thornmail. We make raid boss Shyvana here with sustain from Hextech & Warmog’s Armor. Guardian Angel can also work, but without healing it can be lackluster.
  • Swain ~ Morellonomicon / Guardian Angel. After that the 3rd slot has some flexibility you can put Redemption in to heal him when he revives from Guardian Angel or Rabadon’s Deathcap for more damage. You can also give him more survivability with Thornmail / Dragon’s Claw.
  • Gnar ~ Guardian Angel. This is to make sure he gets an ult off, and with the recent mana reduction it is easier to land them now. Gnar can benefit from attack speed and mana items which will enable quicker transforms. Any items that you get that do not work on Shyvana or Swain can go on Gnar.

Team Breakdown

  • Shapeshifters ~ Elise / Nidalee / Jayce / Shyvana / Gnar / Swain
  • Dragon ~ Shyvana / Aurelion Sol / Pantheon (Shyvana+1)
  • Others ~ Aurelion Sol / Leona / Pantheon

The build plays similar to Nobles in the sense you just keep the T1-2 units till you find Swain & Gnar and then go up to 6 Shapeshifters. At L7 you’ll be looking to have Pantheon or Aurelion Sol in and then after hitting L8 you will want Leona & Pantheon.


  • Shyvana wants to be front & center getting hit by both guardians. After that try to make sure she does not get hushed.
  • Gnar can be upfront with a Guardian Angel although it can work without depending on what you are facing. Normally, Gnar is 2nd row or backline to give him some time to ultimate.
  • Swain can be placed up front but this depends on if he is 2* and has a Guardian Angel. Normally, place him to be hit by double guardian for the extra armor.
  • Elise & Nidalee are both expendable and should be used to soak up damage and as Assassin / hook bait. You can also place them in the corners to try draw away AoE abilities.
    Jayce can either be up front or mid-row depending on how you use him. He can be very effective if you place him so he knocks away / stuns a high value front liner like Cho’Gath.

For more details on leveling this build, check out our full Shapeshifters guide here.

About the Author

Evident is a lifelong gamer and creator of websites. He mostly focuses on shooters, but has been known to dabble in the occasional card game as well. You can find him binge watching TV shows in his downtime.

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  1. Can you please make it possible to see old builds?
    I’m looking for a sorcerer build on you page with Karthus that you posted some time ago, can’t seem to remember the details. Just remember 6 socerers.

    When i go to my history to click on the page, where the build used to be, u have putted a new build up instead :/.

      1. The graphic you make is great, if you can make off-meta build that would be great, im used to the champs to pick but not sure about the items ^^

    1. Use builds as ideas for synergies and what items would work well with champions.
      TFT requires adaptability as you won’t easily the precise champs and item you need

  2. try this build for dragon
    shyvana (with phantom, warmogs or thornmail (thornmail is better) and hextech gunblade), aureloin sol (items or no items of choice, maybe seraph’s or shojin) wild (gnar, nidalee and/or rengar/ahri/ww) for rengar, build akali and pyke, warwick, any brawler, idk and ahri, kassadin or another sorceror. Also build as many zeke’s heralds as you can

    this shyvana can 1v7-9 a team that doesnt have morello’s or red buff. if there is no team with those items, go warmogs, if there are teams with those items, go thornmail

  3. You are the best tft site right now, absolutely. I tried a lot of site but most of them updates very slowly. You do this update thing very quickly and thats what i need.

    And your explanations are very clean and educational as well. Keep up the good work. 🙂

  4. Great guide!
    One thing to nitpick though, Spear of Shoujin was bugged and was granting 20% maximum mana on hit, making Pyke able to cast his ability once every two attacks after casting ability once. With current fix, double Spear of Shoujin will allow players to build 3* Pyke without having trouble with every other spell cast not applying damage and stun to already stunned units by Pyke.

  5. Did Glacials get nerfed, or fall out of the meta somehow? They’re usually mentioned in these Composition lists.

    1. They’ve been nerfed slightly, but I still feel as though they’re strong and part of some of the strongest compositions. If I had made this list 5 compositions long they definitely would’ve been here.