Teamfight Tactics (TFT) Evelynn Build & Team Comp (9.17)

Our Teamfight Tactics (TFT) Evelynn Build features the top team comp that features Evelynn in the 9.17 patch! She has become one of the more powerful champions to run in the game right now, so we're taking a look at how to best take advantage of it!

Evelynn Comp - 2 Guardians / 2 Demons / 2 Knights

Carries ~ Evelynn > Brand / Sejuani

  • Evelynn ~ Hextech Gunblade / Dragon’s Claw are the core 2 items on Evelyn after which the 3rd slot has some flexibility with Guardian Angel / Warmog’s Armor / Phantom Dancer / Redemption / Red Buff / Morellonomicon can all work as replacement items.
  • Brand ~ Spear of Shojin / Morellonomicon / Guinsoo’s Rageblade / Rapid Firecannon / Statikk Shiv / Archangels. Brand can benefit with any item that enables him to ultimate more often.
  • Sejuani ~ Morellonomicon & Guardian Angel is mostly what Sejuani wants. After that she can benefit from any mana or survivability items, so anything that gives her health / mana / armor / magic resistance can work on her. Redemption + Guardian Angel is a really nice combo.

Team Breakdown

  • Recommended Setup ~ Evelyn / Brand + Pantheon / Leona + Poppy / Sejuani
  • Demons ~ Evelynn / Brand / Varus / Morgana / Elise / Swain
  • Guardians ~ Braum / Leona / Pantheon
  • Knights ~ Garen / Mordekaiser / Darius / Poppy / Sejuani / Kayle
  • Glacial ~ Lissandre / Anivia / Ashe / Volibear / Sejuani / Braum
  • Sorcerer ~ Kassadin / Ahri / Lulu / Twisted Fate / Morgana / Veigar / Aurelion Sol / Karthus


The build opens up at L7 with a spatula or at L8 and enables you to go for several options 4 Knights / 4Demons / 4 Glacial / 3 Sorc. If you are going for Sorc you can switch Brand out for Morgana to enable this.

  • Glacial L7 - Brand with Frozen Mallet
  • L6 Version - Standard
  • Demon L7 - Sejuani with Darkin
  • Sorcerer L7 - Switch Brand for Morgana

Leveling Guide

Look for Demons & Knights early. Hitting Varus + Elise will allow you to run Demons throughout the early game and give you someone to stack. Varus can hold both Brand or Evelynn’s items without too much worry. Any Knights work to enable you to give the bonus and keep it throughout the game till you find the CC Knights.

Mid Game 5-6

Mid game is when the build really starts to shine, you should find yourself an Evelynn 2* before pushing L7. You should be able to get all the pieces at this point for the comp. Use Braum till you find a Pantheon later in the game. Any Demon will work in place of Brand until you can 2* him. Aatrox & Varus are recommended, Morganna can work if there is a lot of melee / Assassins in the game. Pick up any extra Evelynns you might find to try and 3* her.

Late Game 7-9

You will want to be picking up 2* of your T4 units and finding yourself a Pantheon to replace Braum. If you have any extra items that do not work for Brand you can give them to Sejuani to enable her even more! Make sure your positioning Sejuani to get the biggest value ults onto the enemy teams carries.

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  1. This build is hot trash. Who the hell is going to survive enough rounds to get the whole team comp, let alone the items! None of the champs are T1/T2, you’ll be dead by wolves round.

    1. this is one of the best builds currently. you absolutely destroy if you build it correctly no matter what team your against. my evylyn did 28000 damage in one round lmao