How to Breed a Perfect Temtem (All 50 SV)

Temtem’s breeding system is surprisingly complex, with a range of factors determining the outcome of any pairing. Breeding gives you the ability to customize your new Temtem’s stats, and while difficult, it’s entirely possible to breed a Temtem with perfect stats! Here we’ll cover one way of hatching a Temtem with maximized SVs (Single Values), which will give it the best possible stats.

Temtem Stats and SVs

As you might have noticed, Temtem have seven stats determining their battle capabilities: HP (Hit Points), ATK (Attack), SPATK (Special Attack), DEF (Defence), SPDEF (Special Defence), SPEED and STA (Stamina). These are determined by a corresponding SV for each stat, ranging from 1 to 50. Wild Temtem have randomly generated SVs, while hatched Temtem can inherit some of their SVs from their parents.

Additionally, Luma Temtem are guaranteed to have at least 3 perfect SVs when encountered in the wild. SVs usually can’t be changed without the use of extremely rare Telomere Hack items, but it’s currently unknown whether the boosts obtained from these items can be passed down through breeding.

Inheriting SVs and Traits

Each newly hatched Temtem’s SVs has a 40% chance of matching the parent with a higher SV in that stat, a 40% chance of inheriting an average of both parents’ SVs for that stat, and a 20% chance of matching the parent with a lower SV. This means that your newly-hatched Temtem will be on average a little stronger than their parents, as you’ll notice from the breeding preview menu. But as each Temtem can only be bred a certain number of times (based on its Fertility score, which starts off low in Temtem with high SVs), you’ll need a more reliable way of passing down stats. This is where DNA Strands come in! These items are sold at the Breeding Center, and can be equipped to a parent Temtem to ensure it passes down a specific stat or pair of stats. Breeding two Temtem with equal values in the same stat is another way to make sure the baby will inherit that SV. Temtem can also inherit a specific Trait from one of their parents if it’s holding the Engineered DNA item!

One example of how to pass down 7 perfect SVs to a bred Temtem, sourced from etski – an in-depth explanation is given below!

How to Breed Perfect Temtem

To get all 7 perfect SVs on a single newly-hatched Temtem, you’ll need at least 7 Temtem with one perfect stat each (at least one SV equal to 50). Each of these should ideally have 7 fertility (the maximum possible value for a Temtem with a perfect SV), or you might not be able to complete the chain! Fertility decreases with each breeding attempt and continues to decrease with each generation of bred Temtem, so you’ll have to be careful about breeding the same Temtem multiple times (this is sometimes necessary if you want to reuse one Temtem throughout the family tree, or if the offspring didn’t have the gender you needed). Because of this, you’re best off starting with more than 7 Temtem in the first generation, and having some of them double up on SVs. To breed at all your Temtem will need to be of the same type, but it’ll also be much quicker if you use the same species, and you won’t be as restricted by which gender the offspring is.

Pass on stats by giving your Temtem the appropriate DNA Strand held item (see the list below) to pass on their perfect SV – this part can be expensive as well as time-consuming, since DNA Strands are used up after each breeding attempt and you’ll need to buy new ones from the Breeding Center. Start by pairing up your Temtem with one perfect SV each – the best starting pairings are ATK with SPATK, DEF with SPDEF, and HP with STA as these stat pairs can be passed down using a single item in the second tier. You’ll need 4 offspring from the first tier, so you’ll need to breed one of these pairs twice (or, to save fertility, breed 2 different pairs with the same SVs) to make sure all the SVs can be passed down in later generations.

The 4 offspring Temtem should have two perfect SVs each – one with ATK and SPATK, one with DEF and SPDEF, one with HP and STA, and a fourth with the same pair of stats as one of the previous four. Equip each of these Temtem with the DNA Strand item (Mighty DNA, Immunity DNA, and Vigor DNA) that lets them pass down their two SVs. You’ll then need to breed all 4 of these offspring Temtem with a Temtem that has a perfect SPEED stat – again, it’s best to use several different Temtem with perfect SPEED stats for this step so that their overall fertility doesn’t run down too much. The Temtem with a perfect SPEED SV should be holding a Lithe DNA Strand to pass on its SPEED stat – you’ll have to use several of these items as you’ll probably be breeding the SPEED Temtem quite a few times.

In Tier 3 you should have 4 Temtem with 3 perfect SVs each. All 4 should have a perfect SPEED SV (so that breeding any combination of the 4 should give you offspring with a perfect SPEED stat, even without a DNA Strand item). As two of your Tier 3 Temtem will have the same stats, make sure you pair up sets of these with different perfect SVs. Again, use Mighty DNA, Immunity DNA, and Vigor DNA to pass down the non-SPEED stats as SPEED will be passed down regardless.

You should now have 2 Temtem ready for Tier 4 – both of these will have 5 out of 7 perfect SVs, and each one will have 2 perfect SVs that the other doesn’t. Give each of these an item that lets it pass down whichever 2 SVs the other one lacks – this’ll pass down 4 perfect SVs, and the other 3 will be passed down naturally as they’re shared by both parents.

You may also want to pass down a specific Trait to your Temtem – this may take a few tries and some luck, or you could replace one of the above breeding steps with an Engineered DNA Strand item to guarantee a certain Trait is passed on.

DNA Strand Details

These prices were increased in the 0.55 Patch.

  • Vitality DNA Strand (Passes down HP) - $1,000
  • Lithe DNA Strand (Passes down SPEED) - $1,000
  • Aggressive DNA Strand (Passes down ATK) - $1,000
  • Gifted DNA Strand (Passes down SPATK) - $1,000
  • Endurance DNA Strand (Passes down STA) - $1,000
  • Hardening DNA Strand (Passes down DEF) - $1,000
  • Dominant DNA Strand (Passes down SPDEF) - $1,000
  • Vigor DNA Strand (Passes down HP and STA) - $1,000
  • Mighty DNA Strand (Passes down ATK and SPATK) - $5,000
  • Immunity DNA Strand (Passes down DEF and SPDEF) - $5,000
  • Engineered DNA Strand (Passes down Trait) - $10,000

If all’s gone according to plan, you should now have your perfect Temtem!

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How to Breed a Perfect Temtem (All 50 SV)

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