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The Iron Oath Patch Notes – Latest Update

Are you ready to take the oath?

No matter how much time the game spends in early access, there is always something to update, especially difficult role-playing games like The Iron Oath. Here's everything you need to know about the latest update for The Iron Oath.

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The Iron Oath Patch Notes 1.0.004 - November 5, 2023 Update


  • The Shrine effect that modifies the Health of non-boss enemies to 75% has been modified so their max Health stays the same, but their current Health is now reduced to 75% (previously, it would reduce their max health, so it wasn't clear to the player if the effect worked or not)
  • Updated a few trait conflicts when generating new characters (if you see any more traits that shouldn't go together, please let us know!)
  • Dungeon Maps no longer stack, fixing an issue where maps from various dungeon difficulties would all have the same value (not retroactive; previously collected maps will still be stacked)
  • Updated the priority of some campaign-related events so they trigger much sooner
  • Increased the difficulty of boss fights in the Dragate Ruins dungeons
  • Tweaked the Daemond fight to spawn 2 normal hoarwulfs in place of the Dire Hoarwulf, as their Pack Hunt ability introduced an extra variable of RNG that could make things too difficult for that fight


  • Potential fix for a crash during the Blighted Assault quest at the Vanguard Fort
  • Fixed enchantments from disappearing on Legendary items after saving/loading
  • Fixed an issue where a Knowledge event would sometimes not do anything in dungeons (it was caused by having no more journals to find)
  • Fixed an issue where doing a quest multiple times could lead to some variables being tracked incorrectly, resulting in the outcome not matching up with the choices you made in the quest
  • Fixed an issue where maxing out the Satchel Size upgrade would make the last slot not visible
  • Fixed an issue where you could potentially beat the Baggage Train fight, and your progression would be blocked
  • Fixed a rare issue that could occur during the 'Blood Feud' campaign quest where if you were doing a dungeon related to the Black Skull and found a dynamic dungeon event that also had Black Skulls, then the quest you were doing could potentially get removed after the fight
  • Fixed a bug with the Amulet of Stillness legendary item not always working correctly

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The Iron Oath Patch Notes 1.0.003 - November 4, 2023 Update

  • Added an option to toggle off the Campaign expiration timer (which by default is 25 years). This can be done when starting a new game, or during an existing game (in the difficulty menu). If you choose to disable the expiry timer, it cannot be undone. If you're playing on a save from before 1.0 that has a lot of hours played, you may need to disable the timer (be sure to check your journal and see how many years remaining you have)
  • Fixed an issue where unlocking the One Mind Company Upgrade was not persisting after saving and loading.
  • Fixed a problem with the Provisions screen in dungeons where if you had more than 5 items it wouldn't scroll properly
  • Fixed a crash that would occur when killing the last enemy using the Stormcaller's Tempest ability with the Raging Storm II upgrade

Patch Notes 1.0.002 - November 4, 2023 Update

Additions and Changes in The Iron Oath

  • Added an option to disable the main menu panning/parallax effect
  • The Harrowing Experience dungeon modifier now only makes you lose 35 Morale instead of 50


  • Fixed an issue with save file names sometimes changing when overwriting another save
  • The Heal Dampening Dungeon Modifier now correctly only reduces healing by 30% and not 70%
  • Fixed a rare crash after an event where you fight the Black Skull outside a city
  • Fixed an issue where some quest turn in locations would direct you to Dragate incorrectly
  • Fixed an issue where choosing to spare Daemond would still trigger combat
  • Fixed a crash that occurred if a character died from a Hoarwulf's Frost Call ability
  • Fixed some icons for a few Legendary items
  • Fixed one Legendary item to more accurately reflect its description
  • VSync option should now save and work properly

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The Iron Oath 1.0 Update - November 1, 2023 Update

New in The Iron Oath 1.0

  • Added the rest of the Main Campaign, featuring 8 new missions (10-15~ hours worth) and a handful of dynamic events
  • Added 10 unique legendary items that can be obtained, with most of the quests coming from 'Knowledge' events found in high level dungeons. The majority of these are 'Relics' that occupy the 4th currently-unused gear slot, but there are some armors and shields too (weapons are coming down the line!)
  • Added 10 various new quests, with more coming throughout November!
  • The region of Dragate can now be accessed (when you're far enough into the game or a high enough level)
  • Added an "end-game" Ruins dungeon in Dragate (we'll be expanding on this feature in the future!)
  • Added over 30 Steam Achievements to unlock
  • Added multi-floor dungeons
  • Small spoiler: 
  • You can now fight with ally NPCs in dungeons (utilized in a few quests)
  • Added Journals to collect from all regions (which are visible in the Codex)
  • (New Company Upgrade) Merchant Availability: Allows you to purchase provisions for Overworld Encounters (but has fewer slots compared to dungeons)
  • (New Company Upgrade) Focus Training: Any time you miss a Basic Attack, that character gains +20 Accuracy, resetting after they land one
  • (New Company Upgrade) Guard Training: Increase the Defense and Evasion bonus while Guarding by 5 (25 -> 30)
  • (New Company Upgrade) Athletics Training: Gain +25 Evasion when facing an Attack of Opportunity
  • (New Company Upgrade) Teamwork: Every adjacent ally to an enemy increases the chance to hit with a basic attack by 5% (for when you just can't flank them!)
  • (New Company Upgrade) Readiness: Your party has +2 Speed for the opening round of combat

Updates - The Iron Oath

  • You can now choose to start a new campaign with randomized characters when skipping the tutorial or prologue
  • Made adjustments to all the boss fights for the 'Path of Vengeance' missions (made slightly more difficult) and increased the quality of loot given from them.
  • Changed the mechanics for ambushes: the ambushed side now takes 15% more damage and has -5 Speed in the opening round of combat. When ambushed, you are still able to deploy your characters, though you begin surrounded with less space to work with. We made these changes because the old method was far too spikey in terms of difficulty, and could result in having one or more characters downed in the opening round without having a chance to do anything about it
  • The chance to ambush enemies (on scouted tiles) is now 10%, while the chance to be ambushed (on unscouted combat tiles) is 20%. Both can be improved with Company Upgrades
  • The 'Heal Dampening' Dungeon Modifier now reduces the potency of healing spells by 30% (down from 50%)
  • You can now use abilities that have 0 charges for a cost of 50% of max Health (to be used as a last ditch effort to take down the enemy!)
  • The number of Incense Points available for camping in Medium dungeons has been reduced to 10
  • You can now camp in Short dungeons (incense points are halved)
  • Adjusted the 'Extended Camp' company upgrade to grant +4 Incense points when camping on a Fortified dungeon event (Short dungeons get +2), as well as removing the Time cost for using provisions while on the tile
  • Reduced the number of Horse Training upgrades to 2 (+25/50% travel speed)
  • Refunded Provisions now defaults to selling for 75% of the cost. The 'Reimbursement' upgrade now refunds 100% of the cost
  • Ambush Tactics increases the chance of ambushing the enemy on a scouted tile from 10% to 20/30%
  • Ambush Avoidance reduces the chance to be ambushed on unscouted tiles from 20% to 10%. The second upgrade reduces the bonus damage taken when ambushed to 10% (from 15%)
  • Moved the Training Dummies upgrade (+20/35/50% XP) into a new 'Training' category in the Company Upgrades screen, and changed the renown level requirements to 0/5/10
  • The first 15 Renown Levels now give 2 Renown points to upgrade your company (subsequent levels give 1)
  • Added more information to the tooltips of enemy Immunities, resists, and vulnerabilities on their codex page
  • You can now bring up the character sheet in the contract negotiation screen
  • You can now right click an enemy sprite to view their codex entry
  • Increased the average level of recruits available at inns to better match your progress (it's based on your Renown level)

General Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the majority of Dungeon Modifiers applied via time were not ever seen (it would usually just apply the same one multiple times)
  • Fixed a bug where some Dungeon Modifiers were active in overworld encounters
  • Fixed a visual bug where dungeon information was incorrectly being displayed in the party select screen during overworld encounters
  • Fixed a bug where bosses weren't dropping normal gear if they didn't drop Named gear (making it harder to gear up in low level dungeons)
  • Fixed some injuries that referenced old stats (Dexterity, Strength, etc)
  • Optimized some lights and ice shattering effects (particularly from the Dire Hoarwulf) to be a little less CPU intensive
  • Fixed an issue where loading a save while on a dialogue event in a dungeon could lead to a softlock at the start of the next combat encounter
  • Fixed an issue where provisions weren't being properly refunded in most situations
  • Fixed a bug where the 'Repair Gear' effect from a Rune event wasn't working
  • Fixed one of the Field Medic bonuses which incorrectly said they could use provisions without ending their turn. Updated it to display their actual bonus which is automatically stabilizing injuries during exploration

Combat Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where skeletons were being immediately destroyed and were unable to revive
  • Fixed an issue where whenever a temporary ally died, your party members would lose Morale as if they were part of your company
  • Fixed a bug where the 'Allegro' upgrade for the Balladeer's Renewing Melody ability was also applying the 'Regrowth' upgrade
  • Fixed a bug that allowed you to still debuff the Spectral Reaper when he casted Void Shroud
  • Fixed an issue where some enemies (like the Blighted Hulk) could charge into characters and get stuck occupying the same cell
  • Fixed a bug where a character that was Rooted while in Bleedout could not be revived by picking them up
  • Adjacent enemies that are Sleeping, Frozen, or Stunned will no longer prevent units from performing ranged attacks on others
  • Fixed an issue where the combat HUD wouldn't show up if the first character in combat failed their Morale check
  • Fixed an issue where you could get a Stunned icon to persist after combat if you had the Battle Frenzy upgrade with the Pugilist's Battle Instinct ability
  • You can now mouse over temporary allies to view their name and Health bar
  • Fixed an issue where the Balladeer's Lullaby sometimes wasn't working depending on which target you selected
  • Fixed a bug where the Balladeer's Basic Attack wasn't doing anything to destructible objects


  • While you can play an existing save, it is highly recommended to start a new campaign for the best overall experience (and to reduce the potential for bugs)
  • Due to changes, we've reset all Company Upgrades, and you will need to reapply them if loading an existing save.

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The Iron Oath Patch Notes – Latest Update

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