Valorant Pro Player Crosshair Codes (February 2024)- TenZ, Hiko, Subroza, and more

Updated February 1, 2024 Checked for new codes! One factor that determines the outcome of any fight in Valorant is the crosshair of your weapon. While a crosshair is preferential, you can always copy the crosshair of famous pro players and streamers to enhance your gameplay. You can begin by choosing any crosshair codes of […]

Best Moving Crosshair Codes in Valorant

One of the latest crosshair trends creating a buzz around the community is the moving crosshairs. If you are looking for such a crosshair, you can explore your options from the list below. Best Moving Crosshairs in Valorant Classic Crosshair Code Dot Moving Crosshair Code Standard White Moving Crosshair Code Pryze Moving Crosshair Code Star […]

15 Cute and Creative Valorant Crosshairs

Since the launch of the Valorant 5.04 update, crosshairs have been getting more and more creative due to the availability of several customization features. We have made a list of cute and bubbly Valorant crosshairs that will make your day. Cute and Wholesome Crosshair Codes in Valorant Funny Face Valorant Crosshair Code Crossheart Valorant Crosshair […]

All Knife Skins in Valorant

Due to Riot’s continuous hard work and craftsmanship, Valorant has nearly 90 different types of knife skins, ranging from the demonic Elderflame Dagger to the neo-futuristic Ion Energy Sword. Here is the list of all the knives that made their way to the game store. All Knife Skins in Valorant Remember, the price of some knives may […]