Top 12 Weird and Fun Crosshairs in Valorant

Ever since the release of Valorant, the community has been designing and sharing several creative crosshairs. While most crosshairs are created with the mindset to improve one’s gameplay, others like the Smiley Faced crosshair were made to evoke laughter among teammates due to their ridiculous design. So on that note, let us see a list […]

Valorant Chronovoid Skin Bundle – Price, Release Date, Details

Soon after the Valorant World Championship, Riot Games announced another new premium futuristic skin bundle set along the lines of the Ion and the Sentinels of Light bundle from previous acts called ChronoVoid. The bundle set has four different weapon skins and a melee knife with unique custom animation and visual effects. You can purchase […]

All Agent Voice Actors in Valorant

Apart from the innovative gameplay design and mind-blowing graphics, the other most vital factor for the success of Valorant are the likable characters brought to life by a talented voice artist. Being a AAA competitive game, Valorant boasts an excellent roster of famous voice artists like Steve Blum and Jason Marnocha, who are notable personalities […]