What are customs unions in Victoria 3?

For those who haven’t heard of what Victoria 3 is, it is a grand strategy game quite similar in design to the Civilization line of games. Like in Civilization, you control a nation, specifically one that begins in 1836 A.D., navigating challenges like hostile enemies attacking your borders or diplomatic disputes that you must solve through […]

How do Fronts work in Victoria 3 warfare?

If you are wondering how exactly fronts work in Victoria 3, it’s pretty simple. In short, instead of moving large armies across the map and watching them fight during war, fonts replace them. Because of this, fronts are how battles are decided in Victoria 3, and learning how they work is vital for survival. That […]

How to Colonize and Establish a Colony in Victoria 3

To start a Colony in Victoria 3, you must first research the Colonization research tree. Depending on your nation, you should already have the tech unlocked. If this is the case for your nation, you can skip the research step and start the process of colonizing the new world. That said, you must pass the Colonial Resettlement or Colonial […]

What is Victoria 3? Gameplay, Story, and Trailers

The Victoria series needs no introduction for fans of the grand strategy genre, but newcomers to the series or genre may have some reservations or questions. Keep reading below to see everything we know about Victoria 3 and its relation to previous titles in the series. Everything we know about Victoria 3 Victoria 3 combines […]