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Weapon Stats are confusing, so here's what they mean!

Most weapons in Darktide feature various stats that indicate certain aspects of ranged and melee weapons. The stats listed on weapons are confusing, and most players don't understand what they mean or represent. Luckily the guide below will explain all Weapon stats in Darktide and what they represent on a weapon. 

What does each Darktide Weapon Stat mean?

In general, Weapon Stats are fairly confusing as there are no descriptions for what the stats mean in Darktide's Pre-Order Beta. To matters worse, weapon stats only appear in a bar format which does not help explain what the stats mean. Regardless, weapon stats are much simpler than they seem, and they are just your run-of-the-mill stats for various bonuses on weapons, albeit hidden. That said, there are 14 different weapon stats currently present in Darktide, and they appear on either Melee or Ranged weapons. The following is what all Weapon Stats in Darktide mean:

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  • Finesse: The Finesse weapon stat in Darktide represents how much Headshot or weak point/critical damage a weapon does. You can find the Finesse stat, usually on melee weapons and various ranged weapons. 
  • Stopping Power: The Stopping Power weapon stat indicates how many enemies will get staggered by a weapon when hit. The Stopping Power stat is common among ranged weapons like Shotguns or Autoguns and also adds additional armor penetration.
  • Stamina: The Stamina stat that appears on melee weapons indicates bonus Stamina granted by a weapon.
  • Burn: This stat controls how much damage flame attacks do.
  • Blast Radius: This stat increases the AOE of Pskyer abilities and attacks.
  • Charge Rate: This stat increases the speed that Full Staff recharges.
  • Quell Speed: This stat governs the Pskyer's ability to quell the perils of the warp faster.
  • Damage: Damage is a simple weapon stat in Darktide, which means how much overall damage output a weapon does. You can find this Stat on all weapons, and its impact on weapons seems minimal. 
  • Cloud Radius: Affects the spread on weapons such as the Flamer.
  • Cleave Damage: The Cleave Damage Weapon Stat is very similar to the Cleave Targets stat as both affect how many enemies you damage and hit in a wide swing of a weapon. In the case of the Cleave Damage Weapon Stat, it means how much damage is dealt to enemies after the first enemy gets hit. It's also suggested that the stat reduces the damage drop-off when attacking multiple enemies.
  • Penetration: If you are wondering what the Penetration Weapon Stat means in Darktide, it's simple. In short, the Penetration Stat indicates how much damage a weapon can do to Armored enemies. 
  • Mobility: Mobility is another simple weapon stat as it pertains to bonuses gained when dogging and general weapon movement. The Mobility stat also increases your sprint speed, and your speed while aiming and shooting. Mobility also impacts the spread of weapons while you are moving around.
  • Defenses: The Defences weapon stat seems to indicate how much Stamina is used when you block with a weapon, It's also suggested that it could be a flat damage reduction.
  • Warp Resistance: While not confirmed, the Warp Resistance is considered an indication of reduced Perils generated when using Pskyer staff or the Brain buster ability.
  • First Target: The First target Weapon Stat indicates how much damage is done to the first enemy you attack. 
  • Collateral: The Collateral weapon stat indicates much suppression and stagger your weapon does in Darktide. Collateral weapon stats can appear on both Melee and Ranged weapons.
  • Crowd Control: The Crowd Control ability controls your ability to stagger enemies using a Sheild weapon.
  • Shredder: We are not 100 percent certain but imagine this stat functions similarly to penetration but more on the number of enemies your weapon cleaves through. It may also control how well axes and chainswords do against armored appoints.
  • Ammo: The Ammo stat indicates how much ammo your weapon has and the total Ammo capacity your weapon has.
  • Stability: The Stability stat reduces the recoil on various ranged weapons in Darktide. The Stability stat will also increase the control players have over the sway of ranged weapons.
  • Cleave Targets: The Cleave Targests Weapon Stat in Darktide indicates how many enemies a weapon can hit at once when swung across the screen. The Cleave Targets stat is usually featured on melee weapons in Darktide. 

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All Darktide Weapon stats, explained – Warhammer 40k

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  1. Hello! Nice info! But you forgot to include the Shredder stat from Zealot Chainsword and Axe!

    1. Thank you we added that stat to the guide!