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All Mythic+ Affixies in WoW Dragonflight

And you thought Quaking was bad...

Just by the nature of the content, Mythic+ is already difficult, but their affixes typically decide if a group beats the timer. There are a lot of affixes in Mythic+, and even more combinations of three or four together. Here's all of the affixes attached to Mythic+ in WoW Dragonflight.

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Every Mythic+ Affix in WoW Dragonflight

Every affix in this list can be active with any others, often creating difficult Mythic+ conditions to get through.

  • Thundering - Enemies have 5% more health. Occasionally gain a debuff that can stun you if not handled properly
  • Grievous - If not a full health, take increasing damage over time (DoT) until healed to full
  • Bursting - When non-bosses die, they explode, dealing stacking DoT damage over 4 seconds
  • Tyrannical - Bosses have 30% more health and deal 15% more damage. Boss spawn also gain 15% more damage
  • Fortified - Non-bosses have 20% more health and deal 30% increased damage
  • Raging - Non bosses gain enrage when they reach 30% health, dealing 50% more damage until death
  • Quaking - Periodcally gain an earthly debuff that can interrupt spellcasting and deal damage if too close to teammates
  • Storming - Random whirlwinds spawn while in combat
  • Sanguine - When an enemy dies, they drop a pool that heals their allies and damages players
  • Explosive - Orbs spawn while in combat that deal damage after some time if they aren't destroyed

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  • Volcanic - While in combat, flames spawn at the feet of ranged players
  • Spiteful - Unholy minions spawn when non-bosses are killed. They target random players
  • Necrotic - Enemy melee attacks applies a stacking debuff that deals DoT and reduces healing
  • Bolstering - When a non-boss dies, their allies gain a temporary health and damage buff
  • Teeming - More non-boss enemies will be in the dungeon
  • Inspiring - Some non-bosses have an aura that boosts the power of their allies
  • Skittish - Enemies careless about tank threat
  • Infested - Some non-bosses have a Spawn of G'huun attached to them
  • Prideful - Kill non-bosses eventually spawns a Manifestation of Pride. When killed, greatly boosts a player's power.
  • Reaping - Non-bosses are empowered, continuing their assault even after death
  • Overflowing - Overhealing is converted into a heal absorption effect
  • Encrypted - Enemies have relics that grant buffs when destroyed, based on the order in which they were destroyed
  • Beguiling - Azshara's Emissaries are present throughout the dungeon
  • Awakened - Portals to Ny'alotha exist in the dungeon. Each portal contains servents of N'Zoth that must be defeated or they are present during the final boss
  • Shrouded - Nathreizm dreadlords are disguised throughout the dungeon. Gain rewards for defeating them
  • Tormented - Servants of the Jailer exist in the dungeon. Killing them grants buffs. If they aren't killed, final boss is buffed instead
  • Infernal - Legion beacons exist near bosses within the dungeon. Activating a Beacon or engaging the boss with trigger a Legion Invasion.

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All Mythic+ Affixies in WoW Dragonflight

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