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Neltharus Dungeon Guide – Location, Bosses Loot, and more

Fan the flames of these foolish foes.

The end game content of World of Warcraft can be broken into two major terms: player-versus-player and player-versus-enemy. PvP can be categorized into Arenas and Battlegrounds, while PvE can be categorized into Raids and Dungeons. As players have been experiencing Dragonflight, many have been having trouble with the Neltharus dungeon while others wish to know what they can expect in terms of rewards and loot. Below you will find the location of the dungeon's entrance, its bosses, and what loot you can expect to find within.

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World of Warcraft Dragonflight's Neltharus dungeon, explained

Neltharus entrance location

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First off, you should know that Neltharus cannot be entered until you are level 70, so be sure to grind up before you seek it out. For those ready and equipped for this high level dungeon, it can be found in the Waking Shores just outside of the Obsidian Citadel and right next to the Obsidian Throne flight path. If you have never been to the throne, you'll have to trek there, but once you have acquired the flight point there, it makes traveling to and from the dungeon a breeze.

Neltharus dungeon map

If you open up your map and take a look at the Neltharus floor plan, you will find yourself entering the dungeon at its Northernmost point. You may also notice that there are three paths to take as well as a path that leads upstairs. The path to the direct South is the path to the final boss and will be locked until you clear out the other three bosses. Neltharus allows players to bring down the three bosses in any order, making gameplay flexible and interesting.

Because you may clear the dungeon however you wish, this guide may be out of order when compared to your dungeon run. With that in mind, feel free to skip to whichever boss you are currently on, as all will be listed below.

Chargath, Bane of Scales and notable enemies

As you make your way into Chargath's area, called the Smoldering Barracks, you may notice some chains you can interact with. Called Burning Chains, after picking the chains up you will be dealt a small amount of damage every two seconds, but the damage is well worth the reward of the chains' activated ability. When activated, the Burning Chains will explode, dealing large damage to any enemies within 10 yards and stunning them for one and a half seconds. Note that these chains apply a debuff to you after use that prevents you from using them again for three minutes, but this is negligible because each party member can use the chains, allowing the group to rotate through members for chain usage.

As for major enemies on the way to Chargath, there are several to watch out for:

  • Qalashi Hunters will cast Bold Ambush, charging to a party member for damage and a bleed effect. They will also cast Binding Spear, an ability that stuns a player for 10 seconds which cannot be interrupted, so stuns or other crowd control is required.
  • Overseer Lahar will cast Burning Roar which must be interrupted to avoid massive damage to all players as well as Eruptive Crush which must be avoided by running out of it.
  • Tamed Phoenixes will cast Ember Reach that must be interrupted.
  • Qalashi Bonetenders need to be interrupted when casting Mending Clay, as it will constantly heal its target.

Chargath, Bane of Scales is a boss as tough as the group makes him due to his plethora of area-of-effect attacks. Everyone in the group needs to be aware of the following attacks:

  • Magma Wave will spawn a huge wave that players need to avoid.
  • Grounding Spear will be periodically cast on a random player, dealing damage, applying the Grounding Chain debuff that slows by 40%, and spawning a Magma Pool that must be ran out of. On Mythic, Grounding Spear will hit up to three targets.
  • Lava Splash will periodically fire off pools of lava from Chargath that players need to dodge or run out of.

The group's tank needs to be ready for the following attacks:

  • Pay attention to Chargath's Energy bar, as when it is full he will cast Fiery Focus, an attack that focuses on the tank for 25 seconds, dealing damage and casting Lava Splash every second. This attack does AoE damage, so be sure to stay at least six yards away from teammates.
  • Kite Chargath through any Grounding Chains to trip him for damage and to break the chains. On Mythic, you must break every chain before Fiery Focus ends to deal damage to Chargath. If a chain is not broken, Slag Eruption triggers and deals big damage to those still chained.

The group's healer needs to be prepared for the following attacks:

  • Dragon Strike will be randomly cast on players for big damage and a bleed, so be sure to keep party members healed through it.

Chargath, Bane of Scales loot table

  • Pristine Magma Stompers - A pair of Critical Strike and Haste plate boots.
  • Dragonscale Ripper - A Critical Strike and Versatility fist weapon.
  • Scalebane Signet - A Mastery and Critical Strike ring.
  • Obsidian-Hardened Wraps - A Versatility and Critical Strike mail wrist piece.
  • Erupting Spear Fragment - An Agility or Intellect trinket with an active ability that lets you point-and-throw a spear that deals big AoE damage and gives you extra Critical Strike rating for each enemy hit, up to five.

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Forgemaster Gorek and notable enemies

After defeating Chargath, head up the stairs on the western side of the map. This second floor is dedicated to the Chamber of Flames and Forgemaster Gorek. Here are the notable enemies you fight on your way to the boss:

  • Qalashi Bonesplitters will cast Dragonbone Axe quite often, dealing damage to a party member as well as a high-damage bleed.
  • Qalashi Irontorches will cast Scorching Breath, so avoid their front during this uninterruptible ability. Conversely, Mote of Combustion infuses a target with flames that then explode for massive damage, so interrupt it every time it is cast.
  • Qalashi Lavabearers will constantly leave pools of lava on the ground with their melee attacks and Throw Lava, so be sure to bring them down quickly and avoid the pools.
  • Forgewrought Monstrosities must be brought down quickly for the same reasons as the Qalashi Blacksmiths. Their constant AoE group damage caused by Forgewrought Fury can be devastating to the party. Also, Blazing Detonation is a must-interrupt ability, as it deals massive party-wide damage.
  • Qalashi Blacksmiths need to be brought down as quickly as possible, as their party-wide AoE Forgestomp and their single-target Reverberating Slam cannot be interrupted, causing continuous pressure to the entire party.
  • You can choose to ignore the Irontorch Commander, but if you engage it, the healer needs to be ready for Scorching Fusillade as it hits every party member. Also, party members need to separate during it to avoid stacking damage. The party must also run out of the Conflagrant Battery circles to avoid further damage.

Upon reaching Forgemaster Gorek, be sure to know what your role needs to be prepared for. Every party member needs to be ready for the following abilities:

  • Anyone targeted by Blazing Aegis needs to use defensive cooldowns to mitigate the damage.
  • Everyone needs to avoid the Blazing Eruption cast by the Aegis.
  • Forgestorm will launch pools of lava onto the ground that players need to avoid or leave.

The group's tank needs to be prepared for the following:

  • Heated Swings will cause Gorek to swing at you before knocking you back and jumping on you for huge damage. You need to pop defensive cooldowns to mitigate damage and immediately move out of the leap's area. On Mythic, the leap will cause Forgefire to be cast, creating a pool of lava on the ground that deals huge damage, reduces movement speed by 30%, and lasts until the end of the fight. Thus, positioning the pool out of the way is important.

The group's healer must be ready for the following:

  • Might of the Forge and the Blazing Hammer follow-up will deal big damage to all party members, so be ready to heal everyone back up.
  • You need to be ready to heal whoever gets hit by Blazing Aegis. You'll have your work cut out for you on Mythic, as Blazing Aegis hits three party members on this difficulty.

Forgemaster Gorek loot table

  • Flare-Singed Strap - A Versatility and Critical Strike cloth waist piece.
  • Emberguard Harness - A Haste and Mastery mail chest piece.
  • Lavabearer Legwraps - A pair of Mastery and Versatility leather pants.
  • Forgemaster's Grips - A pair of Haste and Versatility plate gloves.
  • Irontorch Igniter - A Critical Strike and Haste off-hand piece.
  • Forgestorm - A Haste and Critical Strike one-handed mace.

Magmatusk and notable enemies

After defeating Forgemaster Gorek, head back downstairs and make your way to the path farthest east on the map. Here, you will find the Ravaged Rookery, home of Magmatusk. On the way to the boss, there are five major enemies to be aware of:

  • Qalashi Wardens will cast Volcanic Guard, an AoE cone that will be aimed directly at the tank for big damage. The tank needs to be aware of this as well as Blazing Slash, a single-target ability that will deal big damage to just the tank.
  • Qalashi Plunderers cast Explosive Concoction, an AoE ability that hits a player and all players within seven yards of the point of impact.
  • Qalashi Spinecrushers are a major threat to the tank due to their single-target Brutal Strike ability.
  • Qalashi Thaumaturges will cast the uninterruptible Molten Core spell on nearby Ore Elementals, empowering them and causing them to use Molten Explosion, an AoE attack that goes off every three seconds and hits all party members. Thaumaturges also cast Magma Conflagaration, a single-target channel that deals huge damage but can be interrupted.
  • Ore Elementals need to be brought down quickly due to the dangers of them becoming empowered by Qalashi Thaumaturges. To do so, their Granite Shell buff needs to be purged as soon as possible.

When the group reaches Magmatusk, make sure all party members know what abilities to watch out for. The following mechanics need to be known by all members:

  • Magmatusk will start the fight with two Magma Tentacles. These tentacles will sprout out of Magmatusk's body and each give a stacking buff that empowers Magmatusk's other abilities. Furthermore, Magmatask will gain a new tentacle with Volatile Mutation after reaching 100 Energy. Because of this, speed is of the essence for this boss fight.
  • Lava Spray targets a random party member with a cone that deals huge damage. Players need to move out of the cone to avoid it.
  • Blazing Charge will target a random player before Magmatusk charges at them until it collides with a barrier. After impact, Magmatusk will release one Lava Wave for each Magma Tentacle it currently has, dealing a ton of AoE to party members. On Mythic difficulty, Blazing Charge creates a Liquid Hot Magma area that deals massive damage to anyone standing in it and gives Magmatusk Lava Empowerment, increasing all damage it deals by 50% while it is standing in a Liquid Hot Magma Trail.
  • Magma Lob launches pools of magma that deal damage to those caught within them with the Liquid Hot Magma it leaves behind.

The group's tank needs to be ready for the following:

  • Keep Magmatusk out of Liquid Hot Magma, especially on Mythic where it gains Lava Empowerment.
  • A good tip is to head straight to the area Magmatusk is headed towards when using its Blazing Charge so you can pick aggro back up and continue dealing damage.

The group's healer needs to be aware of the following:

  • Be ready for Magmatusk's Volatile Mutation, as it deals damage to all party members and continues to grow stronger with each tentacle Magmatusk gains.

Magmatusk loot table

  • Searing Tusk Shard - An Intellect, Mastery, and Versatility dagger.
  • Mammoth-Trainer's Drape - A Mastery and Critical Strike cloak.
  • Fural's Blazing Faulds - A pair of Mastery and Haste plate legs.
  • Molten Magma Mantle - A pair of Haste and Critical Strike cloth shoulders.
  • Mutated Magmammoth Scale - A Strength or Agility trinket that causes tentacles to sprout from your body that deal a ton of damage every two seconds to enemies in front of you. Each enemy hit increases the damage the tentacles do.

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Warlord Sargha and notable enemies

Finally, you can head to the Southernmost path and enter The Dragon's Hoard to face Warlord Sargha. However, as with the other bosses, there are some dangerous enemies to be ready for on the way:

  • Qalashi Warden is back and continues with the Volcanic Guard cone attack and the Blazing Slash single-target tank pressure attack.
  • Qalashi Lavamancer is a must-kill enemy in this section. Lava Bolt will deal deadly damage to the tank, Molten Army will continuously summon Lava Spawns for added pressure, and Molten Barrier greatly reduces the damage it takes, makes Lava Bolt and Molten Army uninterruptible, and deals huge damage to all party members within 50 yards when it breaks.
  • Apex Blazewing will cast Scalding Chomp on the tank for big single-target damage and a DoT as well as an unnamed fire wave ability that deals damage and knocks players backwards. This fire wave is instant cast.

When you have finally reached Warlord Sargha, be sure party members know their role for the fight. These first mechanics are important for all players:

  • At 100 Energy, Warlord Sargha will gain a Magma Shield that lasts 45 seconds and absorbs a ton of damage. During the shielding, Sargha will also cast Flame Eruption every three seconds, dealing AoE damage to the entire party and inflicting Flame Vulnerability which increases subsequent damage from Flame Eruption. On Mythic difficulty, Sargha will also cast The Dragon's Eruption, which launches fireballs out of the surrounding magma that deal huge damage to anyone caught within eight yards of the impact site.
  • To get rid of the Magma Shield quickly, your group needs to find and use the three items littered on the ground around the boss:
    • Azure Stone of Might gives you an ability that launches you at Sargha.
    • Anti-Magic Bomb is a point-and-cast AoE that needs to be thrown at Sargha.
    • Wand of Negation is a simple target-and-cast ability that fires magic at Sargha.
    • Each of these items deal one third of the shield's health in damage.
    • On Mythic difficulty, picking up one of the weapons inflicts the Curse of the Dragon Hoard debuff that deals Shadow damage every three seconds.
  • All players need to avoid Burning Ember as it launches a large projectile that explodes on impact and deals AoE damage within seven yards. It also creates Burning Ground, a self-explanatory pool of fire that players need to run out of. From this pool, a Raging Ember will spawn and cast Burning Pursuit on a random player and needs to be killed immediately. However, on Mythic difficulty the Raging Ember gets a Magma Shield, so the best option on Mythic is to kite it until it despawns.
  • All players need to avoid The Dragon's Kiln as it launches a huge cone inflicting a ton of fire damage.

Not much to report for tanks, but healers need to be ready for the following:

  • Molten Gold throws a ranged attack at a random party member, so be ready to heal up whoever gets hit.
  • Be ready for the Magma Shield phase and Flame Eruption, as you will be crucial to the survival of the group during this.
  • On Mythic, mind the Curse of the Dragon Hoard, as it can sneak in extra pressure when you least expect it.

Warlord Sargha loot table

  • Helm of Hardened Gold - A Haste and Critical Strike mail head piece.
  • Warlord's Cindermitts - A pair of Mastery and Haste cloth hands.
  • Qalashi Defender - A Critical Strike and Mastery shield.
  • Dragonkiln Chestguard - A Versatility and Haste leather chest piece.
  • Sargha's Smasher - A Haste and Critical Hit two-handed mace.
  • Spoils of Neltharus - An Intellect trinket that has an active ability, giving you extra points in a secondary stat for 20 seconds. Also, attacks have a chance to change the secondary stat it will grant next.

All Neltharus achievements

  • Neltharus - Defeat Warlord Sargha.
  • Heroic: Neltharus - Defeat Warlord Sargha on Heroic difficulty or higher.
  • Mythic: Neltharus - Defeat Warlord Sargha on Mythic difficulty.
  • Mythic: Neltharus Guild Run - Defeat Warlord Sargha on Mythic difficulty with a full group of guild members.
  • Keystone Hero: Neltharus - Complete Neltharus on Mythic Keystone Level 20 or higher within the time limit.
  • Knowledge is... Preserved? - Defeat Chargath on Mythic difficulty while burning less than 15 books.
  • Liquid Hot Magma - Defeat Magmatusk on Mythic difficulty after mutating it with Draconic Tincture.
  • Ready for Raiding VIII - Defeat Forgemaster Gorek on Mythic difficulty without being hit by Forgestorm, Forgefire, Blazing Aegis from another player, or the final slam of Heated Swings.

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